New TX law means extra costs for large craft brewers — unless they're owned by brewing giants

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    House Bill 3287 requires craft brewers that produce more than 225,000 barrels a year to pay a distributor to deliver their beer — even if the destination is inside their own facility.

    The latest draft of beer legislation in Texas has left a bitter taste in the mouths of some craft brewers.

    House Bill 3287, which lawmakers passed during their regular legislative session earlier this year, requires craft brewers that produce more than 225,000 barrels per year to pay a distributor to deliver their beer — even if the destination is inside their own facility.

    Proponents of the legislation say it will maintain the state’s three-tier system — Prohibition-era regulations that legally separate brewers, distributors and retailers — and properly regulate large companies that purchase craft breweries. To opponents, though, the law targets newer craft breweries across the state, discouraging investment in their businesses while protecting larger and more established beer companies.
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    With the money that AB/InBev, Miller/Coors and the distributors are going to throw at the legislatures, this bill has a good chance to get through. The fact it is utterly ridiculous is not a hindrance
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    I love how we blame the big brewers for this and let Texas voters off the hook.

    Don't like it then vote for your representative out of office, if they vote for it.

    And if you don't live in Texas, to bad, its their choice.

    You would be amazed at how often people vote for politicians that do properly represent their interests and then blame special interests.
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    This is old. Already passed house and senate. Gov. Abbott did not sign the bill but also refused to veto it, so it became law.

    He is clearly a bigger fan of his campaign donors than the small businesses he claims to champion.
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    Ok yes, we all like beer and don't like this law. But c'mon, to say that this is the one issue that voters should take a stand on when choosing a candidate seems just a tad bit narrowly focused. I certainly hope most people place items like education, environment, infrastructure, etc ahead of beer taxes on larger craft brewers.
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    I don't know why there is this new wave of these articles getting posted. Nothing has changed in the last couple of months from when it was voted on and passed.

    With that said, big beer was against this bill and went and spoke against it. This one doesn't fall on big beer, but on greedy distributors.
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  7. Roadkizzle

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    Did big beer continue speaking out against it after the loopholes were created to allow them to continue expanding?
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    Not much was spoken on either side (from what I recall) after those changers were made. I believe they were last minute additions.

    The point is that it is not big beer who brought this law...nor was it them paying for reps on this law. Distributors were the people who forced this law forward and the blame falls on them....
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    And this law still hurts them on additional breweries - let's say when Karback wants another facility in a prime location, it will be hit by these laws (from what I recall). So, it does still impact them.