Next Exit: Episode 4, "Philadelphia Craft Beer & The City of Beery Love"

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    Last week, Next Exit: Episode 3 took us to Brooklyn. This week, Next Exit: Episode 4, "Philadelphia Craft Beer & The City of Beery Love" takes us to Fermentery Form, Human Robot, ReAnimator Coffee, and Monk's Café.


    Next Exit, Season One:
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    One of the breweries that Kenny visits is Human Robot. Human Robot sponsored a lager beer festival this summer which they brand as Logjammin’. I attended this festival and it was great! Below is a short summary I provided in a past thread about Logjammin’

    The ‘highlight’ is that there were many breweries there and every beer I had was a ‘keeper’ – no beers were dumped.

    My wife and I got there early and we were fortunate they let us get in when we arrived. There was a very long line for Bierstadt and we wisely decided to get in that long line to get two pours of the Slow Pour Pils which the beertender did pour very slowly (3-5 minutes for a pour). The beer was pretty to look at (see photo below) and while I enjoyed drinking that beer there were several other Pilsners there just as good (and some better).


    Tonewood was there with two beers (Foeder Lager and Dry Hopped Pilsner) and I enjoyed both of those beers.

    Schilling was there and I drank their Polotmavý which I thought was good.

    There were a couple/few Czech Dark Lagers and I enjoyed the one from Deciduous Brewing.

    I drank a lot of locally brewed lagers (Human Robot, Attic, Trauger, Mainstay,…) and every one of those beers brought a smile to my face while drinking them.

    The beer which was ‘best of show’ for me was a Keller Pils from Bonn Place, that beer was excellent.

    The other highlight for me was getting a chance to speak to beer industry folks for extended conversations: Jack Hendler of Jack’s Abby, Jeremy Myers of Trauger and a number of others.

    It was indeed a great time!

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    Great little film-- I would have loved to learn more about how the solera process at Fermentery Form works. Do they draw it out of the barrels on top and then somehow get it into the barrels below? It's a really interesting place--they don't actually brew the beer--they acquire the wort from another brewery (Human Robot, nearby?)--their whole thing is the fermentation and the solera process.
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    Bonn Place makes some killer beer for such a small operation. Mooey, their English Bitter, is up there with some of my favorite beers (for my tastes). Might have to keep an eye out for when they brew the Keller Pils again and make a return visit.
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    I too am a big fan of Mooey.

    Cheers to Bonn Place!! :beers:
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    I have no details about the process utilized by Fermentary Form but I just read the below linked article and found it to be a good read:

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    Human Robot is where employees of Yards go and drink. Of course. When not drinking in house.
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