Latin America Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and Valparaiso

Discussion in 'The Rest of the World' started by glid02, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. glid02

    glid02 Poo-Bah (3,175) Nov 17, 2007 Georgia

    I'll be heading to the cities in the thread title in the middle of May and am looking to try some local beers. I'll be in the Recoleta neighborhood in BA and who knows where in the other three.

    Any good brewpubs/restaurants/vinyl stores more than welcome, and thanks for any input!
  2. headlessclown

    headlessclown Initiate (0) Nov 20, 2006 Australia

    Coincidentally, I'm visiting the same places in August/September, and was about to look here for some suggestions. Here's a few handy articles I've come across so far:


    Santiago (plus on the way to Valparaiso) and Montevideo sound pretty good, though I'd like a bit more info Buenos Aires.

    It'd be a bonus if there are locals at any of the above cities on these forums to be able to have a few beers with.
  3. aleszu

    aleszu Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2012 Massachusetts

    I just returned to the US after a year in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. I wrote a couple of pieces in BeerAdvocate about the region: Argentine beers and Patagonian yeast (Issue 63) and a Destinations piece about Buenos Aires (Issue 72).

    Buenos Aires I'd go to Buena Birra Social Club, it's a call-ahead beer bar speakeasy in a quiet neighborhood. Say hi to Toti the brewer/owner from me. Also, I'd hit up Buller Brewing Company in Recoleta for their happy hour and Bodega Cervecera in Palermo (big selection of bottles)

    As for Santiago, I'd look for Szot, Mestiza (stout and altbier are good), Kunstmann (bock and new Edel lager are good) and the super rare Trolley beer (found in Valparaiso).

    In Uruguay, Mastra red and stout are okay.

    Have a great trip and hit me up at for anything else. I have plenty of other recommendations.
  4. Ungespundetes

    Ungespundetes Initiate (15) Aug 28, 2010 Antarctica

    lots of beer to check out in Argentina and Chile. i was pleasantly surprised! no specific recs, i found most of the beer places under "places". like Argentina, a lot of the beers are made in the south where the weather is cooler, good water quality, and of course where the countries have a massive population (of Chileans/Argentinians) of European ancestry. beers from the south don't usually make it that far out of the area though.

    had only a couple of beer in 2 days in Santiago and a few more in Valparaiso (some beer pics: -scroll all the way down to near bottom)

    no worries, enough decent beers to drink the entire week in BA. Antares is a sleek/chic brewpub in BA, and is always packed.

  5. glid02

    glid02 Poo-Bah (3,175) Nov 17, 2007 Georgia

    Awesome, thanks for all the recommendations guys!
  6. glid02

    glid02 Poo-Bah (3,175) Nov 17, 2007 Georgia

    Thought I'd share a quick update from what I saw while I was down there:

    Buenos Aires:
    Prologo Cervecero at Plaza Serrano in Palermo had a solid bottle selection
    Cafe Antares, also in Palermo, had a really good selection of their own beers, but none stood out as exceptional
    Bangalore, a bit north of Palermo, had a pretty narrow selection but good food
    Buller's in Recoleta was similar to Antares, a good selection but nothing exceptional
    Didn't make it to Cossab in San Telmo or a few other places ~30-45 min. out of BA proper that a bartender at Antares recommended, also Buena Birra was unfortunately closed until June for renovations

    Phone Box has a few of their own beers but are less than stellar
    There's a place about a mile west of the historical district that was phenomenal - multiple Rothhammer beers on-tap along with a few others, including a pilsner from a brewery called Tom Beer Dog that was reminiscent of Prima Pils. I don't know the address but Yungay brewing's facebook page apparently has instructions on how to get there

    All in all it was a great trip. The beer isn't out of this world, but the Malbecs (Argentina), Carmeneres (Chile), and Pisco Sours more than made up for it.
  7. aleszu

    aleszu Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2012 Massachusetts

    Cool glid02 thanks for sharing. it seems they have a little ways to go before reaching the stage the US is at, but its a valiant attempt, huh? Bummer Buena Birra was closed. That joint has the best stuff.
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