Modern Times League of Partygoers and Elegant People (2019)

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    What flavor does the foeder impart, compared to bourbon barrels?
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    Ugh...Q2 2020 for Leisuretown
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    More oak and less heat for me. In some ways it allows the adjuncts to shine a bit more, but I think others will argue about sweetness simply due to lack of bourbon. Not to say either side of that opinion would be wrong, but the foeder allows the adjuncts to blend with the base in a different way.
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    ah man can’t wait to see what that gets pushed back to, from seeing the outside it looks mostly complete too..
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    October 2019 Preview Tasting

    Assorted Notes:
    1) Due to an accidental double booking, Monday night's SD preview tasting was inside the tasting room. Had a bit of the informal vibe of the earliest preview tastings, although there were far more of us packed in than those old tastings. Kudos to the crew for making it work on short notice. We also had the pleasure of seeing Phil MacNitt joining Leanne in hosting a tasting for the first time. Between Phil hosting last night and Derek hosting tonight, some of Modern Times' earliest employees are making their preview tasting debuts.

    2) League renewals will begin on October 13th and conclude on November 1st, followed by the public sale on November 2nd. An email with all relevant details will go out before then, but existing members will also be able to buy gift memberships for others during the renewal period.

    3) Derek also confirmed and corrected dates for a variety of upcoming events:
    * Pumpkin Carving Party at Lomaland & Belmont - 10/30/19
    * Modern Times Dog Show at Lomaland - 11/03/19
    * Black House Black Friday - 11/29/19
    * Christmas Party/Holiday Market at Lomaland - 12/15/19
    * Shalomaland at Lomaland - 12/26/19
    * Carnival of Caffeination at Liberty Station - 02/08/20
    * Festival of Funk at Liberty Station - 04/18/20

    4) The League staff now includes a third member, as Alanna was promoted from within the company to assist with communications and event planning. They're looking to step things up as far as League events and interactive experiences in 2020, and adding another person to the League-specific staff will help tremendously on that front.

    5) Moving forward, tasting room points will only matter from the standpoint of contributing to money spent for Theory invites. There will no longer be rewards tiers for in-person spending. It made sense to do when there were only a couple of locations, but with all of the recent expansion, it's nearly impossible to provide consistent rewards experiences across all of the Modern Times facilities. The Point of Sale system still lists "rewards points" on receipts, but they're just tracking spending.

    6) Anaheim is looking like 2020 Q2. I didn't catch details on that, but it's safe to assume that Modern Times is not taking their sweet time simply to screw with their Orange County fans.

    7) Foeder Ice Dry-Hopped w/ Saphir is coming out in cans this month, and while we didn't get to preview it, every draft batch has been killer, and I expect this batch to follow suit. I hope people don't sleep on it amid such a crazy month, because it's the ideal crushable counterpoint to some of the heavy hitters dropping next week.

    8) Fellowship of Xul is also coming out in bottles this month, and yes, I'm fucking stoked. Leanne touched on how it came to be a bit, but I figured I'd share its history (as briefly as possible) since there are a few misconceptions about it. In June 2018, the top tier of tasting room spenders was invited to a blending session, where the winning recipe would be produced for a festival. The beers available to us were BBA Monsters' Park, BBA Devil's Teeth, BBA Beastmaster, and BBA Infinity Gauntlet, and we provided our own adjuncts with the only limitation being it had to be something MT could realistically use in a beer (vegan, not horrendously expensive, etc.). I brought desiccated coconut I had toasted myself, almond slivers I had toasted, and homemade vanilla extract that was several years old. My gameplan was to do a balanced base, using BBA Infinity Gauntlet to keep it more in strong ale territory than a stout-centric blend - think Firestone Walker anniversary blends, but with adjuncts. During the event, Andrew happened to bring out some peanut butter powder - both with and without cocoa - and after putting together the blend I had planned, I decided to put together an absurd pastry blend that was heavier on stouts, with vanilla, coconut, almonds, and the cocoa peanut butter powder, just for fun. That blend ended up winning and considering everything that has happened since, I'm glad it did - the peanut butter sets it apart from a lot of other beers of its ilk. I was under the impression it would just be served at Festival of Dankness, but they decided to blend up a bigger batch and send it out to GABF and a few other festivals. And obviously, here we are at a bottled batch.

