New Beer Weekend #100

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by SawDog505, Jun 18, 2022.

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  1. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Jan 31, 2005 California
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    Hello from London, NBS and W Faithful. Haven’t found a huge variety of offerings here. But did enjoy this from Oakham Ales. Session IPA (seems like they relabeled this, and appropriately so). It has been listed on the site as an APA. It definitely drinks like a good session IPA.
    Pretty solid.
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  2. larryi86

    larryi86 Apr 4, 2010 Delaware
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    Happy Juneteenth and for the dads out there happy Father’s Day! Starting today with Human Robot Niebo Polish-Style Pilsner.
    4.24/5 rDev +2.2%
    look: 4 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.25
    by larryi86 from Delaware

    16 oz can poured into a mug

    A- A fairly hazy golden straw with a two finger white head.

    S- Biscuits, floral, touch of citrus, slightly earthy.

    T- Floral, biscuits, some sweet malts, touch of citrus, earthy.

    M- Smooth, crisp, medium body.

    O- Another well done Pils from Human Robot, wonderful floral quality without being overwhelming
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  3. larryi86

    larryi86 Apr 4, 2010 Delaware
    Society Trader

    Sounds tasty! I’m excited to review a can later today
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  4. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Jan 31, 2005 California
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    Thanks @SawDog505 for the kickoff. And Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there and to those of you who are blessed with a great dad, grandad or fatherly figure in your life.
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  5. jonphisher

    jonphisher Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
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    A beer I’ve been really looking forward to. A Czech Pilsner from my favorite brewery. Enjoying this one while cooking dinner.

    Tonewood - Focal Point (3.8% czech pils)


    Pours a beautiful clear gold, this is there clearest to date, white head, settles to a nice uniform thin opaque film.

    Bright hoppy nose; slightly floral with some light pepper like spice; touch of malt.

    The taste is nice and hoppy as well; I would say the floral note disappears giving this a nice pepper like spice; with some grassiness. The malt again just present enough.

    Light body but in no way watery; which is very impressive at 3.8%. Very pleasant and smooth carbonation; almost creamy. Best part a nice nice hoppy bite on the finish that lingers around. Moderately dry and very clean finish.

    Their best pale lager to date, it definitely leans hoppy but it’s all Saaz so I’m fine with it. I will 100% purchase a lot of this beer again shortly.

    @M-Fox24 @RobHB
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  6. officerbill

    officerbill Feb 9, 2019 New York
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    Third from the Jack's Abby radler pack is Lil' Lemon
    JA is one of my favorite breweries and there are very few of their products that I don't care for, sadly this is one of those.


    The color is a pale lemony yellow with a tick of straw and a fluffy white head that dissolves into a ring.

    Remember these “old fashioned” lemon drops?
    That's what the faint aroma smells like

    Remember these lemon drops?
    Dissolve a bunch of these into an above average AAL

    With Lil' Lemon you know there's a good beer in there somewhere, but it is hidden behind an artificial smell and taste. Not the worst I've had, but I expected a lot more from JA

    3.53/5 rDev 0%
    look: 4 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.25 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.75

    BONUS review
    A quick note on the JA Pineapple/Guava/Passion Fruit radler. I had one on Friday, but my son drank the other two Saturday so this is going by memory.

    The PGP is the color of a faded out plum with a lilac tinted head and a generic “tropical fruit” aroma.

    This beer is full of sweet tropical fruit. Not much pineapple, but the guava and passion fruit is definitely present.
    I didn't care for it, but that was due purely to personal taste.

    This is offered in a 16oz 4 pack, if you enjoy the taste of guava & passion fruit give it a try, you'll likely be pleased.
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  7. rgordon

    rgordon Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    That glass makes me wax nostalgic. I really did like Andeker and seeing a remnant of it now is very nice indeed!
  8. Roy_Hobbs

    Roy_Hobbs Jan 21, 2017 Connecticut
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    Up next is another Off Color beer from @FBarber, Miscellanea Vol. 2. According to the bottle, the secret ingredients are "An ever evolving collection of wild yeasts, barrel lees and mixed cultures from ourselves and our dearest friends added to a single foedre and left to mingle."
    Pours a burnt orange. Fairly vibrant, with a negligible amount of thin, short-lived white head. Aroma has a healthy amount of yeasty barnyard funk, with some nice underlying notes from the foedre. Taste is an explosion of wild funk....much more than the nose. It's not overwhelming, but it's much so that I don't think I can even pick out individual notes. There's just a good blend of different yeast strains that work together to create an interesting, tart, lively, refreshing beer. Digging this one quite a bit.

