Nantahala Brewing closing?

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  1. JuliusPepperwood

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    I stumbled upon this real estate listing for their address and was surprised it said:

    Can vacate? This is where their 10 bbl production facility and main taproom are located and they can just vacate?

    It really feels like Nantahala has given up. Their Asheville location closed and their Sylva and Bryson City brewpub locations are a joke. They don't advertise or post on social media anymore but I still see their packaged beer in stores. Not sure what is going on with them.
  2. Miles_in_beer_city

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    Does the brewery own the building or are they tenants? Flunked finding that info on the Swain county website.
  3. TheRougeBastard

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    Any updates? I'd read somewhere that they were moving ops and production to the old RC plant that doubles as their "restaurant". Hate to see that, the original space was a great place!
  4. treznor

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    According to Swain County GIS, Nantahala doesn't own the land/buildings at 61 Depot St any more (as of a couple years ago) but does own the land and buildings at their other location (234 Deep Creek Rd).

    ETA: Just because the land/buildings at 61 Depot St is sold doesn't mean Nantahala would need to move. Just means whatever their lease is would have a different owner. And who knows what it would mean once the lease is up (whenever that is).
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