New Beer Weekend, Explained

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    New Beer Sunday Weekend is a long-running weekly thread series that focuses on trying new beers every Sunday and sharing your thoughts in the form of a beer review.

    We've never officially outlined the rules, which has led to an increase in off-topic discussions and a decline in participation outside of a core group of frequent posters. With that in mind, the goal here is to help keep the focus, bring the thread back to its early days, and encourage more participation / people to get into reviewing beers.
    • Despite what many might think, anyone can start this thread on Saturday (after midnight PT) in Beer Talk.
    • The title of the thread is "New Beer Weekend (Week X)" and replace the "X" with the incremental week number.
    • Don't start the thread without actually posting a review about a new beer. Including a photo of the beer, a short beer-related intro, and link to these rules is highly recommended to kick-off the thread and set the tone.
    • When reviewing, do your best to describe the beer's look, smell, taste, and feel. Need help with reviewing a new beer? Check out: How to Review a Beer. You can also copy-and-paste and link to your posted review, too.
    • This isn't a "What beer are you drinking now?" (WBAYDN) thread. Stick to the purpose of the thread; sharing your thoughts (review) about trying new beers on Sunday with others. Light chit-chat is OK, but no music videos, off-topic banter, etc. Again, this isn't WBAYDN. We also have an Off-Topic forum.
    Thanks in advance for participating!