    This is why I love wild ales. I feel like IPAs are ubiquitous and often generic. The high school student wearing what everybody else wears to try to fit and be cool. Wild ales are the quirky geeks, wearing what they want to wear and not giving a crap what others think about them. I'll take quirky 100 times out of 100. Unapologetically different.
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  9. GreenBayBA

    GreenBayBA Aug 30, 2015 Wisconsin
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    I reviewed a collaboration beer involving Toppling Goliath Brewing yesterday. It was not a success. Let's see how how a Toppling Goliath Brewing collaboration with Other Half Brewing goes. Uncooked chicken yellow color with apricot and honey colors mixed in. A nice light white foamy topping. The smell is wonderful! Citrus fruits, white grape, fresh-baked bread, honey, and kiwifruit. The taste has an immediate familiarity of both of these breweries, yet it is quite unique, due to this interesting combination of hops. The flavor is fruity, yet bitter. Mango and white grape jump to the forefront. There is a bready, malty flavor with the finish. The mouthfeel is very familiar for these breweries, but the bitterness makes it feel thicker than other more juicy beers that are similar in style. It is soupy, full, with higher carbonation. Overall, this beer is decent, but like with the Toppling Goliath Brewing collaboration beer yesterday, they are just throwing hops together randomly to create something, but it ends up not very special. I suppose there would not be much point in two legendary NEIPA breweries getting together to recreate their signature citrusy single-hop beers, but that would be my preference.
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  10. jonphisher

    jonphisher Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
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    Looking forward to seeing what you think Larry :beers:

    You guys done the school year yet. We got our last day Tuesday, off tomorrow.
  11. MacMalt

    MacMalt Jan 28, 2015 New Jersey
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    The other new venue we visited yesterday was Foreign Objects' tasting room in Monroe, New York. Foreign Objects continues to be a gypsy brewer. I was told yesterday that a lot of its beer is brewed at Bolero Snort's facility in the New Jersey Meadowlands. I've been impressed with FO's hoppy ales which are sold locally. The tasting room is not what I expected. I thought it would be in some trendy, renovated building in downtown Monroe. But it's located south of town in a rather rural, out-of-the-way area, and it has a real roadhouse feel.

    The place was pretty quiet considering the quality of the beer.

    Foreign Objects brews a series of Imperial Stouts called Transgression Culture. Today, I'm reviewing the variant with chocolate, cinnamon, and macaroon. While it sounds adjunct-laden and gimmicky, it's very well crafted and delicious!

    It pours an oily, inky black color with a full finger of frothy, light mocha-colored head and thick lacing. The smell offers dark chocolate, cinnamon, freshly-brewed coffee, and nutty macaroon. It's absolutely decadent. The chocolate is rich but only mildly sweet. Rather, the sweetness comes from the oats, lactose, and coconut. The coffee is acidic and the cinnamon and coconut is noticeable but delicate. The macaroon is primarily at the finish and it's the perfect compliment to the other flavors. Beneath the foregoing is a nice base of earthy char. The flavors blend very well. The mouth feel is thick and creamy with lite/moderate carbonation, and it sure doesn't drink like 11.5% ABV. I like this a lot and now wish I had bought more than 2 cans. I'll have to get back there soon. Hopefully, there will still be some left.

    4.43/5 rDev -0.7%
    look: 4.25 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4.5

    Have a great week, everyone!
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  12. larryi86

    larryi86 Apr 4, 2010 Delaware
    Society Trader

    Just finished on Friday, felt like we just limped across the finish line, glad this school is over!
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  13. ichorNet

    ichorNet Mar 16, 2010 Massachusetts

    Ooh, the big 100 for NBW! Very cool. Though I still think of it primarily as "NBS," it's good to see that the tradition has survived into the triple digits in its newest incarnation. To celebrate both that and all the fathers and father-figures out there, I have two new IPAs to share today.


