New craft beer boutique in Chicago

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by StoutLover4life, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. StoutLover4life

    StoutLover4life Dec 13, 2012

  2. mbockstruck30

    mbockstruck30 Dec 31, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I've enjoyed watching their videos the past couple years. Was glad to hear when they decided to open a shop. Good for them, looking forward to visiting. And great location a block away from Kuma's!
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  3. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Jan 8, 2011 Michigan

    Fantastic, place looks awesome...He's got cases of Rare?
  4. daniloknezic

    daniloknezic Dec 19, 2009 Illinois

    cool idea but its not convenient to the train so ill probably never go there.
  5. Envelopes

    Envelopes Aug 26, 2012 Ohio

    Probably just that bottle next to him as a trophy of sorts.

    Anyone know when they're opening?
  6. Zenasdassman

    Zenasdassman Feb 25, 2011 Illinois

    "Just a reminder- we're still a few days away from opening. Keep checking here for updates on our opening date."

    Per their Facebook status this morning. Shouldn't be too long away...
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  7. Oshy

    Oshy Oct 9, 2012 Wisconsin

    I have watched most of their pod cast videos and they are always fun and informative. Wish them all the best of luck!
  8. StoutLover4life

    StoutLover4life Dec 13, 2012

  9. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Jan 8, 2011 Michigan

  10. StoutLover4life

    StoutLover4life Dec 13, 2012

    Yeah I know some bars that do that. They show off what we can't have!!!
  11. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Nov 23, 2010 Illinois

    Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Quinn at FoBAB this year. Very passionate and knowledgeable guy. Definitely plan on checking this place out.
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  12. mishuggah

    mishuggah Jul 14, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Met Chris a year or so ago and he told me about this happening. Super nice guy. Looking forward to having a place like this less than a mile from my place.
  13. StoutLover4life

    StoutLover4life Dec 13, 2012

    Stopped by today. Chris is awesome! He was tasting 2012 DL and he had bourbon county coffee for sale!! He was also tasting some cantillion!
  14. cmoody91

    cmoody91 Mar 21, 2010 Illinois

    Made a special trip over today to see the shop but they were closed when I arrived. I peered through the glass to see the shop and Chris and his wife saw me and graciously welcomed me in and offered me a glass of Cantillon! Pretty amazing hospitality. Can't wait to come back and pick up some beer from their amazing selection!
  15. BeerMeFitz

    BeerMeFitz Oct 24, 2011 Illinois

    I met Chris last year up in Skokie...super patient and knowledgable guy...He takes the time to teach you about beers so you can make a informed choice instead of pushing you to the most expensive beers. Best of luck to him! Everyone should stop by the store and support this fantastic gem! Cheers!
  16. dvelcich

    dvelcich Feb 6, 2008 Illinois

    I'm very interested in this place, but I gotta ask, what are the prices going to be like? If he's going to have stuff like Cantillon sitting around, the markup is going to have to be substantial.
  17. StoutLover4life

    StoutLover4life Dec 13, 2012

    Not at all! i saw he had bourbon county coffee for 20.99 and that is very reasonable. the cantillion was not for sale. He was sharing it with customers. I would rather support him than a big chain like binny's personally
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  18. tinypyramids

    tinypyramids Jul 19, 2012 Illinois

    i said this in the other thread already but this place seriously has the potential to become one of chicago's best beer stores. i can't wait until their stock fills out a little bit more and they bring in the mixed six selection.
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  19. zach60614

    zach60614 May 1, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    As I was checking out, the Cantillon was offered to the 5 other people there, but not me. Lame...
  20. quinnsi

    quinnsi Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    You're totally right, that was lame of me, and totally unintentional. All the beers I had available were meant to be for anyone and everyone, not for a select few I deemed "good enough". The only reasoning i had for not always having the sour the westy and the DL out on the counter is, as mentioned above, it would be weird to have beers out that people couldn't buy. I appreciate you mentioning this, in the future ill try to figure out how to make sure people know what's available to taste and which of those you can actually buy. Any suggestions are welcome.
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  21. quinnsi

    quinnsi Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    That said, there still day old vignerone and DL available at the store for people to try. If you don't see it, please please just ask.
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  22. awhipker

    awhipker Oct 15, 2010 Indiana

    If I were ever in a position to open a store this is what I would imagine it would resemble. Best of luck to them!
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  23. Monsone

