Love managing my beer collection in Excel

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  1. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    Anyone else use Excel to capture the details of their past and present beer collection? Anyone else love doing so? If you're an Excel lover, maybe you share the same sentiment; thought I'd start a thread about it. Please only post here if you actually document your beer collection in some way, as this may not be applicable to many who pick up a fresh 4-6pk and that is all that is in their fridge.

    Maybe I'm an organization freak and I feel like I'm a little crazy talking about this, but I have spoken to a few other people who keep their entire collection, past and present, in an Excel file. For me, it has been the best way to manage and sort on a large beer collection. I feel that it best captures all of the attributes and customizations that I really need in keeping track of and listing details of every single beer that I own.

    Some of the data or actions that I find particularly useful are:
    1) Knowing how many of each beer vintage I have left

    2) Sorting and filtering on important attributes, such as:
    • Region - to better look-up trade-able beer
    • ABV - to decide how much alcohol I'm in the mood for
    • Size - do I want a 12, 16, or 22oz today?
    • Style - to filter on what style I'm in the mood for
    • Marking potentially trade-able beers vs will only consume or share with friends
    • Price - what I paid and how much something is worth (for trade and personal reference)
    • Purchase date, bottled date
    • Calculated recommended Ready/Drinking date
    • Drank/consumed date - so that I know when I drank something for review purposes
    • BA, Untappd, and personal ratings! - very important for choosing the right can or bottle
    • Estimated calories - for deciding which beers I can handle calorie-wise that day
    • Comments, for reference purposes (who gave it to me, where I picked it up, thoughts on the beer, etc.)
    3) From all of this data, in another sheet, creating pivot charts and tables or look-ups of how many beers are ready to drink, how much I paid for everything, how much everything is worth, and how many beers I have at any given time (is my collection going up or down)

    4) Documenting completed trades for reference purposes

    Just to be clear, I don't do this solely for organization purposes; I actually love creating and updating Excel spreadsheets in my job and at home, and especially when I bring home some new beer. I also love looking up a beer in my list to decide on what the "right" beer is for the night.

    I'm sure there are more of you, so I suppose this thread could go a few different ways, and could just be a general discussion. Some potential topics include -
    • What details do you like to document in you Excel sheet?
    • If you don't use Excel, or just BA or Untappd to maintain your collection, what do you use to maintain a large collection?
    • Any rants, raves, or questions/tips about putting your beers in Excel spreadsheets
    I'm looking forward to the discussion!
  2. beertunes

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    I use BA (And to a lesser extent UT) to teack my beers.

    I ain't none too technical.
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  3. nc41

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    That’s taking loving beer to a new level, I’m not smart enough to collate to that level nor patient enough. I only had significant inventory when I was dogging IPAs that I just had to have, but I’m past that point now. Besides a lot of the beers I used to trade expanded their distro, so I could only do locals right now.
  4. Harrison8

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    I do maintain my beer cellar in an Excel document. It started out as a way to find a specific bottle when I wanted it vs. opening up all the boxes (everything is stored in old wine/beer boxes to keep light out), but now it has a little additional utility. I use my Excel to track: brewery, beer, ABV, purchase date, format, style (with any flavor additions/barrel usage), and if I traded for it or not.

    Having the Excel has helped me locate bottles, decide what is appropriate for a pairing/share, and helped me turn over some stock - although I'm still not good at that.

    I haven't considered tracking BA ratings within an Excel. Part of this is with new beer, I don't want to have that number in my head. That said, I like the idea of adding a BA score column and populating it after review (both my personal number and BA's), as that would give me an additional data point when selecting a beer for a tasting. It's worth noting that once a beer is removed from the cellar (if it's the last one within a specific box), I'll remove it completely from the Excel. I don't keep a list of once-cellared beers.
  5. MattOC

    MattOC Disciple (387) Jan 13, 2013 Massachusetts

    I do this for the bottles in my fridge/cellar. I keep it on a on google sheet/drive. I started doing this when my cellar was becoming a bit overwhelming for me. It was time consuming, but in the end so beneficial to making a serious dent in the cellar and getting a real grasp of the beer I had on hand. I went from over one hundred bottles, not crazy relative to some BAs I'm sure, but too much for me and now that is down to a couple of cases. 90% of that is gueuze so I don't mind it resting away.

