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    Hi. I'll be visiting Montreal and was looking for some suggestions. I've read through some old posts to get some ideas for breweries to visit but does anyone know if there are any places with good stouts or sours?

    I'll be staying around St Laurant/Mt Royal area but I'll be there for a week so there will be plenty of time for me to wander around.

  2. clesius

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    Hey RayDe

    Alright, I'm from Montreal and here are the best from my perspective

    Pit Caribou on Rachel st. - sours, spontaneous fermentation. Try the B series and York. Sometimes they have Auval (another brewery)

    Dieu Du Ciel on Laurier st. - all kinds but Péché Mortel is their most popular, very busy. Solstice d'été is also great.

    Isle de Garde on Beaubien st. - good ambiance, good food, very busy

    MaBrasserie on Holt st. - love that place, +30 taps all brewed on site, coop with different breweries who are also brewing there, bottle shop. Get a bottle of Manitou, barrel aged stout imperial. Kids friendly. Anniversary early October check it out.

    Brouhaha on De Lorimier st. - craft beer and awesome poutine (ask for bottle list)

    Saint-Bock on St-Denis for the bottle list

    Harricana on Jean-Talon st. - sours and great food

    Vice & Versa on St-Laurent st. Dunham brewery stuff but they have a great tap list too. Cantillion and Libertine readily available

    Bottle shop:

    Délire du terroir
    Experience Bière
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  3. hoser

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    Dieu du Ciel is a must for a stop, really go when it opens and leave before it gets busy.

    Isle de Garde is fun, have a burger, their own beers are good and their Pilsner is the standout. Lots of guest taps.

    Harricana, only been once but liked the food, the beer and the vibe. ( I don’t live in Montreal)

    MaBrasserie: have not been but like the beer from this brewery coop.

    Benelux: the beers are solid.

    Amere Boire: Old world lagers, great food. You are in this neighbour Cheval Blanch and Benelux are so close. Have fun.
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  4. RayDE

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    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'll definitely check out a few on my visit next week. I didnt even see a few of these in the app I was using.
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  5. CraftBeerJones

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    2 relatively new places that are a bit out of the way (you would need a car)...Maltsrom ( northeast Montreal) and Albion (in Joliette). Personally i would skip Harricana brew pub. Altho some of the bottles they do are worth grabbing.
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  6. TorontoFrank

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    while the topic is here, anyone from the area know if any worthwhile releases the weekend of the 5th to 8? i'm also going, and would love some local insight.

    of the 3 bottle shops listed above, are those the best ones to stop in? it's not a true beercation, so im trying to limit myself to only a couple stops.
  7. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Poo-Bah (1,723) Mar 7, 2013 Quebec (Canada)

    That's a very complete response:beers:
  8. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Poo-Bah (1,723) Mar 7, 2013 Quebec (Canada)

    If you're looking to limit your stops I'd say Peluso for bottles and/or Mabrasserie for a bar/bottles mainly based on the variety of selection you'll find at both places. A lot depends on where you're staying and how you're getting around, just make sure to stay out of downtown as it's a good beer desert.
  9. LarryAppleton

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    The new Veux tu une biere 1 minute from Dieu du ciel is pretty nice too. Had a very nice selection this weekend
  10. Gilmango

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    I'm also visiting Montreal (and Burlington, Vermont) on a beercation next week. Someone shared this nice list on the Vermont forum when I posted there and mentioned coming to Montreal too, the map is especially useful:

    In Montreal I'm staying in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve so it looks like my local option is L'Espace Public - Brasseurs De Quartier and I will try to make it to most of the other spots noted above.

