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Discussion in 'Beer & Food' started by Talmage, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Talmage

    Talmage Initiate (0) Apr 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    Hi all,

    My name is Talmage Jestice. I am the Executive Chef at Meadhall in Cambridge. I just enrolled on this site because you are the people who I am cooking for. I hear a lot of griping online about the food at meadhall. I would love to invite you to share your ideas, opinions, and experiences with me here. I took over the kitchen at Meadhall in the spring of 2012. Up to that point we were doing what was effectively a French Bistro menu. Over the course of the last year we have decidedly changed our direction. We are offering more affordable Entree's which are inspired either by the regions where we source our beer, or by classic American comfort food. We have always used the best ingredients we can source. We have a seasonal game special that changes every few days. I am not interested in discussing beer pricing (though I gather that is a hot topic here). But I would appreciate any helpful suggestions you have. Thanks.
  2. ricochet173

    ricochet173 Initiate (184) Jul 6, 2011 Quebec (Canada)
    Beer Trader

    Hello Talmage, welcome to the boards!

    I'm sure there are people who would love to assist you by providing ideas, but I am having some difficulty understanding what it is you are looking for from your original post. I gather that you are interested in food/beer pairings, but are you looking for opinions regarding food choice, beer choice, or both? Unfortunately, I reside in Quebec, and I am unfamiliar with your restaurant; if you were to post examples of some dishes which you serve, I am certain I or some others would be able to recommend some beer pairings. It would probably be good to also post your taplist/bottle list for comparison. Hope that helps!
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  3. Talmage

    Talmage Initiate (0) Apr 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    Absolutely. I am simply wondering what people enjoy eating with their craft beers. Just examples of your favorite pairings and foods that you have enjoyed at your local pub. I am trying to figure out how to copy and paste portions of my menu but the program that we print the menu off of is not friendly to this computer. i will post some of our current menu items and pairings when I get a chance to. Just wanted to respond and say thanks for your interest and input.
  4. imbibehour

    imbibehour Poo-Bah (6,147) Mar 18, 2008 Maryland
    Supporter Subscriber

    It really depends on the menu for myself.

    The impression I get though from New England places I eat at is that customers want relatively bland food (no spices, nothing intense) and beer in that situation is an after thought.

    You are moving from a Bistro focus to what exactly? Instead of Steak and Frites you are going to have what pot roast, chowder?

    If I could see your menu before and after I could give you some opinions, and then brewz possibly.

    Keep in mind I am not probably as plugged in to your area, as your locals and their tastes will probably be different in what they want out of your restaurant to some degree.
  5. BarrelAgedBrian

    BarrelAgedBrian Initiate (0) Mar 31, 2013 Massachusetts

    Talmage! I'm a local soon-to-be Cambridgian. Love Meadhall! I went to it both around when it first opened and a few times more recently and I have to say I enjoy the menu a lot more now.

    One of my favorite food/beer combos is BBQ or meaty dishes with rauchbiers. On recommendation of a friend, I recently made some BBQ ribs paired with Jack's Abby Smoke & Dagger, which was sublime. Apparently one of the Jack's Abby employees has a recipe for BBQ sauce that includes Smoke & Dagger in it :slight_smile:
  6. JesseMurdock

    JesseMurdock Initiate (0) Apr 14, 2013 Hawaii

    Living in Hawaii, I eat a lot of Asian food when i drink beer.

    I've found that Japanese fried chicken when done right is a perfect beer food. chicken karaage is flavorful, crispy, and provides that perfect salty/greasy flavor that goes so well with beer. and it's served boneless in small pieces. perfect over a basket of fries.
  7. ricochet173

    ricochet173 Initiate (184) Jul 6, 2011 Quebec (Canada)
    Beer Trader

    I will second kara-age as a quality beer accompaniment. Great pub fare, simple and delicious. Asian cultures in general are quite big on pub fare/food made to be consumed while drinking. You could look to Spanish tapas and Japanese izakaya foods for inspiration.
  8. joelwlcx

    joelwlcx Initiate (198) Apr 23, 2007 Minnesota

    I thought this was going to be a thread about food that would be served in an actual meadhall...
  9. bramsdell

    bramsdell Aspirant (278) May 27, 2011 North Carolina

    First off, the pretzels at Meadhall rule. That being said, I go to Lord Hobo and then CBC before Meadhall to be honest, and a lot of that has to do with the food.

    I would like to see more options of sandwiches or lighter fare than a full $25 entree. Especially if I'm going to have 2-3 beers, I would prefer something smaller and less expensive than a full entree. I typically order the Mussels, which I have found to be the most delicious and reasonably priced option on the Meadhall menu. When I ordered the veggie burger, I found it to be nearly as heavy and greasy as a burger would be. I like burgers and I like veggie burgers, but I want there to be a difference in how they feel.

    That being said, I am very happy to see the interaction on this site and look forward to trying the new items.

    Also: Please get that damn website up.
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  10. Onizilla

    Onizilla Initiate (0) Apr 25, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    If I was at a place called the Meadhall, I'd want to be able to eat one of those giant turkey drum sticks. Oh god yes.

    In other news, For the colder months up there in Cambridge I'd have to suggest a really nicely done chili with a rauchbier. I usually make a vegetarian chili and pour a bottle of Schlenkerla (I will not spell it right) Marzen in there for the smokey meatyness of it without making it anything but vegetarian. Should be a big hit in that cold ass town.
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  11. Talmage

    Talmage Initiate (0) Apr 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    Thanks for this. I appreciate your feedback on the veggie burger. We could do a better job with the execution of our pick-up on that item. I have a couple of ideas to cut back on the grease level. I was thinking about doing a couple of more small plate items, (pierogis, Irish Nachos, Belgian Waffle (sweet and savory).

    Our entrees range in price from 16$ -21$. I don't know if I can go any lower and still pay people to actually cook real food. (I could boil bags of Sysco product but I don't think that is the direction I want). Try the buffalo fried shrimp if you do shellfish. I think you might enjoy that. Thanks!
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