    I keep it simple in terms of categories and how it's sorted: brewery, beer name, format, bottle date, vintage, how many I have of it, when it was added to the fridge/cellar, best by, etc.

    I also keep a sheet for my trades: people I traded, type (IP/ship), bottles involved, notes, etc.

    A big part of it for me is organization, but I also enjoy it. It's a part of my job as well and that carries over to my personal life.
  6. DonnieT79

    DonnieT79 Initiate (52) Jan 3, 2020 Ohio

    So I was tracking in Excel what I had/have, when drank, etc but this is some next level stuff. You've given me a lot ideas, @AllOfTheCats !
  7. meanmutt

    meanmutt Savant (944) Feb 6, 2012 Ohio

    I have a Google document for the beers in my cellar.
  8. zeff80

    zeff80 Poo-Bah (11,779) Feb 6, 2006 Missouri

    I switched to Google Sheets so I an access it from anywhere. Here's the breakdown of my insanity:

    Sheet 1 has 7 columns.
    A = Beer name
    B = Rating (.25 increments)
    C = State/Country
    D = City
    E = Notes (can really be anything here - often it's where I consumed it)
    F = Style
    G = Availability (a simple Y or N for if it's available where I live)

    Sheet 2 has 3 columns
    A = State
    B = # of beers
    C = # of breweries

    Sheet 3 has 3 columns
    A = Country
    B = # of beers
    C = # of breweries

    Sheet 4 has 2 columns
    A = Style
    B = # of beers

    Sheet 5 has 4 columns
    A = Brewery name
    B = # of beers
    C = Visited (a capital X if I've been to the brewery)
    D = Closed (a ! if the brewery has closed)

    Sheet 6 has 2 columns
    A = Letter
    B = # of beers (that's right, I track the most common letter that beers start with)

    Sheet 7 has 5 columns
    This is identical to Sheet 1 but is a list of homebrews.

    Sheet 8 has 4 columns
    It is a listing of beweries that exist in Missouri and Kansas with notes of whether or not I've visited it and if I've checked in on Untappd.

    There's a 9th sheet with my Untappd "Year in Beer" stats.
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  9. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Savant (999) Mar 6, 2008 New Jersey

    What is Excel?
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  10. RauchbierFan33

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    This is the type of thread/post that I show my wife to show her that really I’m only an amateur and things could be a lot worse
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  11. PapaGoose03

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    There are people who are OCD, and then there are beer cellar enthusiasts. :wink: OP, you and I (and a few others who have already posted here) are in the second category, but you out-distance me by a mile.

    I have a spreadsheet that is used to collect number of bottles, beer name, brewery, year purchased, ABV, BA rating, and my rating with a brief taste description, which is simply a letter grade (with the +/- used too). I rate each beer again each time as I drink an older bottle to track the aging process, which tells me after a downturn that I need to drink quickly the remaining supply of that beer.

    My cellar maxed out around 175 bottles but is now around 25 because I have lost interest in keeping a cellar anymore.
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  12. jesskidden

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    Molson's 1990s era Non-alcoholic beer. :grin:
    Either they renamed it (trademark issues?) or a lot of US ads misspelled it.
    Molson Exel
  13. Barettes

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    Raises hand and admits to being a geek
    Same thing here. Cardboard boxes are easier than building shelves or a more sophisticated storage system in my basement, and the excel sheet is an efficient way to track inventory and locate it easily.

    I have columns for beer name/brewery, ABV, style, number in inventory, bottled date, best by day, size of can or bottle, which box it's in (A,B,C, etc), any misc notes

    I dont do this for IPAs or things I plan to consume within a month, just for what's in the cellar that's going to be down there awhile.
  14. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    At one point I had 450 beers... I know... crazy, BUT,
    • I was doing many aging experiments across styles (stouts, barleywines, wee-heavies, etc.)
    • I made a good amount of homebrew (each 5 gallon batch produces about 60 bottles, and I still had two batches on hand - a hefeweizen and an imperial stout)
    • Some I just had to stock up on, given the opportunity (Lagunitas High West-ified, Bottle Logic pickups, Founders IS, my favorite non-BA stout was out of production for a year or more, sales)
    • I recently left California, move to Illinois, so I stocked up on some favorites before I left
    I moved a beer collection of about 300-350 beers across the country in a shipping container, in my car on the drive, and in a couple suitcases by plane before I moved (and brought cats).