    Any tips on great events during October 17th--19th would be most welcome. Also tips on places with great vegan food along with great beer, as my beercation buddy is a vegan.
  11. Gilmango

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    Some great replies in this thread. One more question, what great breweries to look out for at the bottle shops, or great draft lists? So mainly what to look for from Non-Montreal brewers? Is this list a good start, it is from 2014,

    What is that list missing? It mentions these 6 Quebec brewers:
    Le Trou Du Diable
    Brasserie Dunham
    Microbrasserie Le Castor = Yakima ipa
    Les Trois Mousquetaires – lots of german styles
    MicroBrasserie Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum=Belgian line; La Vache Folle-us/english
    Dieu du Ciel
  12. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Crusader (752) Apr 21, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    Are you looking to trade?

    If so, I’d put Auval at he top of my list. I don’t think you can get their stuff anywhere in the city.

    Dunham and Pit Caribou are two of my favourites from the province. Some their limited stuff might not be accessible without a trade set up.

    If you do want to trade, the best place is the Facebook Beer Trade Canada ISO:FT group where I can imagine a guy from California would have no shortage of will partners.
  13. Gilmango

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    Thanks, not looking to trade as my cheap airline tickets mean I have to pay a huge amount to check a bag in either direction. And of course, post September 11th, I cannot take beers in my carry on bag anymore (I used to fly with entire an entire case back in the day). So I'm just looking to be able to recognize the more esteemed brewers if I have upon them at a good bar or bottle shop.

    Sounds like Pit Caribou's Montreal pub is not too far from where I am staying and might occasionally have Auval on draft or their bottle list?
  14. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Crusader (752) Apr 21, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    I’m sure a local can give you better info here, but I wouldn’t doubt it as the brewer at Auval worked formerly at Pit Caribou.

    If you see Boreale IPA du Nord Est have a go. Top notch NEIPA.
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  15. Gilmango

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    Jumping back on this thread to say thanks for the tips, and here's what I managed to do in 3 days Montreal (days 1-4 in Vermont thread):

    Day 5 - checked out of S. Burlington hotel and headed to Montreal but via Hill Farmstead on a rainy day. More amazing VT scenery. Had our draft beers, tacos, bought cans and bottles and a growler fill and back on the road to Montreal. Easy border crossing but my phone did not work in Canada, fortunately buddy's phone did. Got to our Airbnb in un-touristy Hochelaga next to Prefotaine park and Metro stop. Got settled and drink a Double Nelson, took Metro to near Isle de Garde Brewing for dinner and some great beers. Then Dieu di Ciel for more great beers. Stopped at Siboire Brewing across the street - bit underwhelming but easy to try. Ubered home.

    Day 6 - Upper Pass Hip 2 The Hops #4 at apartment then Metro to Le Saint Bock, lunch nearby at Green Panther, explored old city and old port, it was cold (high was 38F that day) and it briefly even snowed. Made our way on foot to Benelux Brewing for beer. Then Reservoir Brewing - really good stuff. Then Pit Caribou Brewing - also really good - got snacks too. Then to Mabrasserie - yet another really cool spot, where several brewers share equipment and a big tasting room, stayed till last call (1 a.m.) but nearby Broue Pub Brouhaha - cool little spot where we ended the night was open till 3 a.m. and we had a final beer there before Ubering home.

    Day 7 - way warmer in the upper 50s all day so we did Bixi bikes, and explored our less touristy part of the City starting at La Succursale for lunch and beers. Then got some Avant Garde beers from a grocery and biked to Olympic Park, docked bikes and had a nice walk around the park. Then biked to Vices and Versa, very crowded but got last couple seats at bar. Paw Paw T'es Mort by Avant Garde a standout. Birona Hummus bar for dinner with Boreale IPA du Nord Est. Fresh Bagels at night at Fairmount to bring home and biked back towards our Airbnb, dropped bikes and bagels, and walked to L' Espace Publique for a great nightcap - Gary Carter APA and Jurassic Park Pinball, spent all our Canadian $.

    Day 8 - up early and drive to Burlington, drop rental car in town, Uber to airport, checked 1 bag with cans to share of mostly Hill Farmstead. Had farewell Alchemist beers (Heady and Focal) in the airport watching soccer on TV till we flew to JFK and then back home to SFO.
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