New Holland Brewing Debuts Dragon's Milk White

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  1. Giantspace

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    Not a fan of this white stout thing

    This beer is interesting though. At 6% if it has the stout feel and taste and a nice barrel it could be the “new” thing.

    Price wise the regular DS in bottled 4 packs is around $16-18, what will this 6 pack of 6% cost?

  2. bbtkd

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    I look forward to trying this, mainly due to it being a low-ABV BA stout. Pretty much all of my cellar beers are BA stouts/porters, and they're typically 9-18% ABV. If White Dragon is decent tasting, I'll get this by the case.
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  3. Zorro

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  4. bbtkd

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    I had a Zipline White Stout the other day, but not BBA. It was OKish. It had a tangy flavor that I attribute to the espresso, though not sure why espresso would be tangy. Sure wasn't the chocolate.
  5. RobH

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    My two cents:

    Here in the U.S. we naturally think of Stout-style beers as dark in color, given that's what the style "Stout" has essentially always been in this country (as far as I know), e.g., Guinness.

    That said, historically speaking, the word - stout - originally referred not to the beer's color or style, but rather to the strength (ABV) of the beer. Therefore, in old Europe (mainly Britain), a stout beer was a strong beer of any color.

    So, historically speaking, a pale stout (AKA white stout in today's vernacular) is not a new invention. And by most people's standards, including in context of "session beers," 6% ABV+ is a strong beer.
  6. ShanePB

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    Goofy, gimmicky, fun, whatever. I've had some in this "style" that have been quite good. I'll certainly give this a shot when I see it in my area. Lighten up, Francis.
  7. jesskidden

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    Wasn't just Europe or the UK, nor that long ago :wink::

    Minnesota's Gluek Stite (one of the earliest high-ABV malt liquors and one of the infamous "Green Death" nicknamed beers) was originally called Gluek Stout, until the Feds objected.
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