    As I always tried to tell people congratulating me on the great work, what we had the pleasure of drinking was all Modern Times staff. I dicked around with a French press, they made it work at a commercial scale and nailed a rather absurd blend of adjuncts. It was a blast to have done the blending competition and I'm completely flattered that it's named after me, but I definitely don't deserve the credit for it.

    A few assorted other tidbits from the process:
    * The blending competition yielded not just Fellowship of Xul, but an amplified version of the glitter beer meme that will follow me for all eternity. I already hated glitter beer, but Steven added glitter to a taster glass of stout and posted a picture of it in the League group, declaring my love for glitter beer. Since then, I've been entirely unable to escape hearing about it. Don't worry, buddy, I haven't forgotten about that one, nor will I. :wink:
    * We wanted to call the beer Xul's Bath Salts, but that was later nixed for fairly obvious reasons.
    * Tangential to the process, but people still ask about it - my screen name is not a Ghostbusters reference. It's a song by Behemoth from their 2004 album "Demigod." By coincidence, that was released fifteen years ago this month - fairly cool to have the beer coming out so close to the album's anniversary date.

    9) Insomnium's new album "Heart Like a Grave" came out last Friday and slaps with the fury of a freezing Finnish winter storm. Strong contender for AotY. Listen to it. Love it. Dedicate your existence to beer and metal. Be like me. Actually, don't, that's terrible fucking advice. Just listen to the album.

    The Beers:
    1) Lost Times
    Style: Cider
    Score: 3.75
    Notes: The first non-Radix cider that Modern Times has produced, Lost Times was made with wild-harvested apples from Vermont that were pressed into juice out there, shipped to Modern Times in steel totes, and fermented with MT's funky house culture. From there, it was aged in red wine barrels for five months. On first whiff, the nose is a bit sulfuric - chickenshit and eggs - but that blows off quickly to reveal rustic apple juice, mild earthy funk, and light lactic acidity that adds a hint of lemon juice to the mix. On the palate, tart apple juice hits first - think green apple - followed by fleshy notes and hints of skin flavor that add a good deal of depth to the apple character. Moderate funk weaves around the apple juice, mingling with the fleshy and skin aspects, while a restrained acidity adds touches of brightness. The sulfur on the nose is a bit distracting, I'm hoping it ages out, but it's otherwise an interesting cider with a lot to offer. I don't necessarily enjoy it as much as Radix - as my score reflects - but I'm curious to see where it goes with age.

    2) Foeder Tones
    Style: Foeder-Aged Imperial Stout
    Score: 4.5
    Notes: This is Modem Tones aged in a heavy-toast American oak foeder for just over six months, with neither any spirit barrel aging nor adjuncts. The aroma opens with a big peanut brittle note that evokes the candy in a shockingly clear fashion. It's not unlike Monsters' Park Aged in Tequila Barrels for those who remember that, although only in that one regard - just an incredibly clear characteristic that pops out. It's not overwhelming, though, as toffee, burnt caramel, moderate oak, light vanilla, dry bakers' chocolate, and faint dark fruits - figs and prunes - all follow and build a lovely tapestry that demands to be smelled repeatedly. The flavor came off just a bit sweeter than the nose to me, with dark chocolate and a slightly heavier dose of vanilla leading the way, before the aforementioned peanut brittle hits, along with toffee, restrained oak hints of marshmallow and leather, figs, and dark cherries barely poking through. The body is roughly in the middle of Modern Times' stout spectrum - more viscous than Devil's Teeth or Monsters' Park, but short of Beastmaster and Dragon Mask. Different people will interpret this differently, but I found the oak to present as a variety of complementary flavors, rather than a singular woody character. Based on conversations I had, it will be a bit polarizing, but I love it and think it will serve as a great blending beer for projects like Chaos Grid and Wizard Blend.