    Up first is Automata by Spyglass Brewing Co. It is an 8.2% NE-style DIPA with Columbus, Citra, and Amarillo hops. I expected not to see a canned-on date for this considering they've never had them previously in my experience, so I was surprised to see that it does, in fact, state that this was canned 5/24/22, making it just about four weeks old.

    The pour is very nice (and the can was extremely full), with a vibrant and saturated orange-yellow hazy body topped off with a lingering cap of eggshell-white suds that leaves behind some impressive lace patterns as it slowly sinks to a half-finger rocky ring. Many macro bubbles present on the surface, which is fully covered even after ten minutes in glass. Great!

    Nose is superb too, with a bright and boisterous upfront assault of aggressive pine-y, grapefruit-forward, floral/dank-laden hoppiness that just screams West Coast IPA. There is a slight undercurrent of smooth oats and wheat-like maltiness in here, too, which does speak to the "NE" IPA style, but the hops utilized are definitely more old-school and punchy, and it shows in how blunt and powerful the dry-hop expression is. Looking forward to this!

    Yep, as expected, this kicks ass. It's definitely a "best of both worlds" type IPA for me... has the smoothness and drinkability of a modern NEIPA with the characterful hop profile of a WC IPA. Flavors of tropical mango, dank cannabis, pomelo, and tangerine are prominent while the slight doughy sweetness of the oat-heavy grain bill helps temper all of the intense hop elements. Feel is silky and well-rendered; not too heavy on carbonation but also not too passive... the intensity of the hops is matched well by the body, and there is just a slight kiss of ethanol presence to give it some heft and let you know you're drinking a double IPA. Very high recommendation. One of my favs from Spyglass as of late.

    Back again soon...
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  14. jonphisher

    jonphisher Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    I feel like I scraped my knees towards the finish line, this one needed to end more than ever. Congrats, I'll be joining you across that line soon.
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  15. jonphisher

    jonphisher Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    Descriptor of the week, well done :clap::clap::clap:
  16. ovaltine

    ovaltine Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
    Society Trader

    Day 2, let’s keep it simple. Transient is my local and my favorite brewery. Let’s see how this hazy fared.


    4.35/5 rDev +6.9%
    look: 4.25 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.25
    by ovaltine from Indiana

    Pours a hazy mango color with a creamy off-white head that sticks around as a cap on the beer and laces the glass nicely. Beautiful hazy if you like the style, which I do.

    The nose is rife with mango, passion fruit, fruit punch, and pineapple aromas that combine really well to suggest a tropical fruit punch cooler. The taste confirms that, with the mango most prominent and absolutely delicious, combining with the fruit punch and passion flavors to provide a beer that is a tropical flavor treat.

    The mouthfeel is medium and a bit creamy per the style. Gimme more of this.

    Ranger is playing the “you’re my human Dad, give me food” card, but I am resisting his earnest efforts to secure more treats. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

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  17. woemad

    woemad Jun 8, 2003 Washington
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    Greetings, fellow NBWers,

    Didn't drink any beers yesterday, new or otherwise, but I drank a bit on Friday, and hit two breweries that were new to me: Hop Chaos (formerly Pints Alehouse) and Spokanite Brewing (almost brand new -opened about two weeks ago).

    Went out this afternoon with the idea of having a late combination breakfast & lunch downtown before hitting the big downtown bookstore for a birthday present for niece #2. But the place I had in mind (a place that specializes in both sweet and savory waffle combinations) decided to close an hour early for reasons unexplained. The greeter/hostess/whatever was so unforthcoming I had to ask her all the questions. If I'd waited for her to say something to me I'd probably still be there waiting.
    Anyways, the next few options I passed were either closed (one permanently, it seems), slammed, or had nothing I wanted.
    So I'm at the local "hockey bar", Lord Stanley's, where I've ordered BBQ Poutine and am drinking the amber ale from Garland Brew Werks.
    Not a bad amber. I'm not a fan of the style in general, but this is one that has a maltiness that is toasty rather than sugary sweet. I'd hit it again.

    Probably cracking open something else around dinner time.
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  18. Beersnake1

    Beersnake1 Aug 17, 2013 California
    Moderator Society Trader

    Glad you enjoyed this one!!
  19. superspak

    superspak May 5, 2010 North Carolina
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    Have a great NBS. Not been drinking a lot lately. Maybe had 2 days I had beer last week. Been eating a lot of questionably bad foods, but all I can say I am getting WingStop and Little Caesars again for a good deal on a lot of food.

