Loving Duvel. Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by shwurr, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. slangtruth

    slangtruth Initiate (109) Jan 8, 2012 Massachusetts

    Make the one time investment in a kegerator, and buy it by the keg. It'll hold up if you drink enough.
  2. Ricelikesbeer

    Ricelikesbeer Zealot (582) Nov 29, 2006 Colorado

    If you like Duvel, (easy to like) I'd suggest trying some belgian blondes like leffe and affligem blonde (my favorite). They arent' quite as strong, but are pretty similar and are even easier to drink in quantity. You'll spend about 10 bucks for a sixer.
  3. sjverla

    sjverla Devotee (490) Dec 1, 2008 Massachusetts

    It's unlikely you're in the distro area (CT, maybe RI), but New England Brewing Co.'s 668 Neighbor of the Beast is a top-notch BSPA.
  4. azorie

    azorie Initiate (0) Mar 18, 2006 Florida

    Move to Belgium..:wink:
  5. Douberd

    Douberd Initiate (0) Jan 27, 2012 Netherlands

    Since you are new to craft beer snobbery, I would say to start trying even more beers and who knows, maybe your Duvel killer would be more affordable.
  6. avenuepub

    avenuepub Initiate (0) Apr 23, 2009 Louisiana

    Duvel isn't sold by the keg. The version they keg is a different beer. Not nearly as good. Goes by the name of Duvel Green or Duvel single.
  7. GodlessWatermelon

    GodlessWatermelon Initiate (0) Apr 12, 2012 Maryland

    The Bruery Mischief
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