    3) Foeder Tones w/ Coconut & Cocoa
    Style: Foeder-Aged Imperial Stout w/ Coconut & Cocoa
    Score: 4.5
    Notes: Using the same base as the above beer, they added coconut at a rate of thirteen pounds per barrel and cocoa at a rate of 1.3 pounds per barrel. Adjuncting a foeder-aged stout certainly provided an interesting result, as familiar flavors integrated differently with the byproducts of the aging vessel, creating a somewhat familiar yet novel experience. Coconut leads on the nose but doesn't overwhelm, setting the stage for a sweeter aroma than the base. Semisweet chocolate, vanilla, caramel and restrained oak, support, while the peanut brittle note remains but is relegated to the background. The flavor largely follows, although a quick burst of oak and candied peanuts strike first, followed quickly by dark chocolate and a strong wave of coconut that builds from the mid-palate into the finish. It's reminiscent of a Mounds bar, but less sweet and more nuanced than something like Chaos Grid: Island Vacation that just hit that booze-soaked Mounds character from the pastry side of things. Think candy, but with a European swerve that is richer and less sweet than American counterparts. The cocoa provides a dry counterpoint to the coconut, maintaining a sense of balance throughout and combining with the base to build a lovely dark chocolate note that builds as the beer warms. As enjoyable as this is - and as much as I think this will be the more popular of the two - I prefer the adjunct-free base due to its more unique nature. I'm going to enjoy bottles of both and would encourage people to buy both, but this feels like it walks path parallel to one we've seen many times this year, while regular Foeder Tones heads off into the forest and carves a new path to experience.

    4) Mega Devil's Teeth Aged in Bourbon Barrels: NOLA Coffee Edition w/ Almonds
    Style: BBA Dessert Stout w/ Coffee, Chicory, Vanilla, & Almonds
    Score: 4.75 (4.65 rounded up)
    Notes: As with the two canned variants we've seen this year, the Mega Devil's Teeth base is a blend of two batches aged in bourbon barrels for eight to twelve months. This year's adjunct profile is a bit different, as it features almost double the amount of almonds and nearly 2.5x as much vanilla, while coffee and chicory remained roughly the same - 3 lbs/bbl coffee, .2 lbs/bbl chicory, .6 lbs/bbl vanilla, and 4 lbs/bbl almonds. In another change, this year's batch is carbonated rather than nitro, due to general customer feedback preferring carbonated cans. Upon first being served the beer, coffee hits the nose first with chicory melding in, along with moderate vanilla and almond, followed by rich dark chocolate, a quick hit of marshmallows, and light bourbon barrels. As it warms, the balance shifts heavily towards the almonds, with vanilla also picking up and the coffee being relegated to a supporting role. The flavor profile largely follows the progression of the aroma, with coffee hitting upfront before the beer warms up, developing a semisweet almond mocha character while the beer is cold. As it sits in the glass, the almond builds towards the front of the palate and the vanilla owns the backend, creating a sweeter flavor combination that's more redolent of baked goods. While I still think this beer is delicious as is, the changes in both the adjunct profile and carbonation stripped it of what made it a god-tier perfect beer to me. The coffee isn't as present as it should be, largely due to almond's dominance, and using CO2 makes it feel slightly less integrated than the last two years, as well as a touch thinner. I'm still looking forward to sitting on my couch with cans of it, but I hope that future years return to nitro and feature a more resilient coffee profile, using vanilla and almonds to complement.

    5) Singular Rhythms w/ Gewürztraminer Grape Must & Nelson Hops
    Style: Foeder-Aged Grisette w/ Grape Must & Nelson Hops
    Score: 4.25
    Notes: For those who might have missed it last month, Singular Rhythms uses the same base as Transit of Venus, but fermented and aged in a medium-toast American oak foeder. This particular variant was aged in the foeder for three months, then refermented with Gewürztraminer must and dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin at a rate of .8 lbs/bbl, before being bottle conditioned. The aroma opens with rich dry hop character - think white wine and tropical fruit - that beautifully complements both the grape must and ester profile of the beer. Moderate earthy and barnyard funk mingle behind the fruit notes, along with light lactic acidity and mild touches of oak. On the palate, the grape must, and dry hops contribute to form a broad vinous character that hits fast and hard, followed by a wave of tropical fruits - papaya, passion fruit, and orange - along with restrained horse blanket and barnyard funk. Light oak provides backing structure, but the vinous character is really the star of the show. I have a feeling people are going to sleep on this, considering how stacked this month's sale is, but it's both interesting and delicious. It demands to be consumed fresh to appreciate what the dry-hopping contributes, yet I have a feeling age will do it well. All that said, I'm still hoping to see adjunct-free bottles of foeder-aged Transit of Venus, but in the interim, I'm enjoying these Singular Rhythms bottles.
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    I’m convinced this place will never open.
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    People should legit just forget about it and be surprised and amazed when it does open.
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    Can you provide the type of PB powder used was it PB2 by chance? I play with the French press from time to time and haven't found a PB powder I liked yet. I've tried the Peanut Butter & Co., Lean Food (with maple) and that gave me the best results so far.
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    It was not PB2, but I don't recall the exact brand. Next time I see Andrew or Justin I'll ask what they use.
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    Hey Jam have you ever tried any of the Arbre charred oak series by The Bruery? (please hold your stones) Wondering how the char compares... Def still gonna buy some, just curious.
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    I have not had Arbre. The foeder tones was not a charred oak taste at all too me. It was pretty light on the oak flavor, and more of a fresh oak expression. As others stated it allowed the adjuncts to be glaringly obvious
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    I definitely got charred notes in Feoder Tones, especially in the finish, but it was much more subtle then The Bruery's Arbre series.