    Just got done with 5 miles of hiking owls roost north of the city yesterday. Amazing well maintained trail! My life is the best of all time these past 6 months. We have watched a good 100 movies and I'm through 25 books. Even with Julia looking for a new job, everything is super comfortable financially. Best job I've ever had, probably never leaving NC again lol.

    I did revisit my 2XIPA review from 2012, 10 years ago yesterday. Worthwhile to post. Pours a nice crystal clear golden orange color with a nice 2 finger dense white head with great retention that reduces to a thick cap that lingers. Some nice soapy lacing on the glass as well. Updated 6/18/2022 with a fresh can at Rody's Tavern. Aromas and flavors of big red grapefruit, tangerine, pineapple, peach, mango, melon, berries, citrus peel/rind, wood, peppercorn, pine, cracker, bread, herbal, floral, grass. Good amount of pine/rind bitterness on the finish. Medium carbonation and medium bodied; with fairly crisp sticky/resinous, bready, and lightly creamy mouthfeel. Lingering resin drying with minimal hop astringency. Alcohol is nicely hidden with only a mild warming after the finish. Overall this is an awesome DIPA. Great dank and vibrant CTZ, Cascade, Citra, Simcoe, Centennial hops, with a clean west coast resinous finish. Very drinkable for the ABV. I should get it more often. 4.1

    Rody's Tavern was reviewed on BA, I still have probably 100 more places to review including the 50 breweries I have visited so far. Last 20 month with Julia we have been going all over the country.

    Amazing hot Buffalo wrap and fries. I was too full for the Philly but I took it home. It's in the fridge for tonight!

    Lonerider sweet Josie brown ale. Great head retention and soapy lacing on the glass. Ruby brown color. This is an awesome brown. Aromas and flavors of big caramel, brown sugar, brown bread/crust, toast, biscuit, nuts, cocoa, coffee, light char, wood, herbal, grass, pepper, and yeast earthiness. Bit of diacetyl and yeast fruits in the nose as it warms. Light to medium herbal, spicy, roasted bitterness on the finish. Medium carb and body. Very creamy/bready malts, some sticky hops. Light resins and chalky roast, lingering drying, no acrid/astringent. Very clean and rich on malts. Nice level of Munich and roast complexity. Almost on the brown porter level of roast, but really spot on American style otherwise. I will buy some cans for sure. 4.1

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  20. jonphisher

    jonphisher Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    This one comes courtesy of @ovaltine in the current BIF #15, its been my goal to drink one of his barrel aged beers a week on Sunday night till they are gone. Keeping with the tradition...

    Three Floyds - Cocomungo (bourbon barre aged stout with toasted coconut and maple syrup)


    Pours a black to very dark brown around the edges, head is light brown; thin islands in the middle a nice thicker ring around the glass. Nice retention for a high abv barrel aged beer; swirling it around leaves little dots of brown on lacing spots.

    The nose is predominantly bourbon; followed by some dark fruit like chocolate with some hints of coconut.

    The taste is a very pleasant combination of bourbon and sweeter chocolate that finishes off with a little bit of coconut. Well balanced and almost like a mounds bar was flipped to be more chocolate than coconut.

    Big body beer that avoids being to thick; it drinks quite smooth with a little bit of a creamy feel to it. The ABV is well hidden and only present in a slightly warming sensation in the throat; little roast/char like bitter note on the back on the tongue. Pleasant minor sweetness to it.

    Out of my comfort zone for the second time today :astonished: but again much like the other adjuncted stout this one is balanced and enjoyable. I'm thinking of it as my dessert to close out a great Father's Day, will sip this one into the night.


    It is another fall like night in the middle of June what a thing of beauty. Until the next one fellow beer lovers. See you all at the same time and place in 5 days...have a great week everyone.
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  21. Victory_Sabre1973

    Victory_Sabre1973 Sep 15, 2015 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    Hello New Beer Weekend!!!

