Melange #3...wanted still?

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk' started by EyePeeAyBryan, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. EyePeeAyBryan

    EyePeeAyBryan Crusader (799) Dec 20, 2011 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    Are people even seeking this out? I have a bottle I'm looking to trade but not getting any action. Does anyone know someone who's seeking this out that I can get in contact with? Not looking for anything crazy in return, just something fair.

  2. standardcherry

    standardcherry Initiate (0) Jan 17, 2011 Massachusetts

    What are you looking for? Maybe you're reaching too far and that's why you're not getting responses. I can see Melange going for a Hunahpu or something along those lines.
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  3. EyePeeAyBryan

    EyePeeAyBryan Crusader (799) Dec 20, 2011 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    Well, I'd like 8 cans of Heady. I realize there is only a small portion of people that have that beer available to them, so I can see that being difficult based on regional availability alone. Also would love to try Firestone 14 or even something like 2 bottles of Alpine Expo. Do these seem reasonable?
  4. lucas1801

    lucas1801 Initiate (0) Apr 5, 2012 Massachusetts

    Sound fair to me.
  5. GhettoFabulous

    GhettoFabulous Initiate (189) May 29, 2010 California

    Melange 3 is highly demonstrative of the effect scarcity has on trade value. Once the bruery upped its production numbers, the demand for it in the trade forums plummeted.

    That said, you don't see people looking for Melange 1 either, even though that one is pretty rare at the moment (and like Melange 3, absurdly delicious). This seems to indicate a general decline in the desirability of bruery beers.

    No matter how delicious, outside of BT and it's variants, no one seems to care a whole bunch about bruery beers. Still you can usually use their more reputed beers to net nice stuff like BCS, the less rare CCB and so on.

    It's funny though, the bruery has been putting out some really nice and relatively limited beers lately (e.g., griffon and SitR with peaches) yet you rarely see people iso. That, perhaps, is the collateral damage that comes with increased production, even though a lot of Midwest stuff seems to carry heavy trading weight despite production numbers that compare to or exceed the bruery's - it seems like those beers are simply more highly regarded and coveted.
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  6. kscaldef

    kscaldef Initiate (0) Jun 11, 2010 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    My suspicion is that the increased size of the RS is really what's cratered the demand for Bruery beers. How many traders are there at this point who aren't either RS members themselves or in a tasting group with someone who it?

    Another potential effect is that the availability of bottles is spread out over months. Unlike most releases where there's a big spike of trading activity right around the release day, lots of people don't get their Bruery bottles until months after the release. (In multiple cases last year, by the time I got some beer shipped to me by my trustee, I could have already bought all I wanted in local stores. Sometimes at lower prices! So annoying! (*)) As a result, given the flavor-of-the-week nature of recent trading, whatever hype there might have been is often long gone by the time the bottles are tradable.

    (*) Props to the Bruery for being much clearer this year about what sort of distribution each beer will see.
  7. tofuspeedstar

    tofuspeedstar Initiate (185) Jul 12, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Yeah, I'm looking for it. :( Nobody wants Texas beers though so I can't really do much.
  8. EyePeeAyBryan

    EyePeeAyBryan Crusader (799) Dec 20, 2011 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    I think you guys (Ghetto and kscaldef) both nailed it. Production has certainly gone up and the the BA hype train has left the station. I think at this point, everyone who wanted the beer has it, and there are just not many people seeking this out any longer. I'm not sure if it's just that most know the price point and shy away because they fear I'll over-value the beer...or what? I'll certainly take under $4$.

    I remember seeing huge spikes in this when it was released and like many on here, I was intrigued and traded for a bottle. My recent trip to CA led me to The Bruery and while the beer was great and perfect for me at 4oz, I can't ever see myself in a situation where I could ever finish the entire bottle. I'd just rather give this to someone looking to try it or someone who REALLY liked it...and even that seems hard.

    I will agree, Bruery beers have since lost a lot of what they used to have. It seems like people throw around Black Tuesday like Budweiser now...
  9. kmello69

    kmello69 Defender (617) Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Weird, because I can barely keep up with all the trades I've been doing lately....
  10. tofuspeedstar

    tofuspeedstar Initiate (185) Jul 12, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I'm not doing it right then :(
  11. mhenson42

    mhenson42 Zealot (534) Nov 20, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Agreed ;)
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  12. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Devotee (475) May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    8 cans of Abrasive? I love M3 and can't get enough. I will take it off your hands.
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  13. WagonCircler

    WagonCircler Initiate (130) May 15, 2011 New York
    Beer Trader

  14. EyePeeAyBryan

    EyePeeAyBryan Crusader (799) Dec 20, 2011 Arizona
    Beer Trader

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  15. DanzBorin

    DanzBorin Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2012 Texas

    Are they still canning Abrasive?
  16. StarRaptor

    StarRaptor Initiate (0) Jun 8, 2010 California

    Last run was only a couple of weeks ago
  17. abecall98

    abecall98 Devotee (442) Aug 11, 2007 California
    Beer Trader

    At this point, you're almost better off drinking the Bruery beers you get. They don't have much demand anymore (there are more cool beers that people want to flock to), and you most likely won't get much back in return that is as good for the money.
  18. DanzBorin

    DanzBorin Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2012 Texas

    I'd love to try a lot of Bruery beers. It's comments like that that make it hard for me to do so.