    I am down to about 250 beers now, which is still very high and not quite where I'd like it to be, but when you're into aging, 250 when spread across multiple years of consumption is not that many, especially if you enjoy beer multiple times a week, you do shares, and you sometimes session.
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  15. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    At some point, I'd like to build some nice, sturdy shelves, similar to those in craft beer stores, to act like I am shopping within my own collection and for presentation purposes. For now, I have everything in apple boxes, cardboard cases, the fridge, and near my desk.

    Do you usually drink off of best by date, your own set date, or just whenever you feel like it? Just curious. I set my own date, but I could see best by date being handy in my spreadsheet to definitely drink it by a certain date.
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  16. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Poo-Bah (8,870) Dec 8, 2007 North Carolina
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    I definitely use a Google sheet to track where the individual beers are stored (closet, fridge, etc), any that I am saving for sharing (including with whom), and format (bomber/bottle/can/crowler/etc).
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  17. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    Thank you for sharing your columns! That is helpful to me and part of what I was looking forward to in the discussion. I also have an "Availability" type of column where I distinguish between, "can somebody else pick this up right now", "will it ever be brewed again?", etc.

    Here are my columns:

    Sheet 1 - Summary
    • Total # of beers ready to consume (per region (CA vs IL)
    • Total # of beers (CA vs IL)
    • Total Drank in #
    • Total Drank in $
    • By Date, how many beers I had at that moment. Example 1/1/2018 - 1 million beers, 7/5/2019 - 400, to give me an idea of whether my collection is waxing or waning
    Sheet 2 - My Beers (columns, all data with filters and sorting)
    • Location - where does the beer reside? I was living in CA and people were picking up stuff for me in the Midwest for me to pick up later. Now, everything is in the same location, but before, this was important to me)
    • Avlb/Region - Limited vs Unlimited availability and then which region or everywhere
    • Ready (calculated) - indicator, calculated based on Ready date, just a flag to say, this beer is ready to go into my mouth
    • Brewery, Name, Vintage - example - "Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Barleywine 2017"
    • # - a count of how many beers regardless of vintage, so if I have 6 Bourbon County Barleywines across different years, they are aggregated here
    • BA - Barrel aged? - Y or N
    • Trade? - Would I trade it, Y or N
    • Get rid of? - Do I care much about this beer anymore? Give away or maybe when non-beer aficionados visit and I don't want to open a $25 bomber for them. More for waning or drinking a second, cheaper beer in the session.
    • Oz - How many oz?
    • ABV - What is the ABV?
    • Price - What did I pay for it?
    • Value - What is it worth in a trade?
    • Aquired - Date I bought it
    • Bottled - The bottled or canned date
    • Ready (calculated) - Based on Bottled date + Desired Age, what is the specific date it's ready, sometimes good for determining a particular occasion (birthday, holidays)
    • Desired Age - How old do I want it to be when I drink it? 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10yrs old?
    • Current Age (calculated) - How old is it now?
    • Remaining (calculated) - How many years left to drink?
    • $/oz (calculated) - used to care about this, but no longer - Price divided by oz, helps me find my most expensive beers regardless of size. A $25 12oz costs more than a $30 bomber, imo. One is technically greater than the other, but at half the size, it costs more, imo.
    • BA - BeerAdvocate rating
    • UT - Untappd rating
    • Rating - My rating
    • Recommended age - no longer used, but based on research online, what are some good years for the beer or when is it best consumed by?
    • Comments - Notes, where I got it from (trade vs somebody picked up for me, which bottle shop, etc.)
    • Age at consumption (calculated) - To back-track what year the beer was good to drink at, so, say I liked one that was 2yrs old vs 4yrs old, now I know looking at previously consumed beers, I'll drink any new ones I buy at 2yrs and definitely before 4yrs
    • Serving - Temp best served at, to decide between something I may want that is fine to drink at room temp (some I do!)
    • Est Calories (calculated) - Estimated calories based on ABV and size, to make sure that I'm not consuming too many calories that day, or maybe I want to share one with friends that is 8 million calories
    • AU (calculated) - Alcohol units - how many will I be taking in one sitting?
    • Style - not sure why I have this on the end, but I usually know what the beers are anyways. It's more to say, if I'm meeting up with this one friend who likes barleywines more, let's only look at my barleywines to bring over)
    Sheet 3 - Potential trades and wishlist

