Maximum dissolved O2 via aeration pump and stone at pitch temp?

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  1. YourBeerRunner

    YourBeerRunner Aspirant (212) May 3, 2022

    I came across this statement by a reputable source, MoreBeer, on the sales page for an aquarium pump, which pumps only filtered room air through a 2 micron stone:

    "The down side is that aeration takes longer than oxygenation...[and so] the diffusion stone must be left running in the wort for approximately 30–120 minutes (however even 5 minutes of aeration is better than shaking the carboy.)"

    This implies that more time, up to 120 minutes = more dissolved O2, by using ONLY room air. Is it true that I can aerate beyond 8 ppm by aerating longer than 5 minutes using this method? According to John Palmer, who references his source in his How to Brew book, clearly states that 8 ppm is achievable using this method, but does not provide data for >5 minutes. Even Wyeast states 8ppm is the max using room air.

    The yeast are looking for answers.
  2. VikeMan

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    The problem with going beyond about 8-9 ppm with room air and agitation (either shaking or air pumping) is that once you reach roughly 8 ppm, you lose O2 as quickly as you gain it, i.e. you've reached a sort of equilibrium.
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  3. YourBeerRunner

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    Thank you. I figured. I'm not sure what they really meant by that. They do a good job ... and want to sell products.

    A little upgrade from the air pump and shaking:
  4. premierpro

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    I use a stir paddle on a drill motor. 3 minutes does the job for me!
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    What @VikeMan said.

    I will add that your wort may be just fine with 8 ppm D.O. and probably is. Homebrewers love to have a solution in search of a problem (myself included).

    I'm not suggesting you should not look in oxygen injection with a cylinder, only that you shouldn't expect all that dramatic of a difference.

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