Montavilla Brew Works announces long-awaited debut of 16-ounce can lineup

Discussion in 'United States: Pacific' started by Todd, Apr 27, 2020.

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  1. Todd

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    Montavilla Brew Works announces long-awaited debut of 16-ounce can lineup of several established brands and one-offs

    Brewery rises to the challenge of the pandemic to precede its fifth anniversary packaging goal

    PORTLAND, Ore. –– April 27, 2020 –– Montavilla Brew Works (MBW) has announced a long-awaited debut release of a 16-ounce can lineup. Beginning April 28, the brewery will be selling four-packs of 16-ounce cans of three of its core brands: Flam Tap IPA, Körabräu Helles Lager and East Glisan Mosaic IPA. Palo Santo Wood Aged Porter will be sold in limited single 16-ounce cans; additional one-off brands will be released as production allows.

    Orders can be placed online at and will be available for next day home delivery. Wholesale account orders can be placed by contacting MBW sales staff at or 503-954-3440.

    “We originally had plans to start canning in commemoration of our fifth anniversary this July,” said Michael Kora, MBW founder and head brewer. “The COVID-19 shutdown signaled the perfect time to shift focus, finalize our ideas and start packaging some core beers, exciting seasonals and one-offs. We’re meeting this challenge head on and believe there are always alternatives.”

    MBW’s flagship Flam Tap IPA is an old school hoppy Pacific Northwest IPA brewed with Centennial hops and dry hopped with tropical and citrusy Falconer’s Flight hops. Körabräu is a thirst-quenching German style Helles lager brewed with 100% German ingredients. East Glisan Mosaic IPA is a newer school, balanced Pacific Northwest IPA featuring “C” hops in the kettle and dry hopped with dank and stone fruity Mosaic hops. Finally, the limited brew Palo Santo Wood Aged Porter is a strong, chocolaty porter aged on Peruvian Palo Santo wood, which imparts aromas of frankincense, cedar and mint.

    About Montavilla Brew Works

    Montavilla Brew Works was founded by Michael Kora in 2015 in Portland, Oregon, in the heart of the historic Stark Street business district. Located at 7805 SE Stark St., Montavilla Brew Works is a 10-barrel capacity brewery and taproom that utilizes high quality brewing ingredients to produce time honored, yet exciting beer styles. The brewhouse and taproom is situated in a remodeled auto garage built in 1922, with an outdoor patio that’s a neighborhood summertime favorite. Spacious, yet remarkably intimate, the neighborhood haunt is full of lively locals and good conversation in a true pub atmosphere. A dynamic tap list consists of fresh focused Pacific Northwest style ales, German style lagers, wood aged beers, and occasional Belgian style brews. Learn more at and engage with the brewery on Facebook and Instagram at @MontavillaBrewWorks.

  2. NWer

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    Montavilla Brew Works doesn't get mentioned on BA at all to my knowledge. I actually had their beer once but had to look them up to refresh my memory. They made a house mosaic IPA for East Gleason Pizza that was quite good as was the pizza :slight_smile:
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  3. ppilot

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    They do a really solid Job and I try to stop by them and Threshold Brewing when I am in the area.
  4. John_M

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    I think location has a lot to do with that. They're just a couple blocks up the street from Roscoe's, which is an absolutely outstanding café/taphouse that also doesn't seem to get too much attention on BA. I've never been to Montavilla (have just driven by it), but my guess is that it's well supported by locals in the neighborhood, which is what keeps Roscoe's going as well. For whatever reason, I don't see their beer on tap very often around town either (Belmont station has their beer on tap every once in a while). I honestly can't recall anything about their beer. truth be told.
  5. jason_nwx

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    Ben's Barleywine is a really tasty rendition.
  6. shelby415

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    Montavilla is good but not great. They remind me of the former Burnside Brewing. Solid, but nothing that would make you decide to choose them over Roscoe's or even Threshold. The barleywine is probably their best beer and I've always thought they should maybe try to branch out a little instead of just planting out firmly in the middle of the road.
  7. BBThunderbolt

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    2 questions:


    Long-awaited by whom?
  8. Reidrover

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    I have had 2 of their beers both around 2 years ago. Not bad but nothing to get excited about..But good luck to them
  9. MaximumYuks

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    One of Portland's best kept "secrets".
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