    All right. Time for a new beer, I wasn't sure I had had it before, but, I couldn't see me reviewing it anywhere, so, here it is:

    Tap That - American Brown Ale - Spilled Grain Brewing - Annandale, MN - 5.4% ABV

    Oh, and this is a maple brown ale, eh.

    This beer is fairly one dimensional. Maple is the star of the show in this beer, and it shines. It starts of mellow and builds to a crescendo, where Doug and Bob are telling everyone to take off because they're hosers - eh.

    This is tasty, even in 36 C weather... Damn it! I'm now using crazy Canadian temperature units. 97 for us on this side of the border.

    3.77/5 rDev 0%
    look: 4 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 3.75
    by Victory_Sabre1973 from Minnesota

    This beer pours a nice dark brown color. The head is quite thick when poured from the crawler - 3 finger, and tan. Not too long lasting, and minimal lacing on the glass.
    The nose, well, am I in Canada? The aroma is maple, and strong at that.
    Taste - Oh, Canada! Maple. It starts off mellow and builds and builds.
    The body is thick and decent for the lower ABV. Smooth and a bit of a syrup feeling to it.
    Oh, no, I'm in Canada drinking this beer. Next I'll be eating back bacon, wearing a touke, watching Terrence and Phillip, and telling hosers to take off, eh. Oh, no, I said eh. Seriously, this is delicious.

    Yeah, I'm a smart alec, but hopefully I did justice to this beer. Not sure if there will be one more tonight. If not, cheers!
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  22. WunderLlama

    WunderLlama Dec 27, 2010 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    Ten by Tree House

    4.28/5 rDev -2.5%
    look: 4.25 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4.25

    Brewers Notes: Ten is a celebratory Double IPA brewed with a prodigious blend of our favorite American hops applied liberally during every phase of the brewing process. Utilizing concentrated hop products and combing them with our House Double IPA approach, Ten Carried layered waves of tropical hop oils that are pleasing to the palate. We are deeply grateful for your support.

    Deep amber hazy orange liquid Capped by a creamy three finger egg shell foam cap , excellent retention , settles to a long lasting pencil thick layer excellent , spotty lacings

    Aroma is grapefruit citrus, tropical fruits

    Taste is grapefruit citrus


    Smooth, juicy , gentle hop nibble on the finish

    good beer
  23. Blogjackets

    Blogjackets Nov 22, 2017 Ohio
    Society Trader

    Double Dry Hopped Oh...
    6% New England IPA from Other Half

    Delightful nose on this beer from the hop bill: citra, galaxy and motueka.

    Mouthfeel is very nice: good carbonation and oats.

    The body pours a hazy faded yellow with a nice initial head that recedes to a decent ring around the edges. Very good lacing during the tasting.

    Flavor follows nose and style as the beer is a touch sweet, hoppy and has low bitterness. Finish is grapefruit tart with a bit of pine.

    Easy drinking, modest IPA that was refreshing after an afternoon outside. Recommended.
  24. LeRose

    LeRose Nov 24, 2011 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    What a weird but kinda pleasant weather day...never got sunny as promised, but dry and actually feels cold. Like a late fall day rather than early summer. Good since the AC stays off...hoping the garden doesn't suffer. Steaks on the grill - not too common these days here, but on sale is still a nice thing.

    So tonight's victim:


    I Believe on Love - another in the wild ale genre from Allagash. This one promises cranberry and raspberry, do let's see...

    The pour is gorgeous and the picture dies it no justice. Looks orange exiting the bottle, but ends up a clear copper red in the glass with a thick rocky white foam that falls to a nice cap replenished by bubbles.

    The aroma is one dimensional at first, dominated by fruit. Fresh cranberry followed by fresh raspberry. Eventually a bit of funk strikes the nose, but not overdone. Pretty nice, but not much to it.

    The taste is tart and fruit-driven. Clearly cranberry and raspberry. Some tea notes from the raspberry. Plenty tart. The funk remains mild. Phenolic and tannin from the cranberry. A little malt sweetness would be welcome.

    This beer is light and effervescent. It's almost soda-like. Fairly dry, a bit of a slick feel, lasting sensation of tartness.

