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NEBCO Details

Discussion in 'New England' started by Verbl, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Verbl

    Verbl Feb 7, 2009 Minnesota

    I am going to be in Southbury for Thanksgiving, and I wanted to stop by the brewery. The website didn't say anything about a taproom. Do they have one at the brewery? Do they have tours? Are thye worth it? How about growler or bottle sales?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. tehzachatak

    tehzachatak Sep 19, 2010 Massachusetts

    Check out the NEBCO thread a little lower down for some more details, but:

    1. By "taproom", if you mean a place where there is beer on tap, yes, they have one.
    2. If by tours, you mean, will Rob walk you around the brewery, then yes.
    3. They do sell growlers. The NEBCO thread below typically has an up-to-date list, as does their facebook, often. Typically they don't sell bottles/cans unless there was a special release, like the recent Premeditated Murder barleywine. However, you're literally right across the street from Amity Wine, which has about all of the beer you can find in Connecticut.

    But seriously, NEBCO is in a big garage, basically. Don't expect a gleaming brewery. Just awesome beer.
  3. smutty33

    smutty33 Jun 12, 2009 Connecticut

    Yeah,the elevators in that brewery need to be replaced........;)............:D

    Oh,and to the OP:Watch out for the head of security at the brewery.He's got a solid grip on things.:p

  4. wittyname

    wittyname Aug 4, 2012 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

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  5. smutty33

    smutty33 Jun 12, 2009 Connecticut

    Eli !!!!!!!!! Nice!!!!!

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  6. davey101

    davey101 Apr 14, 2009 Connecticut
    Beer Trader

    I like this thread! Yes its worth a stop in OP. Awesome place! Bring something from MN to share with Matt and Rob and whoever else is in the building.
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  7. drewj23

    drewj23 Oct 18, 2005 Connecticut

    Call ahead for Friday/Saturday. May be closed. However. G-bot, sea hag and 668 on tap.
  8. seplo

    seplo Sep 8, 2009 Connecticut
    Beer Trader

    I concour...CHEERS
  9. t8000shx

    t8000shx Mar 2, 2004 New York
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Sorry if this was mentioned in the other NEBCO thread - I looked but didn't see it.

    Anyone know what their hours are for this week (namely today and tomorrow) for growler fills? I'm unfortunately blocked from any social media site where NEBCO might have this info posted.
  10. sandman3479

    sandman3479 Dec 8, 2006 Connecticut
    Beer Trader

    I think they usually close at 6.
  11. naloxone

    naloxone Aug 7, 2010 Connecticut

    Yep, they normally close up at 6 but if you're making a long drive go ahead and ring them before you leave to make sure

    (203) 387-2222
  12. drewj23

    drewj23 Oct 18, 2005 Connecticut

    Five beers on tap for tommorow. Sea hag friars quad premeditated murder g-bot and elm city
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