News New Mexico State University to launch Pistol Pete Beer

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    There have been others, but usually it is more regional news than national news.

    e.g., Here's a SE PA example:

    Sometimes it meets local resistance:
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    Thanks for the links, interesting stuff.
  4. eldoctorador

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    Pete Sampras the only Pistol Pete I know
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    It's a great idea, why not? But what are these beers really except for relabeled beers? I have no doubt that the Dragon's Gold is just Flying Fish's regular ESB Amber Ale so what's the point? Wouldn't it be cool though if a college actually built their own brewery, on or off of campus, and did it?
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  6. rgordon

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    Pistol Pete is definitely Pete Maravich. He was an anomaly back in the 60s; a great shooter, passer, and was pure fluid on the court. He played at Raleigh Broughton when his Dad was coach at N.C. State and attended Campbell College Basketball camp for many years where his dad instructed in the Summer. I played against Pete many times, at leisure and in sanctioned contests, and he was a basketball genius. Bob McAdoo was great, but Pete was genuinely amazing. Our coach (Bob Jameison) always said, "let Pete score, he can't beat us by himself".
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    I was beginning to wonder how they were going to use the Pistol Pete mascot on the can, but apparently NMSU licenses the mascot from Oklahoma State. I kind of surprised that more colleges haven't started collaborating with local/nearby breweries to brew a low-point beer that can be sold at football or basketball games.

    Norman: OU & 405 Brewing
    Stillwater: OSU & Iron Monk
    Tulsa: TU & Renaissance, Marshall, or Dead Armadillo Brewing

    I'm not including Am. Solera in this because they don't produce any sessionable beer styles that the masses attending a game would buy again and again.
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    What a great post! Thanks for sharing this @rgordon.
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    Missing from the article is the other local University in the state, University of New Mexico, who will be doing the same thing with Kelly's Brewpub (to note, Kelly's is now owned by Chama River brewing/Santa Fe dining group, who own a number of restaurants/breweries around the state).Their beer will be called Lobo Red, a lower abv red ale, to be served inside their sports venues. Chama River beers were already being served inside the football stadium, so this was the next step I guess.

    Most interesting to me is the fact that big beer hasnt stepped in with high level discounts and free taps/equipment. It's been just a year or two now that UNM has had beer in general served inside their stadium.

    Next step is getting students/athletes involved in the recipe creation/brewing process.

    But yeah for the most part, this is rebranded, likely $10/sixer low ABV beer. It doesnt really appeal to many if the price point is higher than what AB likes to charge.

    They actually did this as a joint venture. NMSU wants their shine though.

    What is generally served in college football stadiums around the country? We have a MLB ball park thread, but I never hear CFB talk. Big beer must dominate some avenues, right?

    edit: here's a UNM press release:

    Totally surprised their shield logo was allowed to be used on a can of alcohol.
    16 oz. 6.2% beer. Not exactly sessionable . But if its helping both entities make some money, I'm for it. Kelly's before they got sold was still doing BIAB brewing. Very mediocre stuff with a great location right by the University. I'm sure now that they got bought out, quality has improved tenfold the University wouldn't want a mediocre product attached to their brand.

    This makes me wonder why other franchises or teams around the world don't have their own beer brand sold in their venues. Even if its just a New Belgium rebrand for the Rockies, for example. Maybe thats the next step in this craft beer evolution
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    I'm a little surprised that more people didn't know who Pistol Pete was.
    Maybe we're showing our age?
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  11. rgordon

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    Pete was a tough person. As long as he was playing ball, the world rotated around him. He apparently changed later, but had an unfortunately short life. I did get along with him when we were kids. He shot from 40 feet all of the time (for two points) and is still the single best passer that I have ever seen.
  12. eldoctorador

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    I'm pretty sure everybody except me knew who the guy was (Now I'm reading his wikipedia page, 70 points in a game WTF).

    I've been living in the US for 7 years only, so I'm gonna need a coupe more decades :stuck_out_tongue: to catch up with you guys on American sports knowledge.

    Anyhow probably not many people outside the US know that Pete Sampras is not the original Pistol Pete...
  13. Marklaker

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    Pistol Pete was an absolute magician on the hard court. Nobody else comparable, he's among the three greatest college basketball players I've had the great pleasure to witness. Bill Walton and Lew Alcindor the other two.
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    Thanks for sharing. Seen some of this as more regional than national (like here in Colorado), but I think this is just more excitement and exposure for beer - which is good.

    I do wonder about the merit in relabeling beers. I can remember back in the 80's Billy Beer (Jimmy Carter's brother) and Who Shot JR (the TV series Dallas) were rages but it was just relabeled beer from Fall City and Pearl.
  16. McMatt7

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    Born in Aliquippa PA but left when he was young, still a legend around these parts and a member of the Beaver County Sports Hall of Fame. I saw a kid a dressed as him at the Halloween parade last year. Little dude knew all his stats too
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    Wow! Now that is something to be proud of. Or privileged. He WAS amazing. Prost!
  18. rgordon

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    He was one cocky kid. He never saw a mirror that didn't charm his floppy socks off! I followed his career closely. Hot Rod Hundley (WVU) was as audacious as Pete, but not as quick or silky. Pete was like a salamander. Rod Hundley was a regional Converse shoe rep who lived in the neighborhood and was like a coach at the local court. Pete surely could've used some of Rod's personality and humility.
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    Cocky like some world class beers. That can backup the rep!
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