Next Exit: Episode 3, "A Brooklyn Craft Beer Reunion"

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    Last week, Next Exit: Episode 2 took us to Baltimore. This week, Next Exit: Episode 3, "A Brooklyn Craft Beer Reunion" takes us to Other Half, Finback, Talea, and Tørst.

    Give it a watch and drop your thoughts below. Especially if you hail from Brooklyn. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the stops that were selected for this exit and whatnot.

    Next Exit, Season One:
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    I was just at Torst last week. A great bar and dare I say even better burger! I enjoyed Suarez, HF, and Grimm on tap. Too many excellent choices though.
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    I actually enjoyed that. Good content, good delivery, great subject mater.
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    i stopped watching the first episode as soon as dude said we dibt have a gimmick but says people love his "retro " vibe and the word "dive bar" was used way too much

    the second episode 3 seconds in cuz the whole Lion King thing is cringey as hell

    im on the 3rd one to see if Brooklyn Brewing even gets a mention, if not this whole episode is not worth watching.

    edit : 8 minutes in no mention. if y'all failed to mention a Black Owned brewery thats been in Brooklyn for years not once in a place thats been heavily gentrified then just Shame on yall.
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    Nicely produced video and good content. Though I'm surprised Evil Twin wasn't featured as they have a DUMBO location and their Ridgewood Queens Brewery is on the border with Brooklyn anyway. Then there's Grimm's, KCBC, Three's, and especially Sixpoint as well as Brooklyn Brewery which is probably a must mention. Then there's Coney Island and others that are smaller in scale. I guess there's just too much to mention, NYC and especially Brooklyn is actually a pretty good beer city. The breweries might not be as available outside the city (aside from Brooklyn Brewery, Sixpoint, and Evil Twin) but a lot of these local breweries are very good.
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    Unless I'm mistaken, Brooklyn Brewery is not Black Owned. Garrett Oliver, their brewmaster is Black though.

    Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

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    The current Brooklyn Brewery team is led by CEO Eric Ottaway (left), longtime brewmaster Garrett Oliver (center) and president Robin Ottaway (right).

    The founders of Brooklyn (Steve Hindy and Tom Potter) sold their stock to the Ottaway family, which had been investors in the company since the actual brewery in Brooklyn opened in the mid-90s (the beer had previously been contract brewed at F X Matt).

    The Ottaway's sold Kirin 24.5% (what a strange percentage, huh?:rolling_eyes:) of the company in 2016.
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