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Discussion in 'New Members' started by MyBar, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. MyBar

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    New to Ba, just posted my first rating. I'm not new to beer and I've come a long way from keg stands, organizing annual 12 bar pub crawls on my birthday, winning at left/right/center, beer pong, defending my title of flip cup champ etc... but these days with long working hours and a toddler at home, I have (mostly) grown up from my bingeing ways to actually tasting and enjoying beer and especially pairing great beer with delicious foods! I would love to know your Go To Pairing recommendations, all time favorites, unexpected combinations, etc. I am enamored with the Science of Beer and how it interacts with food, friends, and life!
  2. PatrickCT

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    Welcome and Cheers from CT!

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with a good cheeseburger is always a favorite.
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  3. Squire

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    Hello MyBar, welcome to BA. My general rule with food parings is to make the dish central and choose a beer that complements. For instance with a highly spiced dish (Szechuan) I would not choose a highly hopped beer because the hops will conflict with rather than balance with the dish. On the other hand a highly hopped beer does work with a cheese burger with it's milder seasonings and higher fat content. Keep us posted about your progress.
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    Welcome to the BA site, MyBar. There used to be a Beer-Food Pairings forum here on BA but it was recently combined with the Beer Talk forum because it was not frequented very often by members. Here is a link to a search that I did of the Beer Talk forum using 'food' as the search word for all threads that use that word in the thread's title.[title_only]=1&c[node]=39

    If none of these threads are to the point of your question you can start a new thread in that forum where it will get greater reading than here in the New Member forum.

    For my response, I'll add the classic beer & pizza, and usually a hoppy beer is my choice. There is no better pairing than that.
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    Welcome, @MyBar! I'm beginning to appreciate the farmhouse ale as an all- around table beer, and I think I could enjoy a brut IPA with just about anything. I wish I could find more examples of the grisette, although the modern interpretations of this style may be speculative (or so I've read). My all-time favorites, though, would probably be a grilled T-bone with a bold Cabernet Sauvignon and grilled (rare) lamb chops with a spicy Malbec. :wink:

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  6. riptorn

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    Welcome to Beer Advocate MyBar.
    My current favorite pairing is a thick and rich coffee stout with a medium-rare 1-3/4" thick ribeye lightly smoked with apple wood.
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  7. JodiB

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    We grilled NY strips and split a DFH's Raison D'Extra, since that is what it was brewed for. Wowee! What a treat! and this beer is only going to get better with some age. It is very much like a bold red wine. Great pairing!
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  8. MyBar

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    [QUOTE="My general rule with food parings is to make the dish central and choose a beer that complements." [/QUOTE]

    This is a good general rule, but I like to mix things up and select my beer first and then plan a meal around it! I have a fantastic bottle shop in my neighborhood and have been inspired to put together several courses based around one or 2 beer selections. It's pretty fun!
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  9. MyBar

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    This sounds great, my mouth actually started watering with this description. Thanks!
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  10. MyBar

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