Napa has great wine, but to get great beer while up there, go to...

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by Krice99, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. Krice99

    Krice99 Initiate (132) Nov 1, 2014 Illinois


    My wife and I are from the Chicago area and are heading to Napa for a long weekend.

    I plan on hitting Russian River while up there and would appreciate any tips to get some Pliny.

    What are some other great places to go for beer?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Rbarnes4381

    Rbarnes4381 Initiate (161) Oct 29, 2013 California

    Instead of hitting Russian River, I would just stop there and buy beer. I think you answered your own question.
  3. JRosenstock

    JRosenstock Initiate (0) Jun 16, 2010 Oregon

    Check out Lagunitas, I've always enjoyed my times there, when I was living up north for school.
  4. IQBlue

    IQBlue Initiate (133) Oct 2, 2014 California

    You'll only need tips on getting Pliny if you're hitting the actual Russian River. :wink:

    All kidding aside, the only tips you'll need are how you'll go about bringing it home to Chicago with you as it is readily available at the pub.
  5. johnnybeerbar

    johnnybeerbar Initiate (67) Feb 28, 2012 California

    Russian River sells Pliny (12 max) and about 5 or 6 other beers depending on the day. They offer a couple of great flights too. Just a few miles south is beercraft in rohenert park. They have a great little beer bar in the back and an awesome bottle selection. Woodfour is Sebastopol is swanky and delicious. Laguinitas is what you'd expect. If you go to San Francisco Cellarmaker is a must. In Berkeley the rare barrel is life changing. While in napa, avoid downtown joes! Try the selections at the various vendors at the oxbow instead or go to cadet for a small but satisfying draft selection and nice bottle list.
  6. Krice99

    Krice99 Initiate (132) Nov 1, 2014 Illinois

    Great info. I will actually start in San Jose & will drive up to Napa & Santa Rosa over the weekend. Any weekend tips for RR would be great but will be actively seeking it out. Being unfamiliar with RR, my experience with Three Floyds to get Zombie Dust is a total crapshoot at the brewery.

    Once done there I will be in Cupertino on business for a couple days, so I can go through Berkeley.
  7. chcfan

    chcfan Zealot (558) Oct 29, 2008 California

    No tips needed. You just go there. If it's a weekday afternoon, you'll shouldn't even have to deal with a wait for a table.
  8. John_M

    John_M Poo-Bah (6,637) Oct 25, 2003 Oregon
    Moderator Society Trader

    If for some reason you don't make to rr, and you're stuck in napa for some reason, then give the napa whole foods a try. Otherwise, as others have mentioned, fill your pliny needs at the brewpub. Have fun.
  9. SHODriver

    SHODriver Poo-Bah (2,375) Aug 13, 2010 North Carolina

    Weekend tip for RR is get there when they open so you don't have to wait. If there is a wait get on the wait list and they will text you when your table is ready. In the meantime walk less than a block to flavor bustro and drink some moonlight.
  10. warrendietrich2001

    warrendietrich2001 Defender (686) Feb 13, 2013 Nevada

    If you are going to be in Napa you could start in Petaluma hit Laganitas drive the 101 go to Russian River drive another 15 minutes North and get to Bear Republic. Smaller places like 3rd Street Ale Works which is walking distance from Russian River is worth the try, if you are looking for a bottle shop hit BeerCraft in Rohnert Park which is on the way from Petaluma or just south of RR. They seem to have SARA and Cellarmaker on tap on a regular basis and the day I was in (also visiting Napa) they had Stickee Monkey and Bomb in big numbers just waiting to be purchased.
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  11. Ynot2

    Ynot2 Initiate (157) Jul 24, 2009 California

    Little known brewery in St. Helena called Mad Fritz. You have to call for beer tasting reservations and may not have bottles available when you are there. Unique place, worth a couple of hours out of the day total to check it out.
  12. Krice99

    Krice99 Initiate (132) Nov 1, 2014 Illinois

    Thank you all for your help. I am at Russian River brewpub right now and having lunch. I am thoroughly enjoying my pint of Pliny. They are incredibly nice and the atmosphere is great! Next up is the sampler and a taste of Blind Pig
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