No More Banner Ads (If You're Logged In)

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  1. Todd

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    While programmatic ads bring in a decent amount of revenue, some users have been plagued by malicious ads that disrupt the experience or attempt to infect the user's device. And since using Safari as my default browser on iMac, I've also been hit with the "this webpage is using significant memory" warning caused by reckless ads.

    Our ad partner has done a great job addressing issues as they happen, but users shouldn't have to deal with not being able to use the site for days at a time. So I've turned off programmatic banner ads for all logged in users. This will no doubt cost us a bit, but ensuring that our core users have an experience that's as safe and smooth as possible is far more important.

    Thanks for logging in.


    PS: We may drop in some house banner ads for logged in users who aren't Society members.
  2. Shanex

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    Good. No ads on Safari using an iPhone either.
    Keep up the good work just with as few ads as possible :wink:
  3. Raime

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    Whatttttttttt, you mean I didn't really win an iPhone X as stated by some ad in Azerbaijani?! Shit!
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