Next Exit: Episode 5, "Cincinnati Craft Beer & The Historic Beer Caves"

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    Last week, Next Exit: Episode 4 took us to Philadelphia. This week, in its season finale, Next Exit: Episode 5, "Cincinnati Craft Beer & The Historic Beer Caves" takes us to Rhinegeist, underground with the Brewing Heritage Trail, Fifty West, Esoteric, and Skyline Chili.

    Give it a watch and drop your thoughts below. Especially if you hail from Cincinnati. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the stops that were selected for this exit and whatnot.

    Next Exit, Season One:
  2. Mortal_Wombat

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    Always cool to see home, I'm from the east side originally

    Somewhat surprised they didn't hit Urban Artifact. Not my cup of tea with the sours they do but it's pretty notable for those that enjoy them. Rhinegeist, 50West and Esoteric are by no means bad choices though. The lager caves were a really cool touch for this video.
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    As a life long Cincinnatian, and fan of most things Cincinnati, I enjoyed watching the video.

    Was hoping to see a favorite brewery of mine featured, but they were not. Oh well, too many great breweries in town to show them all!

    That being said, I do think it is a fail that they didn't feature Urban Artifact. They are unique in the city with their portfolio of sours.

    It would have been perfect tying them in with the lager caves. About 4 years ago Urban Artifact successfully "wild caught" an approximately 150 year old yeast from a wooden fermenting tank found in one of the historic lager caves. The yeast proved viable and they made a beer with it!

    Also, I found it hilarious that they drove from Rhinegeist to the lager caves. It is only like a 2 block!
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  4. BeerVikingSailor

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    Enjoyable video, I am from NE Ohio, not Cincy area.....was also disappointed they did not mention Urban Artifact, which does some amazing sour beers.....a rich beer city for sure though!
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