    It's a good beer but one dimensional. Clearly fruit- driven which was apparently the goal. I'm feeling 3.8 or so here. Good beer, but lacking complexity and not as fun as some other Allagash wild ales.
  25. SawDog505

    SawDog505 Apr 9, 2010 New Hampshire

    [​IMG] McCalls Brewing NETIPA 10.6%. Pours a hazy yellow with a half finger sticky white head that leaves thin streaks of lace with solid retention. 4.25

    Aroma peach, cantaloupe, mango, apricot, and a hint of grapefruit rind. 4.25

    Taste follows mango, cantaloupe, peach, apricot, and little grapefruit bitterness but well balanced. 4.25

    Mouthfeel is above average, soft carbonation, not sticky or dry, and at 10.6% big flavor, but easy drinking. 4.5

    Overall I am digging this one. Thank you @jzeilinger for this can. 4.25
  26. ichorNet

    ichorNet Mar 16, 2010 Massachusetts

    Up next is the single-hop Strata IPA from Burlington Beer Co, Enchanted Runes!


    Yes that is the box for the HG Blazing Gundam 1/144 model kit in the back there... I just finished all of its limbs and will be doing the custom stuff soon; will attach a finished photo at the end of this post! I've been getting even more into the Gunpla building hobby over the last couple weeks and have a few I'm really proud of, plus I bought my first RG (real-grade, aka super-detailed/difficult) Gunpla earlier today... extremely excited!

    This beer is 6.4% ABV and it was canned on 5/23/22. Pour is slightly less dull looking than some modern NEIPAs with a brighter, more-vibrant orange tone. Head is restrained but decent, though the lace is sheet-like and very consistent and legs are wonderful so overall I think I would give this a high score for appearance.

    Nose is probably the most accurate to the initial Strata olfactory descriptor I remember reading when this hop first started garnering its well-deserved popularity: "passion fruit meets pot." Yep, that is exaaaaactly what I'm smelling here! Has the juicy and "sweaty" tropical note of passion fruit combined with the powerful dankness of ground cannabis flower. Slight herbal and guava-like aspects also make themselves known, along with some light touches of citrus and grassiness but overall, yeah, "passion fruit meets pot" is an incredibly-apt description.

    Flavor is as expected; juicy, complex layers of mango, guava, passion fruit, dank grassy overtones, and light hints of graininess are seamlessly combined in a very well-composed way. This is one of those single-hop IPAs that is at once very straightforward and also very complex, which I always enjoy. It would be right at home as an "enjoy by the pool" refreshing-type IPA for the Summer, but it also has enough going on that it speaks for itself and welcomes contemplation. Feel is a bit more prickly than some softer NEIPAs, but I prefer it this way because the hop is a little more pronounced in that type of context, which helps it feel supported and defined by their usage instead of just being "an IPA that happens to feature Strata hops." Recommended!

    Picture time...



    (before making the shiny death foot)
  27. CaptainHate

    CaptainHate Apr 22, 2006 Ohio


    I'd been looking with great envy at how West coast BAs regard the output of this brewery until my daughter came through with a Christmas present. Today was Father's day so why not.

    Whoever does the blending of this really knows their craft because this is very refreshing in taste and mouthfeel. It doesn't feel complex so much as very easy to drink; probably dangerously so if I wasn't planning on remaining relatively stationary. I wish I had additional bottles to age because I think cellaring might do very interesting things but that's for some lucky soul to discover on his/her own. I'm just glad I had this. Sláinte.
  28. dbl_delta

    dbl_delta Sep 22, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    Happy Fathers Day, BAs!
    This weekend's new beer is Shuck It: an oyster stout from Big Oyster Brewery in Lewes, DE. I get roasted malts, a bit of brine, and dark chocolate. Mouthfeel is clean and dry. Finish is slightly bitter. I honestly prefer a little more body and sweetness in a stout, but YMMV.

    Purchased at Banks Wines & Spirits in Millville, DE - highly recommended if you're in the area.

  29. russpowell

    russpowell May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Society Trader

    Zipline Brewing Co ( Omaha ) CloudLifter Hazy IPA, 7.0% ABV; 3.41 overall

    Pours a hazed gold with one finger of beige head. Near zero head retention & lacing

    S: Green melon, faint citrus & & wet cereal notes

    T: Follows the nose, some dryness & lime notes up front. White grapes, pears, wet cereal notes & dryness, just a little grapefruit as this warms. Grapefruit picks up strength in the finish, along with dryness & a little grassyness

    MF: Medium body, moderate carbonation, okay balance

    Drinkable, but not memorable, glad I only bought one
  30. russpowell

    russpowell May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Society Trader

    Thought I posted ^ review way sooner...