    Sheet 4 - Completed trades

    Sheet 5 - No longer used, annual releases I looked forward to, now placed in Google Calendar as an actual reminder

    Glad we could share! Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas for your spreadsheet or helps you to generate ideas here for all of our spreadsheets :slight_smile:
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  18. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    I would really love to move to Google Sheets, but I have had multiple issues with it, unfortunately. It's not as intuitive, in my opinion, and hard to type out data with my fingers on the phone vs on my PC and I've had issues copying over my formulas, inserting, filtering, and it lost a lot of the formatting, so for now, I've kept a Google sheet as a snapshot of my collection for when I'm out, although it's always outdated, and then my Excel sheet at home for all of my updates.

    Maybe I can find a way to auto-upload every so often or just remember to do it. Or, maybe I just need to try harder and completely move to Google Sheets and accept the differences, just like any new product upgrade.
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  19. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    Glad you like the convo! Check out my recent post with all of my columns in case any of them help you, and let me know if you want any tips on calculations :slight_smile:
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  20. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    I do find some analysis on consumed beers useful, but it has bogged down my spreadsheet, and really, those beers should no longer matter because they are not a part of my collection, so interesting idea there.

    I mostly just document ratings to quickly look up, "okay, I'm going to a share, what is above a 4.4 that these guys would enjoy." Then, maybe sort on style, whether it's ready, etc. Helps me super-hone in on "this is the beer" vs looking through 10 boxes and wondering, what the heck am I going to bring, and, is it even at it's prime yet or is it still hot and not fully developed?

    Alternatively, "I just want a beer, but nothing special". Maybe filter out anything above a 4.3 and then maybe bottle size to get something that will do the job but not be dipping into something I'd regret waiting on or not sharing.
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  21. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    Yeah, I could see it not being useful at all for small collections or beers that are best fresh (drink within a month or two), but it is extremely useful for beers that will age well up to 5-10 years and you want to pace yourself and order them when you have a lot of different styles and aging experiments going on.

    Somehow, I have the patience for almost all of my beers unless it's best fresh (IPA, some coffee beers, coconut beers, etc.), so I currently have a lot of 5+ year old beers now that I'm still interested in seeing what happens, or for saving for a very special occasion.
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  22. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (4,027) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
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    I like this idea.

    There is a lot more I need to inventory. Perhaps I'll tackle that next snowy weekend and start populating a rating column for future use.
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  23. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (4,027) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
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    I like you.
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  24. zeff80

    zeff80 Poo-Bah (11,779) Feb 6, 2006 Missouri

    Love it! Although I'm terrified to list anything pertaining to $$$. I don't want to know how much I've spent. :grin:
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  25. zeff80

    zeff80 Poo-Bah (11,779) Feb 6, 2006 Missouri

    Glad we can help. However, I love showing my wife the checkins of others on Untappd. There's a guy I follow that will frequently have 20+ beers at bars/breweries in a single day. I do the rough financial math (you know $100+ spent) so she won't get mad at me for spending $25 at a craft beer bar.
  26. Barettes

    Barettes Aspirant (286) Aug 4, 2019 Washington
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    When I'm just picking a beer to drink for the evening, I usually filter and sort the spreadsheet by style or ABV, and make my selection on that basis. I use the best by date mostly to make sure I'm not sitting on things too long - if there is a best by date on the bottle or the brewer's website.