    I think $4$ there is plenty that stacks up or even surpasses The Bruery.
  19. gator79

    gator79 Disciple (328) Nov 1, 2008 Florida
    Beer Trader

    It is a beer that I am interested in trying. I just don't feel like it could be worth trading any brewery release for. I would be interested if it was for rarer.shelf stuff. Say Marshal Zhukov, Humidor IPA, White Oak Jai Alai, extra... $4$ of course.
  20. maximum12

    maximum12 Poo-Bah (3,362) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Great point. I'd say that excellent shelf beers that are harder to get should land Melange 3. Although its high price might be a deterrent.

    Though strictly on taste, I'd Melange 3 kicks serious ass. Although with the elevated ABV, drinking even a half-bomber on a school night isn't a good idea.
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  21. mattsander

    mattsander Zealot (546) Feb 3, 2010 Alberta (Canada)
    Beer Trader

    Melange 3 > ALL
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  22. DanzBorin

    DanzBorin Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2012 Texas

    Is there a Melange 3 Advocate site?
  23. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Devotee (475) May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I am bigger than you/ can handle a whole bomber in one night
  24. Jfriz25

    Jfriz25 Initiate (0) Jun 8, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Trading $4$ for Bruery beer usually leads to me sending massive boxes to Cali which is not cheap. I don't think it's worth it unless something really special is coming back. I think that's part of the reason Bruery stuff that doesn't hold the mystique of a BT isn't as sought after as you would think.
  25. maximum12

    maximum12 Poo-Bah (3,362) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Well, your hands are bigger than my head, so that makes sense. My girlish figure can only handle so much.
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  26. woodchopper

    woodchopper Initiate (0) Jul 31, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

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  27. Ataraxia

    Ataraxia Aspirant (209) Sep 20, 2012 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    With this kind of endorsement, I should open (my only) Melange 3 tonight heh

    Is soloing a large format bottle of these kind of beers that uncommon? I've been knocking one down each evening recently, Abyss for Tue, Event Horizon for Wed... maybe I'm just prepping for EBF this weekend ;)
  28. kscaldef

    kscaldef Initiate (0) Jun 11, 2010 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    I've done a bottle of Abyss myself a few times, but that's actually a substantially smaller undertaking than a bottle of Melange #3.

    11%ABV * 22oz = 242 alcohol thingies
    15.5%ABV * 25.4oz = 394 alcohol thingies

    over 50% more alcohol in the M#3.
  29. jmarsh123

    jmarsh123 Meyvn (1,309) Mar 31, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    It's good liver preparation. I wouldn't do it on a work night, but I have downed a Fruet solo before. Then again, I'm a skinny man. If you've got more than 170 on you, may handle it better.
  30. tofuspeedstar

    tofuspeedstar Initiate (185) Jul 12, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I guess I'm doing it right now! Got a few offers for Melange #3.
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  31. vonnegut21

    vonnegut21 Initiate (0) Apr 27, 2012 New York
    Beer Trader

    8 cans of Heady will definitely get done. I just sent Heady in a very similar deal.
  32. Pahn

    Pahn Meyvn (1,448) Dec 2, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    a) speculation about "bruery value" sounds right, though i can't imagine semi-limited bruery offers will fail to get done eventually,

    b) *i* sure as hell still want melange#3, what a beer! but i don't want to trade for it,

    c) re: soloing a 750ml of this beer, just use a wine stopper. admittedly i'm only writing this because i recently tried using a wine stopper in an imperial stout (zinneke) bottle and was amazed that it was still good the second day. you don't need maximum carbonation in that big fucking booze bomb anyway. or, just solo it... preferably over several hours.
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  33. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2008 California

    Expo's really unlikely to happen. Anyone with an Expo who didn't trade for it lives in delivery range of Melange 3 from the Bruery e-commerce site, or even driving range of the Bruery itself.
  34. EyePeeAyBryan

    EyePeeAyBryan Crusader (799) Dec 20, 2011 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. A two hour drive for them is no biggy when it's just sitting on a shelf for them any time they want it.
  35. rowingbrewer

    rowingbrewer Champion (841) May 28, 2010 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    I sure as fuck hope so, I'm sitting on a case of this shit...
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  36. jodan

    jodan Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2008 California

    Don't I have a bunch to send you still?
  37. bigdaddypolite

    bigdaddypolite Disciple (398) Mar 2, 2007 Minnesota
    Beer Trader


    Agreed on the wine stopper approach. While I wouldn't endorse it for certain brews (hoppier ones, for example), overnight with a wine stopper is just fine for others. In my experience, the bigger syruppy brews hold up the best, and M3 is a specific prime example of this. Fruet, etc. I would put in the same boat.
  38. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Devotee (475) May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    god I hope so.
  39. fortsambo

    fortsambo Initiate (130) Feb 14, 2011 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    I fucking LOVE Melange 3
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  40. Pahn

    Pahn Meyvn (1,448) Dec 2, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    not to put too fine a point on it (already enough love in this thread) but yeah. reading back over my review, i'm surprised it doesn't use the words 'holy shit!' it's a great beer.
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