New Belgium/Brewery Vivant collaboration

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by GRPunk, May 17, 2012.

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  1. GRPunk

    GRPunk Meyvn (1,229) Apr 5, 2007 Michigan

    From a Vivant email...

    You may have heard rumors, but it's offiicial; our new fall beer release will be a collaboration brew with a "little" place from Fort Collins, Colorado...New Belgium Brewery! Details and beer specifics will be released in the coming weeks and months, but look for it to hit shelves statewide the last week in August. This will also coincide with New Belgium's debut in the state of Michigan with 22oz. Fat Tire bombers. We're proud to be working with these guys, and so excited for this epic brew!
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  2. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2011 Michigan

    Wonder if it will go through BVs or New Belgium distro network?
  3. alampear

    alampear Initiate (0) Nov 4, 2008 Wisconsin

    From what I have heard, it's going to be part of the Lips of Faith series. Not sure if Vivant will can a version as well.
  4. BoneyardBrewer

    BoneyardBrewer Initiate (0) Apr 24, 2005 Michigan

    Thanks to BV for making sure their collab with an out state brewer gets shared with the folks in their state. Unlike some others...
  5. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Initiate (0) Mar 18, 2010 California

    What kind of beer is it?
  6. vivasbeer

    vivasbeer Initiate (0) Feb 3, 2012 Michigan

    Excited about the collab, but the above is the best part of the email.....
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