NEBCo G-Bot and Imperial Stout Trooper (IST) Lookout Thread

Discussion in 'New England' started by MikeM417, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. genoint

    genoint Initiate (0) Jun 17, 2015 Connecticut

    A friend got gbot in New Haven yesterday.
  2. MikeM417

    MikeM417 Initiate (0) May 28, 2014 Connecticut

    Ah yes, I wasn't clear. G-Bot is everywhere.

    But IST won't hit New Haven County until Thursday.
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  3. Shwilly_Vanilli

    Shwilly_Vanilli Initiate (148) Dec 20, 2013 Connecticut

    Found IST at M&R Liquors in South Windsor this evening. Had to ask for it. 1 can pp.
  4. beanoboy7

    beanoboy7 Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2014 Connecticut

    Kay's in East Hartford will have split 4 packs tomorrow at 10:00am
    - 1 bot
    - 1 IST
    - 2 hags
  5. SRBush1974

    SRBush1974 Initiate (0) Apr 18, 2015 New Jersey

    I'll be up in CT Sunday for my sons ice hockey game.

    Any luck on getting some IST in Northford? Maybe Amity near NEBCO? Or will it most likely be all gone?
  6. AshlandNacho

    AshlandNacho Initiate (0) Apr 14, 2013 Massachusetts

    I don't live in CT, not do I bother chasing NEBCO beers so I don't really have a stake in this. With that said I find the threads/posts on how CT liquor stores handle the distribution of NEBCO beers to customers to be downright hilarious. At what point will they just send you an email when it comes in that explodes your computer in 5 seconds like the envelopes Inspector Gadget used to get.
  7. WeaponTheyFear

    WeaponTheyFear Initiate (0) Mar 9, 2008 Connecticut

    How much is Founders IS going for? When I saw it in Amity they were selling it for $6 a single.
  8. lookingforowls

    lookingforowls Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Connecticut

    Hideous, splitting packs of Hag, G-Bot and IST ? Is this really going on ? We are only a year removed from when I found cases of IST on the shelf at Bevmex in Stamford for the taking and G-Bot used to be thrown up on the shelf as well, cases and it was commonplace throughout FFD County. I would go back for days because I felt like a douche whistle taking more than 2 four packs at a time :grinning: but WTF I'm not going to chase NEBCO beers monthly like its a KBS release. From what little reading I've done growlers are more profitable for Brewery's but if you can't put out a decent amount of cans just pull it all back and do brewery only can releases, but I'm sure there's some dickish archaic CT liquor law on the books that prevents this as well.
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  9. beanoboy7

    beanoboy7 Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2014 Connecticut

    I think I paid $
    11.99 for four pack yesterday
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  10. BiffWoodentree

    BiffWoodentree Initiate (0) Oct 16, 2013 Connecticut

    yea, picked up a 4 a few packs for 11.99.
  11. lookingforowls

    lookingforowls Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Connecticut

    So to back pedal a bit, I'm guessing there WILL be a big can drop at the brewery soon ? Based on the perceived lack of supply ?
  12. EDNOSE

    EDNOSE Aspirant (229) Oct 27, 2007 Connecticut

    That's a sticky slope. I know more than one retailer that threatened to take all NEBCO product off the shelf when they did the Gandhi Bot releases from the brewery last year. The retailers feel like they supported NEBCO during their infancy and that direct brewery selling would be a stab in the back. In the end this is all "just business", so NEBCO can do what they want.

    Personally, I would stop drinking whatever became brewery only (IF that happened). As someone in Fairfield County with a job and kids, I probably pull off a brewery visit every other year. The traffic and (sometimes) lines are not worth it. Certainly plenty else on the shelf.