    Melvin ( Eureka ) Switch Board Necraton New England IPA, 7.0% ABV; 3.73 overall

    Pours a hazed gold with fast falling beige head. Zaro head retention & lacing

    S: Peaches, passion fruit

    T: Follows the nose, some green melon as well. A little pineapple & lime, plus green melon once warm. Finishes dry-ish with lime, green melon & passion fruit

    MF: Medium body, slight carbonation, good balance. Carbonation picks up a bit as it warms up

    Easy to drink, but middling for the style
  31. zid

    zid Feb 15, 2010 New York
    Society Trader

    What’s the story with the shiny death foot?
  32. jkblr

    jkblr Nov 22, 2014 Indiana
    Society Trader

    Good evening NBW and Happy Father's Day to those who fit the bill.

    Enjoying a rare imported indulgence tonight
    J.W. Lees Harvest Ale aged in Calvados casks

    275mL bottle with cap code L0648 and 2008 on the front label poured into a snifter glass at just above fridge temp 11.5% ABV. The beer pours a muddy medium brown color only a hint of head that never fully spanned the glass. After two minutes there are a couple handfuls of bubbles around the edge. The aroma is mild with prune juice, old book leather and a hint of oxidation. There's a hint of sweetness and raisin as well. The taste is sweet up front with caramel, boozey apple, dark fruits before a kiss of oak and old leather show up to dry things up a bit and offer balance. Negligible bitterness. The mouthfeel is medium plus bodied with barely any carbonation and a finish that charges to the point of cloying before stopping dead with drying oak. No trace of the ABV in the aroma or taste. Overall, excellent.

    Cheers all!
  33. russpowell

    russpowell May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Society Trader

    Was happy to pick this up in Missouri
  34. ovaltine

    ovaltine Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
    Society Trader

    You act like there's something extraordinary about a 15.6% ABV beer.


    Every now and again, Three Floyds exceeds their "It's Not Normal" tagline. That beer is one of those instances, IMHO.
  35. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Apr 21, 2014 Canada (ON)
    Society Trader

    I had a great Father’s Day evening. My wife, who had to work most of the day, made some top tier fajitas for supper and a favourite of mine for dessert: pineapple upside down cake.

    I managed to have two excellent new beers as well. Here they are:

    First up is Human Robot Czech 10* courtesy of @jonphisher.


    Pours a bright effervescent, slightly cloudy gold with ample head that dissipates fairly quickly. Lovely lacing as the beer disappears.

    The aromas are great here. Bready malt dominates, but there is an underlying grassy, hoppy thing going on as well. Enticing.

    The taste follows. Light cereal notes with a stronger grassy punch and crisp, almost spicy finish. Really good.

    The body is light and the beer has a clean quick finish.

    This was an excellent lager. I need more Human Robot in my belly. Thanks Jon, I really enjoyed this one.

    And, for dessert was this excellent pastry stout. I’m not a big pastry stout person. When I like them they tend to have a restrained sweetness, and well integrated add-junks. This one ticked both boxes. Plus, it was aptly named for the day; I’m a dad, and I did make breakfast this morning!!

    American Solera BA Dad’s Makin’ Breakfast.


    Pours a thick motor oil black. Very thick. Slightly off putting if I’m honest. A tiny head formed on a very vigorous pour, but retreated quickly.

    The nose is full. Maple, sweet creamed coffee, vanilla and an underlying barrel note play together very nicely. Sweetness suggested.

    The sip provides confirmation of the nose. Well integrated vanilla, coffee and maple sit gently on top of a nice warming bourbon barrel booziness. Sweet, but appropriately so. I think i can handle the bottle on my own.

    Thick, mouth enveloping body. Not syrupy though. Not quite a still beer, but not far off either.

    This was a top-of-the-line pastry/dessert/breakfast stout. I’m glad I have a few more American Solera BA stouts in the cellar to try after having had this one.

