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Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by writerwithwrywit, Aug 28, 2022.

  1. writerwithwrywit

    writerwithwrywit Initiate (0) May 11, 2016 Minnesota

    After a few years away from the "scene'" (predating COVID, for the record), my interest in the goings-on of Minnesota breweries is renewed.

    I'm curious what breweries that have opened since 2019 people think are making quality product? Any places to avoid? I hit the pavement enough that ant recommendations statewide are appreciated.

    Also, for breweries that have a little more history, are there any places that had a generally good reputation that has fallen off? Or are there any breweries that were less desirable a few years ago that's really upped their game?

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  2. gatornation

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    I Like Elm Creek in Champlin opened (2020) they specialize in NEIPA and Sours also brew , some stouts , lagers and Gose. A beautiful taproom NW of the cities.
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  3. bleedpurpleguy

    bleedpurpleguy Initiate (0) Jul 8, 2003 Minnesota

    Bricksworth in Burnsville is a definite must-hit (not only because of the Blackstack connection). And because it's a brewpub, they have a full bar and a full kitchen (specializing in Detroit-style pizza and chicken wings).
  4. Alefflicted

    Alefflicted Crusader (445) Dec 2, 2017 Minnesota

    Back Shed brewing in Waite Park opened up last year. I frequent them, and I have been impressed by many of their offerings. I'll also second an earlier post that recommended Elm Creek. While I haven't made it to their tap room yet, we carry their brews in store. I've gotten many samples from them and have enjoyed most.
  5. morimech

    morimech Grand Pooh-Bah (3,667) Nov 6, 2006 Minnesota

    I am not a fan of hazies, pastries, and fruity beer. With that said I have enjoyed 9 Mile in Bloomington quite a bit. Nice selection of traditional styles but they also delve into the others. Chanhassen Brewing has really improved since their early days. Their BA Imperial Stout is stellar.
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  6. HammsMeASAP

    HammsMeASAP Pundit (885) Jun 14, 2012 Minnesota

    Heavy Rotation in Brooklyn Park is worth a visit.
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  7. ZAP

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    How would you rate them in comparison to the other St. Cloud breweries?
  8. EdFed

    EdFed Pundit (993) Dec 21, 2008 Illinois

    Seconded on Nine Mile. Have only been there once, but it's a cool space and the beers (a NEIPA and an oatmeal stout) were good.
  9. Victory_Sabre1973

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    I live a couple of blocks from them, and I would put them in the same league as Bad Habot and Pantown. Very impressed with them so far, and I am looking forward to their first Oktoberfest on the 17th.
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  10. writerwithwrywit

    writerwithwrywit Initiate (0) May 11, 2016 Minnesota

    I picked up Elm Creek at the store. I enjoyed what I got.

    Anyone been to any of the newer ones in the Shakopee/Savage/Chaska area?

    What about North 20 in Rosemount?