    I tend to like charred notes in beer, enjoyed the Arbre series and thought the charred notes in Feoder Tones contributed positively to the overall beer.
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    That's what I try to do. But drove past it on the way to HoB a couple days ago and they've got huge LEISURETOWN lettering on the windows of the new building that weren't there last time I looked.

    Leanne said something about Anaheim shaking MT down for some absurd amount to help fund the new free transit around the area - found a story on it that calls out MT here. I did also see some new golf-cart sized free shuttles operating the street by Pour Vida and Packing District that might be part of the Leisuretown "tax".

    * "shaking down" is my interpretation of her comment :slight_smile:
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    "The shuttle also will eventually serve Leisuretown, a brewery and restaurant project planned to open in 2018."

    Literally LMAO @ this
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    Anybody else love the monthly nectarinomicon crowler releases but hate the 1 day pickup window. I felt real bad at lomaland for the amount of work the store people are doing on Wednesday evenings. All the theory members come in and get their allotments and I'd love to wait a day just to take some stress off of them but... 1 day pickup window.
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    I skip getting those and just go have it on tap since I tend to pick up first thing on the weekends. Usually is quiet in lomaland and only have to deal with the lack of parking due to the swap meet that occurs down at the hockey arena.
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    No, wholly dislike that style of beer. One of the few I truly hate lol.
  18. putonyourwalkingshoes

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    Right every day is mellow except for those Wednesday evenings. Worst line ive ever seen at modern times. The non league members looked so perplexed
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    Hey, don't blame Theory for that! Ha. I mostly just feel bad about the strain it must put on them with the one day window. I suppose everyone could make a pact to keep that a separate order and go and ONLY pick up the crowler, but even then it'd still necessitate the mini-mart staff running back and forth between the cold box all day.
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    Where is it? Is it right next door to Tony's deli and bottle shop on stueckle and Anaheim blvd?
  21. elemenohpee1

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    I think I found it, one street north of stueckle. Still close to tonys though! I love Tony's.
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    Is it really gonna have a pool?
  23. pdmoore714

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    Yes, tho more like a wading pool than a swimming pool.
  24. StrangerBrews

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    eesh. Still makes me nervous for various reasons
  25. j47paco

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    Yup - I do think they mentioned hiring a lifeguard last night at the Santa Ana preview. Anyone else hear that?

    But no amount of chlorine is gonna make me trust the liquid in that pool.
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    It's going to be all pee.
  28. NicIsAwesome

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    If its a wading pool, would it make it more obvious if someone is peeing compared to a deep pool?
    Either way, overall volume of water is less so pee concentration must go up.

    I dont know why, but i feel like MTs has this issue covered somehow. Seems like an obvious concern and they are pretty good at all party related things
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    Pretty impossible for them to control people peeing in the pool
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  30. croush

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    You're assuming they don't give out catheters to everyone that enters???
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    Haha yeah, they did mention the lifeguard at the preview last night. I assume it's a requirement as well, on top of liability and all that insanity. But yeah... hoping there's some sort of limitation for entering the pool with a drink or something cuz I can see that getting grody real quick.
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    I heard a rumor that only Theory gets to pee in the pool.
  33. NicIsAwesome

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    Chip clips with alarms that go off if you take them off? Although that wouldnt exactly work for female swimmers
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    most of you guys are denizens of Southern California, yes? pools are not an uncommon thing here. nor is drinking beers and having fun in and around pools

    I'm not sure I understand the excessive concern
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    Love a good poolside dill-a.
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    Were going to get posts deleted again...
  37. wolf13

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    I heard there putting urine indicator liquid in the pool so the water will change color to a 70’s-esque patterned cloud around the peeing perpetrators...
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    And in honor of this, their first beer there should be called “It Gets Cloudy When IPA”.
  39. goons

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    That's a bummer. Plenty of time to maintain the bod
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    Do allotments go up on Friday or Saturday for league? I always forget every month