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    Traditionally sipped in Mexico where it was created. Often handmade with help from a donkey and a stone wheel. Usually a bit too rough for the ladies, our group enjoyed the Santo “mezquila” created with the help of Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine. It has enough of the Smokey Mezcal to make you happy. My store had it for $55 750 ML.
    I’m prefer the Ilegal Anejo $85. You can spend too much money trying to locate this flavor in Mezcal. It has a touch of sweetness that distinguishes its taste.
    Made my own great Mezcal Martini with Vago Mezcal $90 I call a Mexican Martini and simply has a large Jalapeño stuffed olive and a pickled quail egg on a skewer with shaken mezcal poured in a martini glass. No driving. Cheers
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    I dig tequila - neat, and in mixed drinks... Agave has a very compelling character; but I've only checked out a few types of mezcal...

    I had a flight of mezcal at a Mexican restaurant in Huntington called Besito, and I also had one neat while waiting on at order at the bar of Tocolo Cantina in Westbury; I don't recall any names except the one that I found most impressive, Mezcal Joven...
    Tequila is a type of mezcal, so this had characteristics similar to tequila, but it tasted "clearer" - if that makes sense - and at the same time had a smoky edge to it... Very nice...

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    A new Mezcaleria opened recently in Dallas. La Viuda Negra, The Black Widow, and me and a couple of friends took a Lyft over from the Mid-Cities and I got to try some Pulque and some new mezcals. They have Mexican beers including Indio, which is one of my favorites. So I got a Pechuga, which was very tasty and a Rattlesnake Sotol. Sotol is another plant, related to the Asparagus Family that is distilled with Rattlesnake meat hanging in pot still and like the Pechuga, "breast", can be Turkey or Chicken. There is also a version of Iberico Ham that is hung in the still and the process is passed over the meat. Often fruits and berries among other things like nuts are added. These have generally been distilled for Special Occasions such as weddings, funerals and other Mexican celebrations. The pulque is somewhat beer like but has a different texture. It's agave water scraped out of the plant and fermented. It's pasteurized for consumption in the US and is roughly 5% ABV. I had an oatmeal flavored version with some burnt cinnamon added. It tasted good but the consistency is very different from beer. I enjoyed the experience very much and look forward to going back. Our bartender was very knowledgeable and that made a big difference. The place is very small but it's perfect for its location. Next to a taco stand that serves crickets among other things, in their tacos. The plate they serve with their Mezcal has orange slices, a lime wedge, Tajin, Gusano Worm and Cricket salts. And some Crickets to munch on. Tasty little buggers.

    The Pulque.
    The Rattlesnake Tequila

    Check out Brian Burns "Rattlesnake Tequila" from his album AMERICAN JUNKYARD, not available on u/tube
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