Moylan's in Iowa

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by bditty187, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. bditty187

    bditty187 Initiate (0) Jul 10, 2002 Nebraska

    Moylan's beers showed up today in Council Bluffs.

    Dragoons Dry Irish Stout
    Moylan's Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale
    Moylan's Hopsickle Imperial Ale
    Tipperary Pale Ale
    Irish Style Red Ale

    Has it hit elsewhere in Iowa too?
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  2. KAF

    KAF Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2007 Iowa

    Haven't seen it over on the Eastern part yet, but it has been available in the Illinois half of the Quad Cities for a while.
  3. TomClem

    TomClem Initiate (0) Mar 7, 2012 Nebraska

    Thanks for the update.
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  4. poopinmybutt

    poopinmybutt Initiate (0) May 25, 2005 Nebraska

    do you by chance know if founders breakfast stout will be hitting your store this year?
  5. bditty187

    bditty187 Initiate (0) Jul 10, 2002 Nebraska

    Not likely... but crazier things have happened.
  6. akuyper

    akuyper Devotee (308) Jan 29, 2009 Washington

    Founders reported that all markets will receive Breakfast Stout, including Iowa. No mention of how much, but we will get some. As for Moylan's, it has made its way to Ames at Cyclone Liquors.
  7. dbossman

    dbossman Initiate (0) Apr 27, 2009 Nebraska

    I think bditty was referring the the unlikelyhood that FBS will make it to Council Bluffs, where he works. The limited release founder's doesnt seem to make it much west of Des Moines, Ames, etc.
  8. bditty187

    bditty187 Initiate (0) Jul 10, 2002 Nebraska

    Correct, bossman. Our distributor for Founders only has 3 counties they sell it in. Outside of my Hy-Vee they sell very little Founders beer. No doubt Breakfast Stout will make it to larger markets in Iowa. Its not likely in CB.
  9. bossfan23

    bossfan23 Initiate (0) Mar 26, 2012 Iowa

    Found some of this in Cedar Falls today. I don't know much about them, but bought a bottle mostly because I remembered seeing this thread.

    I picked up the Tipperary Pale Ale. Haven't tried it yet, any good?
  10. JediMatt

    JediMatt Zealot (549) Jun 18, 2010 Iowa

    Saw it in Hy-Vee in Des Moines this weekend.
  11. GraniteSkunk

    GraniteSkunk Initiate (0) Apr 17, 2007 Illinois

    I haven't seen any fresh Moylan's for some time
  12. je1129

    je1129 Initiate (0) Feb 22, 2011 Iowa

    It's in the Cedar Rapids area. I was more excited to see green flash.
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