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  1. CAPace09

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    Hello, everyone. I'm new from the Dayton, Ohio, area, though I go to grad school in Cincinnati. I love trying new food and new craft beer. Still trying to figure out how pairing works, but not too worried about that.

    I'm excited to learn more about beer from this site! As Germans say, "Prosit!"
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  3. scream

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    Welcome to the BA Forums and enjoy ! When you have the chance go to the Beer Talk Forum and the What Beer Are You Drinking Now thread to tell us what you are enjoying !!
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    Welcome to the BA site, CAPace09. When you figure out he beer/food pairing let me know. I've gone to a number of pairing at breweries and restaurants, and the only pairing that I've seen multiple times is for dessert -- anything chocolate paired with an imperial stout, frequently a barrel-aged stout. Although I've always likes the beers and food items individually, no pairings have ever seemed complimentary to me.

    There's a foodie thread currently on the first page of the Beer Talk forum that might help you Also a link to a search that I did of that forum when asking for any thread title that has the word 'food' in it:[title_only]=1&c[node]=39

    Enjoy your time on the site, but don't forget to study hard too.
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    Hello and welcome to BA. OH..............IO!!!!
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    Hello CAPace, welcome to BA. There's much here to explore and participate as well so feel free to join the conversation.
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    Welcome to the board CAPace09. As far as pairings go-pair what you like with what you like.
    Have fun.
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    HI there @CAPace09 and welcome to Beer Advocate.

    You can certainly find find folks (or articles) saying you should have beer style "A" with food "B", but it's much more personal than that. As an example, my hands-down favorite combo is a thick stout with a thick grilled steak. What about the poor soul who doesn't like stouts (gasp!), are they relegated to not enjoying their steak to the fullest? Nah, over time they'll find another combo that's just as good to them as the stout/steak is to me.

    So, pairing works when it works for you. Just pay attention to the bite and the sip, and why it is/isn't spot on for's all about you and your buds, bud. :beers:
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    Welcome and Cheers from CT!
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    Cheers, and welcome from a displaced south Columbus hillbilly!
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    Cheers and welcome to BA!
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