    I do sometimes write myself a note to "try by this date" when I have multiples of something and want to see how it has developed at X point in time.
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  27. Whyteboar

    Whyteboar Devotee (429) Jun 7, 2008 Michigan
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    My cellar spreadsheet came in a roundabout way- I had started collecting stouts for "Stout Appreciation Night" with some friends of mine at first we we so laid back we didn't even keep notes. Then one person started keeping basic records (date, beer, name of taster, rating and note) From there we kept adding and have made it to the point we are at now (seen below if it will all fit) but I suspect we will be having additional tweaks soon as my education (and theirs) continues to grow. (as apparently so does the number of beers in the cellar - over 350 at last count)
    Anyway, here is our worksheet in 3 tabs:

    Sheet 1- Ratings:
    Date (Date of the SAN)
    Beer Basic name of the beverage
    Variant (Double Oatmeal, Russian Imperial, etc...)
    Barrel Aged? Either no or type of barrel aged in)
    Year (that the beer was brewed)
    Rating (1-5 in .25 increments

    Sheet 2- Metrics:
    BA Type (Bourbon, Rum, Wine, Maple Syrup, etc...)
    Avg Rate (The testers average)

    Sheet 3- Cellared:
    BA? (Yes or No)
    Format (can/bottle and oz)
    Tested? (Is this on tab 1?) --Redundant given the next column
    Avg/Mine (Avg from the group trial and my take at the time)
    Variant (Imp Russian, Milk, coffee, oatmeal, etc...)
    Non-Stout (Belgian Quad, browns, IPAs, Dunkels, etc...)
    Theme (For future tasting night IE: RN for Russian night)
    SAN or Personal? (Some of these are just things I like that are either not stouts or I know are not the groups preference)
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  28. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    Thanks for sharing! Good ideas!

    I especially like your idea about variant/adjuncts and BA type. It would be something good to know and look up, when choosing a bottle to share or drink, whether there is a special one you want to filter on. For example, choosing something less common (brandy, tequila, scotch, multi-barrel, etc.) that others may have not had.

    I have also thought about splitting out can vs bottle because I think that does matter to a lot of people (drinking cans sooner than bottles is usually the reason, imo).

    Theme also looks interesting, if that's something your buddies are into. I recently added a similar column - "Sharable", where I'm setting whether something is something I would want to wait to drink for a share vs just by consuming myself.

    Also interesting that you have aggregated to basically a shared cellar!
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  29. Whyteboar

    Whyteboar Devotee (429) Jun 7, 2008 Michigan
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    Thanks, you started me thinking on ways to make it better, no doubt. And I can't claim credit for all the ideas, it was truly a group compilation. Just the second two tabs are mine, more for trying to spot trends (IE: none of us were fond of stouts that had been aged in wine barrels or cherry stouts, BA or not.) to know what not to focus on in the future and of course, to know what's down there.
    Cheers, and happy number crunching!
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  30. Eefinn

    Eefinn Initiate (38) Oct 19, 2019 Vermont

    I've thought about setting up a similar (though probably much less detailed) spreadsheet as my cellar has grown over the last year or so. I'm still only at about 50 beers, so it's not that hard to look through them, but I like the idea of tracking it. I also have a few beers that the only difference in appearance for the different vintages is a small number on the bottom corner of the label, so having another way of tracking them would be nice.

    I don't think I need multiple sheets, or even that many columns, but those that have posted their categories have certainly given me more of an idea of the data I want to keep track of.
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  31. Mikexw

    Mikexw Meyvn (1,126) Mar 3, 2014 New York
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    I just stumbled across this thread -- and yep, I've got a sort of ridiculous Excel spreadsheet that I use to manage/track my inventory, consumption, and plenty of other things.

    Just covering the main parts:

    Tab 1 - inventory - columns for a) beer/brewery name, b) specific style, c) "summary style" (for example, this lumps sours, flanders, wild ales, gose, etc into "sours"), d) ABV, e) size in oz/ml, f) location (a drop down which is currently populated with things like "right hand shelving unit, 3rd row from bottom, middle") so I can find what I'm looking for, g) quantity on hand, and h) whether it's a new tick. It also has columns listing who sent it to me, if there's anyone in particular I plan on sending it to or sharing it with, and general comments.

    at the bottom of that page I have totals of how many beers are in each specific location and how many open slots there are, along with the style(s) or breweries I have there ("Russian Imperial Stouts" or "BCBS variants" or "local stouts", for example).

    Tab 2 - history - columns for brewery, beer, and ABV; followed by 2 sets of ratings (one for BA, one for untappd) listing style, my rating, overall rating, and the difference between mine and the general consensus.

