Name a DIPA that tastes exactly as you expect it every time you have it

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by ElijahSF, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. Valleyview06

    Valleyview06 (0) Oct 13, 2012 Pennsylvania

    its out now and amazing
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  2. Raptor66

    Raptor66 (0) Nov 22, 2013 Oregon

    Drake's Brewing Denogginizer. Had to go to SoCal to get it. So good!!
  3. BurgeoningBrewhead

    BurgeoningBrewhead (0) Jul 18, 2012 Pennsylvania

    As good as when it first came out? Awesome, can't wait to get some for the holidays.
  4. Valleyview06

    Valleyview06 (0) Oct 13, 2012 Pennsylvania

    was at the brew pub tonight. draft was super good. tons of cases and bottles available, $8/4 pack I think.
  5. BurgeoningBrewhead

    BurgeoningBrewhead (0) Jul 18, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I'm up in Mansfield for school, Montrose is home. Hopefully it'll work its way to my local stores soon.
  6. johnball216

    johnball216 (0) Oct 31, 2014 Connecticut

    locust Reign, Coriolis and Hobbit Juice
  7. cherche

    cherche (0) Mar 27, 2013 Washington

    Hop venom...helps that its only on tap.
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  8. 77apm

    77apm (515) Nov 10, 2013 Illinois

    Toppling Goliath Sosus
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  9. HEX805

    HEX805 (0) Nov 13, 2014 California

    Firestone Walker Double Jack
  10. tuka

    tuka (0) Apr 17, 2012 New York

    Not a true DIPA, but Burton Baton.
  11. Treyliff

    Treyliff (1,045) Aug 10, 2010 West Virginia
    Society Trader

  12. BigRedDog

    BigRedDog (0) Jul 23, 2014 Indiana

    Snake Handler. Always the same whenever I have it. Great bitterness with a nice crisp clean, finish.
  13. IPAGeorge

    IPAGeorge (0) Oct 28, 2014 Illinois

    The Dirtay Wolf!
    Double Jack
  14. Phobicsquirrel

    Phobicsquirrel (0) Oct 1, 2013 Oregon

    Hop venom and tank slapper, love these beers.
  15. Ilovelampandbeer

    Ilovelampandbeer (0) Aug 25, 2013 New York

    Enjoy by...heady is on the opposite end of the spectrum as I pull different favors and ratios every time I drink it
  16. Valleyview06

    Valleyview06 (0) Oct 13, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Great area. I used to go to Morris/Wellsboro all the time to fish/hang out. My buddies dad has a hunting camp up there.
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  17. patdunkel

    patdunkel (0) Apr 4, 2014 Wisconsin

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  18. otispdriftwood

    otispdriftwood (0) Dec 9, 2011 Colorado

    Ten days? Send me some of what you're smoking.
  19. Tconroy

    Tconroy (0) Feb 16, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Victory Dirt Wolf, Double Jack and Heady.
  20. kwakwhore

    kwakwhore (0) Nov 1, 2004 North Carolina

    90 minute, and that isn't necessarily a good thing.
    Wicked Weed Freak of Nature and that IS a good thing.

    FASTFORWARDMX (0) Nov 12, 2014 California

    I second the Port Mongo. One of my go to IIPAs thats always consistent and delicious!
  22. gopens44

    gopens44 (0) Aug 9, 2010 Virginia
    Society Trader

    Don't know about hitting the shelves within ten days but Sneaky Pete has always struck me as being very consistent.
  23. MrDave

    MrDave (0) Jan 23, 2013 California

    Did anyone read the OP's caveat?

    Some of these answers confuse me. Who the hell is finding fresh Double Jack 100% of the time? Even folks in Paso have old shit on the shelves!
  24. buzzedup

    buzzedup (0) Dec 21, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Dirtwolf is very consistant outstanding Beer
  25. stickboy1125

    stickboy1125 (0) Jan 28, 2012 Virginia

    Assuming it's relatively fresh:

    Stone Ruination
    FW Double Jack
  26. nolanz14

    nolanz14 (0) Aug 31, 2009 Massachusetts

    As many people have mentioned, Dirtwolf. It's about as consistent as any DIPA I've ever had. Heady and Sculpin both have a high level of consistancey.
  27. BeerVikingSailor

    BeerVikingSailor (710) Nov 19, 2009 Ohio

    Sixpoint RESIN
    Great Lakes Lake Erie Mons'ta
  28. Domingo

    Domingo (730) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    90 Minute and Double Jack.
    Some others, even better ones, just don't always hit the spot for me. I'm not sure if it's the beer tasting different or me just not always liking that flavor, though.
    Those two always taste the same and I always love them, though.
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  29. nickapalooza86

    nickapalooza86 (0) Feb 23, 2010 Wisconsin

    New Glarus Scream (or any New Glarus beer for that matter)

    I have drank more New Glarus then all other breweries combined and can honestly say I have never had a bad 6 or 4 pack or bottle for that matter.
  30. Vegasrob

    Vegasrob (0) Nov 6, 2014 California

    Clown Shoes Space Cake is a very good double ipa
  31. Resuin

    Resuin (660) Jun 18, 2012 Massachusetts

    Funny, I would put Pliny on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as this. I've had bottles that were amazing, and what I was expecting, and then I've had bottles that were very blasé. In my experience (I've maybe had 20ish bottles), Pliny bottles have varied big time.
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  32. tappangordo

    tappangordo (0) Apr 6, 2014 New York

    I have a real thing for Oskar Blues Gubna. Hasn't let me down yet.
  33. AleToTheVictors

    AleToTheVictors (0) Feb 7, 2012 Maryland

  34. Southerndiscomfort

    Southerndiscomfort (0) Dec 3, 2014 North Carolina

    90 minute, any imperial by lagunitas.
  35. raynmoon

    raynmoon (0) Aug 13, 2011 Colorado

    Where are people saying sucks? Has anyone noticed that it tastes different? Maybe it is just me.

    I've had almost every 32oz batch since it came out and it just tasted different than when it was a seasonal. The Born Yesterday tasted JUST like the Sucks I remember when it came out originally in 2011/2012.

    I seem to remember sucks using a limited hop variety, making it exclusively seasonal. Anyone remember this?
  36. GreenMachine

    GreenMachine (0) Dec 5, 2014 North Carolina

    Oskar Blues G'knight... Even if it is a Red DIPA
  37. ElijahSF

    ElijahSF (0) Aug 30, 2013 California

    You're gonna make me post a pic of the bottle date every Wed. huh.
  38. waitwhatamidrinking

    waitwhatamidrinking (0) Aug 17, 2014 Illinois

    Spiteful Working For The Weekend
  39. SteelersX

    SteelersX (0) Jan 30, 2011 New York

    HF Double Citra.

    If ANYONE says Heady topper - they are fooling themselves.
  40. SteelersX

    SteelersX (0) Jan 30, 2011 New York

    They don't even have the same (hop) schedule for every batch. - It simply cannot taste the same every time.
    The hop schedule changes based on the hops he can get. he runs out every year.
    The beer at the end of the hop season tastes nothing like the beer at the beginning of the hop season.
    I'm drinking one now that has a distinct onion flavor. Summit hops maybe?
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