    Summing it up, I think NEBCO would take a pretty big PR hit if they changed their distribution model.
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  13. lookingforowls

    lookingforowls Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Connecticut

    A portion almost always is held back and released at the brewery of IST and recently G-Bot, not suggesting they change the model, just a fair opportunity for those of us w/the time to go up and grab some cans vs dealing w/unhappy price gouging holding back package store owners. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of stops w/good people willing to help as long as you know how they handle their drops and as long as your there when they get their case or two.
  14. CayseyW

    CayseyW Zealot (516) Mar 7, 2013 Connecticut

    2 Hags!?!? This shit is out of control...
  15. Shwilly_Vanilli

    Shwilly_Vanilli Initiate (148) Dec 20, 2013 Connecticut

    I highly doubt you'll see cans of IST being sold at the brewery. The G-Bot cans sold at the brewery was more of a final push-out of their remaining old packaging before they transitioned to the current cans.

    That said, it appears that NEBCO made close to the same amount of IST this year as they did last year. Everywhere I've seen got no more than a case, and it's gone almost immediately. I've always enjoyed IST. I do wish they made a bit more of it to go around, but it's their brand, and apparently they don't wish to expand production for whatever reason.
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  16. edallolie

    edallolie Initiate (0) Oct 12, 2015 Connecticut

    You can't please everyone, but I don't see the PR hit. I think its been proven that plenty of people are willing to do the brewery thing. And the stores will continue to sell Sea Hag, if any do drop Nebco than the other shops would be plenty happy to pick up the slack.

    There is no doubt that people like you who wont make the trip, wouldn't get Gbot cans if they're brewery only. But I dont think in the end Nebco's bottom line would be hurt.
  17. Bizoneill

    Bizoneill Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Connecticut

    Where is your proof of them holding a portion of IST at the brewery? I cant think of any year that they've done this for at least the past 4 years...
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  18. EDNOSE

    EDNOSE Aspirant (229) Oct 27, 2007 Connecticut

    Agreed ... do not think that statement was accurate and G Bot was simply to purge the final inventory of the old cans. Was always retail before that.
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  19. EDNOSE

    EDNOSE Aspirant (229) Oct 27, 2007 Connecticut

    I wasn't suggesting the bottom line would be hurt, just that I think the PR would not be good (either on here or being bashed at a retail establishment). I can't see that being a positive.
  20. lookingforowls

    lookingforowls Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Connecticut

    BAST, Murder, Blanc, Weiss Trash, Fancy Pants, etc.....lets not act like they've never done it.
  21. Bizoneill

    Bizoneill Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Connecticut

    You said IST...
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  22. edallolie

    edallolie Initiate (0) Oct 12, 2015 Connecticut

    I dont know what constitutes "holding" but they usually have it on tap at the brewery at least a few times.
  23. beanoboy7

    beanoboy7 Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2014 Connecticut

    That'll never happen until retail demand is met. Only can sales would be brewery only releases: Goldstock, fat-10-ers, Weiss trash

    These are brewery only releases
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  24. lookingforowls

    lookingforowls Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Connecticut

    Thanks for the obvious, point is I just don't see the diff...I get it they wanted to run through the bot-cans back in July/Aug was a nice little treat to circumvent the time and miles spent for hunting four packs, that's all I'm saying.
  25. Bizoneill

    Bizoneill Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Connecticut

    Sorry, you just made it sound like it's a regular thing... Some people can take that the wrong way on here and just wanted to get clarification on what you really ment. maybe someday we'll see it happen but I know nebco rolls the nebco way and I only see very limited special releases coming out of the brewery only.
  26. Robtobfest

    Robtobfest Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2009 Connecticut

    10.99 to 12.99 a four pack most places.
  27. freshcarl

    freshcarl Initiate (0) Sep 7, 2013 Connecticut

    IST deliveries hit Brooklyn today. Got a 4-pack at B's Discount ($11.99). They had 2 4-packs left in the walk-in cooler, right next to a stack of SoS cases. North East Wine was selling 2 can limit ($4.49 each). Had to ask for them, not out in the open.
  28. Psychmusic

    Psychmusic Aspirant (273) Jun 22, 2012 Massachusetts

    Wow I did not know there was a Brooklyn, CT. I was just about to flip out that IST was getting shipped to Brooklyn NY and I can't find it 5 minutes from the brewery...
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  29. YoloBoySwag420

