Michigan beer merger: Roak Brewing Co. to acquire Right Brain Brewery

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by Junior, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Junior

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  2. ypsifly

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    I wonder if that quote is a dig at Imperial Beverage, a distributor that covers the whole state that he used to be part owner of. In my area, Roak and Right Brain are distro'd by Westside, which is the local "AB Inbev House." I had a long conversation with him a couple years ago not long after they got started and was left with the impression that Roak was built to sell.
  3. Alefflicted

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    Seems to be a growing trend lately.
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  4. MistaRyte

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    Roak is distributed in NC (at least it is in Moyock... never seen it in VA... because distributors). Their big oatmeal stout is tasty. Glad to see them expanding.
  5. steebo777

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    Two mediocre breweries combining will still be one mediocre brewery after the merger.
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  6. Lahey

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    If we got rid of all the mediocre breweries, there wouldn't be much left.