Man of Many: 10 Best Beer Bars in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Todd, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Would love to hear what locals think of this list.
  2. hawthorne00

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    A bit of a mixture:

    - The Alehouse Project is not in Curtin House in the CBD, it's in East Brunswick. Perhaps Cookie occupied that spot and they changed their minds.
    - SlowBeer used to be an excellent bottle shop and is now trying to be a bar as much as a bottle shop. I'm not sure - sometimes they have a beer I cross town to get (recently Põhjala Öö) but it's not somewhere I'd think of to drop in for a pot. Of that ilk, Carwyn Cellars is miles ahead in the North. As is Grape & Grain in the Sth East.
    - BeerMash is pricey but good, Penny Blue same.
    - Local Taphouse is good (and pretty much my local). It's a pub, not a bar - but it's not clear how much that distinction translates for Americans.
    - Westside Aleworks is promising but pretty new. They have some guests and mainly American style hoppy beers of their own that are getting there. Full of digs on a pub crawl when I dropped in.
    - The Catfish - fair enough.
    - Beer Deluxe - nice location but middlebrow.
    - MoonDog - almost all their own stuff, but a good variety and a nice vibe.
    - Boilermaker House seems limited, pretentious and very expensive.

    You could come up with another 10-20 with a case to be on this list, but it's not terrible.
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  3. Narkee

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    Mr West in there? I love that venue.

    Carwyn is miles ahead of anything in Australia.
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    As noted in part from the other posters - there's quite a bit of factual info/terminology wrong in the article; aside from that I haven't been round Melbourne a little while so I can't comment too much on the current scene.

    Hawthorne is definitely correct regarding Slowbeer though, last time I was there was during the transition and oh boy it's nowhere near what it use to be...unfortunately. Also I definitely second Carwyn being there, at least honourably.

    To be perfectly honest I'm not usually the biggest fan of these "beer bars", so much "trendiness" and I often get tired of them pretty quick haha.
  5. smithflipper

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    As others have mentioned, Moon Dog and West Side are tasting rooms/ brewpubs rather than beer bars. Since Pubs and Bars seem to be the same thing going off the terminology used I would remove those two and add the following:

    Carwyn Cellars - great place for nerdy stuff.
    Mr West - Similar to carwyn and beer mash, slightly more balanced when I've been.

    That would be for a list of best places to try a variety of good to great craft beer, not necessarily best places to have a craft beer - if you get my meaning.

    Now, best bars/pubs to have a craft beer at in Melbourne, well that's a different list.
  6. jaredvennett

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    Just adding that for my two cents Carwyn is one of the best in the country, and my favourite in Melbourne for sure.

    Beer Mash and Mr West tied for second for me! Both get some excellent rarities in!
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