New batch of Stone Crime and Punishment released(?)

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    As the previous thread got locked, here is a new one for anyone that might have missed this release. It sure was easy to miss because as far as I can tell, Stone has made no public announcement of the official release whatsoever ever since announcing that these beers might get made if enough people signed up for them back in June.

    I contacted a Stone customer representative personally about this and was told that the beers had been released at Stone locations just before the holidays last year and emails had been sent out to people who signed up for the release in mid-December. However, while I did sign up for the release, I never received such a message, did anyone else actually get one of these?

    If they actually wanted to keep this release secret, they couldn't have done a better job at it, I'm amazed that there has been absolutely no public announcement about this that I would have noticed whatsoever. They didn't even update the Crime & Punishment entry on the Arrogant Consortia website, which still only shows the old announcement to sign up for these beers instead of a release sheet like for all the other beers.

    So, did anyone get one of these bottles yet, or even saw one? Because I'm seriously starting to wonder if these beers actually did get released yet...
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    Every time I make a post on this subject I'm saddened by just how little interest there seems to be in these beers :cry::stuck_out_tongue:.
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    Stone Brewing Escondido IG account made a post earlier this month on them. In a typically cryptic fashion but at least they are still talking about it in some way. :wink: So maybe there is still hope for you.

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