    Tab 3 - pivots that summarize all the rankings by brewery and/or style

    Then I also have secondary tabs where I track shipments I've sent with details on what I included, rosters of people I've been in multiple BIF's with, lists of glassware and beer "attire", tracking grids for BIFs, and BA's I've met in person (up to 32 as of this weekend).

    The inventory tab is obviously the most useful, especially when trading or participating in a BIF or choosing what to share with neighbors who have pretty consistent preferences.
  32. Mikexw

    Mikexw Meyvn (1,126) Mar 3, 2014 New York
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    I was so excited about the topic that I posted before reading through everything -- and your initial post tells me we are remarkably similar in our spreadsheets. I'm probably not gonna comment on too many others, but WILL read them all!
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  33. Mikexw

    Mikexw Meyvn (1,126) Mar 3, 2014 New York
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    While I track ratings in my history tab, I intentionally do NOT include any on my inventory tab, for the exact reason you mention. But after the fact, it's good to realize that (for example), I typically rank an old ale well above the general population, or that I still prefer West Coast IPA's to NEIPA's.
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  34. Mikexw

    Mikexw Meyvn (1,126) Mar 3, 2014 New York
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    I've got about 225 beers cellared at the moment, anything seriously time sensitive (mainly IPA's) are in my beer fridge and color coded in green on my inventory tab. (for real) I have a few "go to" IPA's I'll usually keep in stock, but not many and I don't reload if I've recently acquired any elsewhere.
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  35. BaseballNBeer

    BaseballNBeer Initiate (124) Apr 22, 2015 Michigan

    I mostly keep one main tab with inventory details. I used to keep location information, such as numbered boxes and which fridge it was in. However, I found that it was too much work tracking beers as they moved from cellar to fridge to consumption. I do keep beers on the list with a zero quantity, as it lets me know what I have owned. I've started multiple pivot tables off the main one to track attributes such as barrel aged beers or bombers.

    ID - This came when I first used Access for data entry
    Brewery Name - Commonly used name for brewery (ex. Founders)
    Beer Name
    Beer Style - Not complete, but I try to give a full description (ex. Maple BA Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout for CBS)
    Beer Category - Wider classification (stout, porter, IPA, etc.)
    BA Beer?
    Brewery - Full name for brewery (ex. Founders Brewing)
    Size - Input for a formula. Ounces up to 22, otherwise milliliters
    Format - Can/Bottle
    Measure - Calculated field based on Size column
    Volume - Combines Size and Measure (ex. 22 oz.)
    % of Inventory
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  36. BaseballNBeer

    BaseballNBeer Initiate (124) Apr 22, 2015 Michigan

    How does everyone update their sheets? During an evening/session, I place consumed (and rinsed) beers next to my sink. Afterward or the next day, I write down the beer names on a whiteboard I keep on the fridge and move the bottles/cans to my bottle/can return area in the garage. Then, every so often, I'll take the whiteboard and update my spreadsheet and erase the whiteboard.
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  37. beertunes

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    Dood. You win.
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  38. beertunes

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    OTOH, maybe you're the winner.
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  39. AllOfTheCats

    AllOfTheCats Aspirant (241) Mar 27, 2018 Illinois

    Thanks for sharing! I like your idea of Beer Style, which could summarize many attributes and adjuncts. % of inventory I can also see being helpful. Although I have a quantity column, it doesn't really tell me what I have the most of easily. I did a lot of aging experimentation with Expedition Stout, FIS, Lagunitas High West-ified, and multiple Founders beers, so I would be curious what percentage of the inventory they fall under. For example, I still have 22 Expedition Stouts out of my collection, which, damn... that's almost 10%!
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  40. AllOfTheCats

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    I am typically drinking at my desk or else sharing with friends, so I'm always sure to mark them down in my spreadsheet as I am drinking the beer or, if sharing with friends, I'll do it the following day based on my check-ins. I sometimes mark ones I'm bringing to share as something I will be drinking, so I just put in the date as if I drank it. If I haven't rated at that time, I mark the Drank date cell yellow, so that I know to come back to it and check it in later or add my new rating to the sheet.
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