    Monsone Jun 5, 2006 Illinois

    Stopped in yesterday. Review posted. Great store with a lot of potential.
  24. Lansman

    Lansman Mar 19, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Stopped in yesterday and I agree that this place certainly has the potential to be a very good addition to the Chicago beer scene. While the stock isn't as 'full' as the larger stores in the area (yet), one could tell that the stock on hand had been carefully chosen and nearly all were great beers to chose from.

    The one thing I noticed, which I know has been brought up as a potential issue on a CBS thread outside BA, is that the area near the front window with beer outside the cooler was considerably warmer than the rest of the shop as the sunlight was coming in (at the time) at a perfect angle to hit a large number of bottles sitting out. Minor concern, but there is the potential if the stock sits for a long period of time to degrade the product before it gets out the door. (Judging by the quality of the stock in this area though, it won't sit for very long, so this may be a moot point).
  25. quinnsi

    quinnsi Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    You guys are right about the windows. I have a UV film on them now, but just put in an order for blackout shades and a better film which will offer some tint. Should be in place within 2-3 weeks.
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  26. Kubrickx

    Kubrickx Sep 1, 2012 Illinois

    I'm going to have to make a special trip to the city to check this place out.
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  27. Envelopes

    Envelopes Aug 26, 2012 Ohio

    Can't wait to stop in here when I'm in town next month! Sounds great.
  28. Oshy

    Oshy Oct 9, 2012 Wisconsin

    I may make a trip down from Oshkosh, wi. Chris, is your inventory pretty light right now? Do you have any eta when you may have everything running at full steam?
  29. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Nov 23, 2010 Illinois

    I plan on swinging by tomorrow after putting an application in for Cook County. Very excited to finally be able to check this joint out.
  30. yeahnatenelson

    yeahnatenelson Feb 8, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    ...Did they actually open? I was eating at the taqueria across the street last weekend and they still had brown paper covering the windows.

    EDIT: I stand corrected. That said: reading thread first before replying is still for suckers.
  31. dvelcich

    dvelcich Feb 6, 2008 Illinois

    Where are you applying? I want to make sure I'm around to keep you out of my county.
  32. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Nov 23, 2010 Illinois

    Hahah they've got some CO positions open at the won't be seeing me on the roads just yet.
  33. Stevedore

    Stevedore Nov 16, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    That's awesome.
  34. mishuggah

    mishuggah Jul 14, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Fuck, Nate knows about this place.

    There's no fucking way I can compete with high fives for limited releases...:(
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  35. yeahnatenelson

    yeahnatenelson Feb 8, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Still sore about WLV?
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  36. Brunite

    Brunite Sep 21, 2009 Illinois

    This. I find their vids informative and engaging. The passion shows. Congrats on taking the leap. I'll be stopping by next time I'm in da' city.
  37. quinnsi

    quinnsi Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    We've got a good selection. Most of the rare stuff was swiped almost immediately of course. But plenty of really fresh beers both domestic and import.
  38. StoutLover4life

    StoutLover4life Dec 13, 2012

    do you carry any bmc? I thought distributors made you carry bmc..
  39. emerge077

    emerge077 Apr 16, 2005 Illinois

    New article on the freshness dating system at The Beer Temple.
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  40. JimSmetana

    JimSmetana May 11, 2012 Illinois

    Just around the corner from Revolution's Tap room.
    Now I will never get home from work!
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