Narwhal vs TenFIDY

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by BradenMK, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. Nicolay3535

    Nicolay3535 Initiate (0) May 1, 2012 Florida

    Fidy hands down!
  2. sukwonee

    sukwonee Initiate (0) Dec 13, 2011 Washington

    how can you even compare Narwhal to 10.50...
  3. El_Zilcho

    El_Zilcho Initiate (0) May 3, 2012 Virginia

    havent had TenFidy in a while, last one I had was about a year old, terrible beer with a year on it, tasted like alcoholic chocolate milk with no roast whatsoever, and since the roast is my favorite part of a stout this was a problem for me. Narwhal on the other hand keeps getting better over time.
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  4. BriantheBeerGeek

    BriantheBeerGeek Zealot (585) May 26, 2013 Pennsylvania

    This is easy. Take your glass of narwhal and tip it under some light. You will see lots of brownish light coming through at the edge. You should be seeing lots of ruby highlights as with 10.50.
  5. txjustin

    txjustin Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Texas

    I had a ten fidy and narwhal the other night. Ten Fidy my a mile and it's not even close.
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  6. Augustiner719

    Augustiner719 Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2008 Massachusetts

    Narwhal isnt in the same ballpark as Ten Fidy. Maybe with some age on it, but Ten Fidy has a big grape component while Narwhal has a black licorice flavor. Both great, but Ten Fidy all day
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  7. CurtFromHershey

    CurtFromHershey Initiate (0) Oct 4, 2012 Minnesota

    Personally I didn't care at all for ten fidy. Narwhal is a solid beer at a great value but doesn't blow me away.

    The smart money is on brooklyn black chocolate stout in my humble opinion though.
  8. BriantheBeerGeek

    BriantheBeerGeek Zealot (585) May 26, 2013 Pennsylvania

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  9. txjustin

    txjustin Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Texas

    I'll take BBCS all day!!
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  10. kpacedo

    kpacedo Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2009 California

    Plead the fifth is the dark horse in this competition...
  11. FatBoyGotSwagger

    FatBoyGotSwagger Grand Pooh-Bah (3,678) Apr 4, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Cept its almost twice the price of the previously mentioned Narwhale and Brooklyn BCS.

    these average at best (Pt5 and Ten Fidy) Imp stout cases are overpriced no doubt.

    The only reason I'm not hating on Yeti is the Oak aged version almost makes up for the lack of quality priced product.
  12. stantheposterman

    stantheposterman Initiate (0) Aug 6, 2012 California

    It is a Sierra Nevada. I love most of their beers, but my stomach disagrees. No other brewery does this to me.
  13. STKPICR0720

    STKPICR0720 Initiate (0) Mar 16, 2011 Alabama

    Narwhal= cost efficient and great brew

    Tenfidy = awesome brew and worth the cost if you have the disposable income.
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  14. kpacedo

    kpacedo Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2009 California

  15. BT_Bobandy

    BT_Bobandy Initiate (0) Feb 20, 2011 Ohio

    10fidy is a way gnarlier beer brah...but bros on a budget be hitting up that Narwhal price point like woah
  16. npala86

    npala86 Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2013 Florida

    Iv'e had the opportunity to try both of these great beers. However, with a 4-pack of Narwhal going for $7.99 vs. a 4-pack of TenFIDY at $14.99 ...It's a very easy decision.
  17. JT99125

    JT99125 Initiate (0) May 7, 2013 New Jersey

    It's the aroma of the TenFidy is what really ranks it higher than Narwhal for me.. I never had a TenFidy up until this most recent batch has been released beginning of October and boy was I blown away. It smelled like dark cherries. The aroma of the cherries plus the chocolate and roasted flavors combined = bliss. I think the Narwhal is just a bit too thin for my kind of stout.
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