Belgium New beer bar in Antwerp: Gollem

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Dennoman, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. Dennoman

    Dennoman Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2011 Belgium

    The precious!

    Anyway, just thought I'd inform everyone planning on heading over to Antwerp for a tour of the bars, that a new one has just opened for business about 2 weeks ago. 350 beers, so good competition for Antwaerps Bierhuyske and Kulminator. If it's gonna fare anything like Beer Central though, I suggest heading there soon before they run out of all the good stuff.

    I haven't been there yet, but I hear the prices are fair and the selection is decent. We can only hope!
  2. beerpirates

    beerpirates Defender (676) May 4, 2010 Belgium
    Beer Trader

    First review on " the other site "

    Reviewed the 28 th june 2012

    " For eating, it’s defiitely too early. Will try again. The pub is surrounded by blackboard depicting the available beers, but from the 400 promised, maybe a quarter is available at this moment. 30 taps to come, at the pont of visit 28 available, including the Gollem blond, specially made for the mini-chain. The place looks comfy, and is definitely a succeeded remodeling of a classical stately townhome. It’s nowhere a brown café, as the original A’dam pub. Rather loud, very neutral muzak. The service is quite OK, people from A’dam having come to help a hand. Needs developing; "
  3. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (3,411) Sep 11, 2002 Massachusetts
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Where is it? Address?

    EDIT: RB lists it at Suikerrui 28 Antwerpen Belgium 2000. That is just around the corner from 't Antwaerps Bierhuiske and not far from Paters Vaetje. Apparently owned by the same owners of the Gollem bars in Amsterdam, too.
  4. JorisP

    JorisP Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2002 Belgium

    It is definitely the same chain and ownership - the barman @ my visit used to work in one of the A'dam bars indeed. But it seems some local brothers are involved too.
    It's less than a 100 yards from Antwaerps Bierhuiske, and well worth the visit, if only to encourage them to take in more of the promised, not to mention more Dutch microbrews, as was the intention of the Dutchman I spoke too.
    The eating thing is very strange: it's called "Eetcafé" (Dining bar); but NOWHERE anything pointing towards food was to be seen, and neither was anybody eating... weird.
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  5. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (3,411) Sep 11, 2002 Massachusetts
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Well, the 't Antwaerps Bierhuiske was slow to catch on too, so this place will probably take a few months to get going strong. Next time I am there, I will definitely check it out. Close to No. 1 Frituur, so definitely a good location. :slight_smile:
  6. Dennoman

    Dennoman Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2011 Belgium

    Frituur No. 1 has been closed for months now, due to tax fraud. Looks like they won't be opening again. Good thing, as their fries were nowhere near the best in the neighborhood and way too expensive. Classic tourist trap.
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  7. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (3,411) Sep 11, 2002 Massachusetts
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Oh no!! Ha, lots of people say "they did not have the best fries", but then never say which places are better. Could you list a few better places in that vicinity, and which are open until 3 am?
  8. Dennoman

    Dennoman Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2011 Belgium

    Couldn't say if it's open till 3 AM, but Frituur 't Stad is really close and they have infinitely better fries. I do have to say that decent chip shops are scarce at best in Antwerp for whatever reason. For other places: I could lead you there quite easily, but we don't tend to remember the names of them as we're often not in the best of mental shape when we visit them :stuck_out_tongue:
  9. yinzer

    yinzer Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2006 Pennsylvania

    More Dutch Beer!!!! Always a good thing.
  10. Dennoman

    Dennoman Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2011 Belgium

    Yeah, there was no food there up until a week ago, but now there is. Looks good too, and reasonably priced. The beer list is huge chaos, no system to it whatsoever. Staff is also massively disorganized: there were 5 members of staff running around like headless chickens with the place filled to probably a quarter of its capacity, including most on the outside terrace. I'd hate to see what happens when it's packed. You had to ask for service or you weren't getting any, but thankfully due to that little SNAFU they ended up charging us a little over half of our actual bill. They're nice enough though, and selection is looking promising, what with Jopen and Texelse and all. I'll be coming back there for sure, especially if they keep charging me half my bill!
  11. kraddel

    kraddel Initiate (0) Jul 20, 2012 Belgium

    they're open for some weeks now and its getting quite good. they say they have 350 of their 400 beers already, wich is a nice base ( de usual stuff, a couple of beers from de molen, struise, jopen,...) the food is also there. everything is reasonaly priced, they're realy nice guys. but indeed, they will need some more time to 'work along' in stead of running all over the place .. nice place to hang out, though,..
  12. Vanlingleipa

    Vanlingleipa Disciple (357) May 19, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    I'm still grudging over them getting booted out of their amsty central and de pijp locations
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