    YoloBoySwag420 Initiate (0) Oct 3, 2013 New York

    I don't think they're planning on bringing back NY distro any time soon. I think in 2013 they were sending out quarterly shipments to NY and I actually bought 2 bottles of IST at DeCicco's in Brewster. Last time I asked NEBCo, they said something to the effect of needed to fill CT demand before doing it again.
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  30. cosmicdebris

    cosmicdebris Initiate (0) Feb 8, 2008 Connecticut

    Got a 4 PK of IST in Ansonia today. And a 4 PK of SoS too.
  31. Psychmusic

    Psychmusic Aspirant (273) Jun 22, 2012 Massachusetts

    Sold out at Amity in New Haven, they got one case
  32. von_kaiser

    von_kaiser Crusader (735) Feb 19, 2014 Connecticut

    10.99-12.9 4-packs......4.00-5.00 singles......
    does it really cost a store that much to have rung up individually?
    seriously, not support this.
  33. xanok

    xanok Aspirant (269) Aug 13, 2009 Connecticut

    A store in East Hartford was packaging one can of IST with a can of G-Bot and two cans of Sea Hag. Hate that shit.

    Connecticut as a whole has gotten so shitty at handling beer. Stores gauge the shit out of it, and the ones that don't, you have to know a 25 move handshake to enter a lottery to buy a single can.

    The best brewery in the freaking state doesn't sell cans out of the brewery out of some absurd loyalty to the distributors(from what I've heard). Hell, they should at least sell some out of the brewery every now and then to shame the stores that are doubling the price of their products.

    I can go to Tree House on some random weekend and get a case of cans and a handful of growlers, yet I can't go to NEBCO and get cans of Hag if I wanted to. Insane.
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  34. von_kaiser

    von_kaiser Crusader (735) Feb 19, 2014 Connecticut

    Yeah...I know about "that" e. Hrtfd store. They're actually one of my favorites and frequent once a month. Landed some greats there. Hopefully they weren't gouging:/
  35. xanok

    xanok Aspirant (269) Aug 13, 2009 Connecticut

    $11 per pack. It's bullshit though. What if I didn't even like IPAs? What a stupid way to do things. I'm so over IST this year. There's plenty of Founders RIS all over the place.
  36. PenningtonNY10

    PenningtonNY10 Initiate (162) Nov 20, 2009 Connecticut

    I like the guys at that store, but yeah, I don't get why they needed to add Sea Hag to that. If you want to split them up, do single cans of each or two packs of each. And don't gouge.
  37. TwinCam

    TwinCam Initiate (0) Jan 14, 2014 Connecticut

    $11 is not bad for a 4pk like that. I managed to grab one pack there. Like other folks, I really like the guys over at that store, and have been able to get many limited releases there without the crazy handshake crap as they post everything on facebook,...they are my go to, but yeah its been a rat race for trooper this year. They did say they were expecting GBot next week and getting SIP on tomorrow-Friday.

    Not sure why there is so little of trooper around. Nebco expanded, but it seems like stores didn't get an increase in allotment of beer or something..
    Im sure if stores got more it would be easier to grab a 4pk of X limited beer... just a thought from talking to a couple people..
  38. skleice

    skleice Aspirant (275) Aug 6, 2015 Connecticut

    I don't know why we can't say we're talking about Kay's. I also don't know why Kay's gets so much love here. They gouge and pull games like this 4pack. Yeah, they update through FB and are knowledgable, but they also try to hype the shit out of every beer that comes through. Pass.

    And I disagree that $11 is a good price. A 6 pack if Hag is only 9.99.
  39. Balrog1

    Balrog1 Initiate (0) Jan 3, 2015 Connecticut

    I like the guys in East Hartford. $11.99 for two hags a bot and an IST is fine by me. I can pretty much get any limited release because of the way they run the place. I'll gladly deal with some minor hangups.

    They've even thrown in some glass and even a treehouse can free of charge in the past.
  40. xanok

    xanok Aspirant (269) Aug 13, 2009 Connecticut

    Sure it's fine by you, but if you want one IST, they are forcing you to buy two Hags and a G-Bot too. How is this acceptable practice? Break it up into singles or sell the 4pack. They do this shit with G-Bot 4 packs two. They package two up with 4 Hags. Its a shitty practice that needs to go away immediately.
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