New brewery open in Los Gatos: Loma Brewing

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by willjschmidt, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. willjschmidt

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    I went to the opening of Loma Brewing in Los Gatos yesterday. This is at the location of the former Los Gatos Brewing. The brewer is Warren Billups (aka Beardy) previously the brewer at Heretic. They did a great job on the remodel. They had four house beers on-tap: pale ale, IPA, Irish stout, and a berliner weiss. Three guest beers from Corralitos, East Cliff, and New Bohemia. Menu is higher end pub food: burgers, flat bread, salads, etc. I had the IPA and stout, both very good. More house beers coming soon. Definitely worth checking out.
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  2. QuakeAttack

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    From some reason, I don't get over to Los Gatos much anymore (used to a lot in the 80s and 90s). I'm taking a wait and see approach. Probably a fallout from me not liking the prior brewery much (Los Gatos Brewing).
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    The owners of this brewery are former Red Sox, Kevin Youkilis and his brother. Then again, the article explains that. Ha!
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