Niman Ranch and New Belgium Debut Voodoo Ranger Mango Habanero Beer Brats

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    Fan-Favorite Craft Beer BBQ Collection Expands with Voodoo Ranger IPA Beer Brat

    Niman Ranch and New Belgium Brewing Debut Mango Habanero Bratwurst Sausage Made with Award-Winning India Pale Ale

    WESTMINSTER, Col. (February 13, 2020) – Building off the success of the Fat Tire BBQ Collection, Niman Ranch and New Belgium Brewing have debuted the bold and spicy Voodoo Ranger Mango Habanero IPA Beer Bratwurst, now available in select Whole Foods Markets and specialty grocers across the country. The new brat combines Niman Ranch’s Certified Humane pork, raised sustainably with no antibiotics—ever, with Voodoo Ranger India Pale Ale, the fastest growing IPA brand among its peers in the nation.

    The new Voodoo Ranger Brats are sure to be a favorite for those who love a good kick and the perfect combination of spicy heat balanced with cool sweetness. The daring new blend gets its heat from the bold spice of habanero pepper balanced with Mosaic and Amarillo hops from the premium IPA, creating a fresh, clean and perfectly elevated brat.

    “The response to the new Voodoo Ranger Brats has been overwhelming so far,” said Kay Cornelius, Vice President at Niman Ranch. “These flavors are so fun and daring, and the Voodoo Ranger packaging with their iconic mascot jumps off the shelf. This is the prize of every barbeque, tailgate or any occasion where you want to serve something fresh and new.”

    New Belgium and Niman Ranch are both innovators that have reshaped their industries, seeing an unmet need for craft products to cater to a new generation of consumers who are concerned with sustainability and quality flavors. Both companies have humble beginnings—with the New Belgium founders brewing beer in their basement and Niman Ranch plotting business plans in the farm field. Today, both have found themselves at the top of their respective sectors thanks to their unwavering commitment to their values and high-quality products. It was only natural that the two brands partnered on the new Niman Ranch BBQ Collection, first with their Fat Tire line and now with the Voodoo Ranger IPA Beer Brats.

    “Our collaboration with Niman Ranch has been a great fit, starting with the successful launch of the Fat Tire BBQ line last fall, and we are thrilled to expand our partnership with the Voodoo Ranger brat,” said Leah Pilcer, Director of Communications and PR for New Belgium Brewing, a B-Corp certified business committed to environmental sustainability.

    The Voodoo Ranger Mango Habanero Beer Brats are now available at 340 Whole Foods Markets across the country as well as at Nugget Markets, serving the greater Sacramento metropolitan area.

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    I will look for these. Love a good beer and brat and mango Habanero rocks, looking forward to sampling some when I see them pop up.
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    Voodoo is now considered a premium brand? I don’t taste it at all. More of an average try to appeal to all beer. I thought it was quite underwhelming and only drank 2 from the case. Took a while to have folks finish the rest.

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    Yeah but this is all aboot the Brats! I will keep an eye out for them.
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    Oh yeah, those brats aren't porky enough and the tropical heat just doesn't go with mustard and friends. I find Voodoo Ranger to be more than serviceable.....
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    love me some brats :slight_smile:
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    The Fat Tire brats are pretty solid. These sound pretty awesome too! I'd love to find them.
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    Lemme get uhhhhh

    Mango Habanero Ranger IPA instead please.
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    Local butcher in college used to make ghost pepper brats. One of my favorite summer grill treats. Hopefully these scratch that itch. Gives me an occasion to visit a Whole Foods as well.
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