    Cheers and Happy Father’s Day!!
  36. superspak

    superspak May 5, 2010 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    Have a good Fathers day Sunday. I slept until evening, but was up until 6AM or so after a 5 mile hike yesterday. I will facetime my dad in a bit. He is the whole reason I was able to move down to NC. I will probably slide some thank you money, I still owe him for my Galaxy smartphone 2 years ago lol.

    Anyways, this philly steak from Rodys tavern was dope. I overheated it a bit too much, but the cheese was really gooey and the veggies were perfectly tender. I think that will be our go to spot for a long day of hiking Owls Roost.

    Picked this up in Tustin At Bradley's. Pizza Port Bacon & Eggs. Great fluffy head retention and spotty soapy lacing. This is amazing! Aromas and flavors of big nutty medium roasted coffee, milk/dark chocolate, cocoa, caramel, toast, biscuit, dark bread/crust, blueberry, dark fruit, wood, pepper, pine, herbal, grass, light smoke/char, and yeast earthiness. Light-moderate pine, herbal, roast, charred bitterness on the finish. Wonderful nose on the coffee and fruity Ethiopian/Guatemalan coffee characteristics. Medium carbonation and medium-full body; very creamy/bready malts, some sticky hops, chalky char/roast, and silkiness in the mouthfeel. Lingering resin and chalky drying, with no cloying/acrid/astringency. Mild warmth of 8%. Very smooth and very American on style. Really great showcase of aforementioned sourced coffees. A lot fruiter than I expected, but still plenty of rich malt complexity and a nice bitter/drying semi hoppy finish. 4.32

  37. russpowell

    russpowell May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Society Trader

    New Belgium L'Amour En Cage Wild Ale, 7.5% ABV; 4,21 overall, where are rolaids?

    Pours a very effervescent honey color with instantly disappearing beige head. Viscous, zero head retention

    S: Vinegar, apple skins

    T: Tart & sour apples with a little lemon & salt up front, plus much acidity. As this beer wars, acidity & oaky dryness dominate, along with Golden Delicious Apples & salt. Finishes so tart, oaky dry & acidic, but also a little sweet apple

    MF: Medium body, brisk carbonation that goes subtle very quickly, pretty acidic; tongue buckling

    I am so happy this is a a 375 mL bottle. I appreciate these beers, just not really built for them any more
  38. larryi86

    larryi86 Apr 4, 2010 Delaware
    Society Trader

    Feeling a little lazy and not doing a full review, but will still share my thoughts on Human Robot Stone House Morning. Really enjoying the balance of maple, coffee and dark chocolate, getting some hints of dark fruits. This is very easy drinking for 11.5% ABV.
  39. Whyteboar

    Whyteboar Jun 7, 2008 Michigan
    Society Trader

    Received in the wildness that is the NBW BIF #15. From @Beersnake1 IIRC.
    Very interesting beer, I was more fascinated with the brewer’s choices than I enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed it. But it also really made me think!
    Poured black, very black and topped with a light brown head that didn’t hang around long. No lacing either, but that’s not really an issue for me.
    The aroma was coffee and malts and a wiff of maple syrup.
    The taste rather follows; most stouts with those adjuncts are sweet first and coffee later. This one definitely has coffee foremost, char and roasted malts with just a hint of sweetness.
    The feel was excellent, very nice sipper and just viscous enough for the style.
    OA, I enjoyed it and think that it’s pretty amazing they featured the coffee and it’s bitterness and use the maple syrup in a minor role.
  40. cheeseheadinMinneapolis

    cheeseheadinMinneapolis Sep 20, 2017 Wisconsin

    Stopped at Central Waters (Amherst)Taproom earlier today and drank plenty of new beers to me there. Bought versus cans, crowlers and bottles for home.
    And I am a drinking one now:
    Ode: Rye Lager
    tested from a 16oz can bought at the Amherst tap room. Brewed in Milwaukee
    Look: rather transparent light gold body. Ok white head the hangs on for a while leaving plenty of lacing.
    Smell: Bread, hint of yeast and floral and maybe rye, not strong aroma wise.
    taste: Bread, floral, hint of citrus/lemon. Then the rye comes on just before the finish and hangs for a while in the aftertaste. The Rye spice is not strong. Slightly Sweet at first then turns bitter on the finish.
    Feel is good, slightly malty, soft feel to it. Has some carbonation in it.
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