Nope, won't buy this style again.

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by BroBobby70, Nov 11, 2021.

  1. BBThunderbolt

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    Well, I hate pickles, I hate cucumber, and I really hate carrots. I'm sure I'd just love that hot pile of garbage though. That's not a beer, that's a compost pile.
  2. TomFoley

    TomFoley Pundit (811) Mar 19, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Round Guys had a cucumber saison that was quite tasty.
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  3. Etriganthedemon

    Etriganthedemon Initiate (86) Oct 12, 2019 New York

    I am at a very similar point in my life.
    I like lagers and pilsners, lower abv beers in general as I like to drink and have several at time.
    My fridge staples are always Urquell / SNPA / JA House lager or Post shift / Konig. I will substitute a six of Anchor steam or something like that every so often.
    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what are your (or anybody else’s) staples ?

  4. readyski

    readyski Maven (1,411) Jun 4, 2005 California

    I have a feeling you are setting me up jk, but...yes?
    Based on the styles page here >
    'It's a name that has been broadly accepted by brewers and consumers after years or even centuries of trial and error, scientific research, and marketing'. Don't feel like Brut IPA meets that definition, but I'm certainly no expert. I do see more milkshake/lactose and triple IPAs than Brut.
    But if it's good enough for Todd then it's good enough for me :slight_smile:
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  5. lastmango

    lastmango Maven (1,371) Dec 11, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Like some others, I will not buy AALs because there are so many better beers out there. However, if I have company coming and I know they prefer AALs, I will have some for them. I may even drink one to show solidarity with my guest. I was not fond of IPAs yet I have had more IPAs than any other style, mostly because restaurants seem to have more of these on tap than other styles. I learned to like some but others, not so much. I usually do not buy IPAs to bring home unless I know my guests like them.
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  6. woodchipper

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    I've read a lot of this thread, but not 100% of it. I'm curious- Is there anyone out there that "Never met a beer style they didn't like"?
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  7. jesskidden

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    @Al_Koholick (haven't seen him around lately, however).
  8. Urk1127

    Urk1127 Initiate (0) Jul 2, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Heineken bottles or cans to be honest. Bud heavy. Coors lights. Okocim when I can find it from Poland. Any german lager. I’m a simple guy.
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  9. Spade

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    Honestly if someone offered a beer with apricot I would try it, at the least, and am unable to think of any wholesale style I dislike. But the whole apricot thing smells- and tastes- like perfume or potpourri. Not something I want in a beer.
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  10. BigIronH

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    B43 from Old Nation is on every shelf around here. I imagine it’s not too hard to find elsewhere either. If you can’t get it and are truly interested in trying it, message me. Cheers.
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  11. BigIronH

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    Never had one but have been curious. You have made me even more so. I must hunt down a pickle beer.
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  12. BigIronH

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    I have at times found myself disgusted by certain varieties of IPA’s following a lengthy period of indulgence based on the burnout that can result from enjoying mass quantities. A couple weeks of malt forward beers and I’m back in the saddle. Cheers.
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  13. Etriganthedemon

    Etriganthedemon Initiate (86) Oct 12, 2019 New York

    I find that Konig is a hard value to beat for a good German beer. $4.49 for 4 - 16.9 cans, Veltins used to be $3.99 for the same but went up 1 buck over night-I prefer Konig anyway.
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  14. crazyspicychef

    crazyspicychef Savant (1,215) Sep 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Grocery beers.
    Any beer that has weird shit in it and/or aged in casks.
    Poorly done sours.
    Any beer with salt in it.
    "Light" beers.
    Sweet stouts/lactose beers.
    And I am sick and tired of IPA's already, of all sorts/coasts.
    Basically, any new "trendy" beers.
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  15. Beer_Economicus

    Beer_Economicus Pooh-Bah (2,412) Apr 8, 2017 Ohio
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    Seems like you have eliminated a lot by eliminating anything barrel-aged, most sours, any gose, any "light" AAL, milk stouts and pastry/adjunct stouts, and half or more of the IPAs.

    I take this to mean that you primarily fancy lagers, belgians, 'normal' stouts/porters, and a few APAs?
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  16. TomFoley

    TomFoley Pundit (811) Mar 19, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Seek out aged bottles of Cantillon Mamouche, expensive pickle juice.
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  17. crazyspicychef

    crazyspicychef Savant (1,215) Sep 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Correct. I also enjoy ESB's, Milds, Scottish, Scotch, weizenbock, Hefe, Wheat biers, anything German, Barley wines, you know "normal beer".
  18. Beer_Economicus

    Beer_Economicus Pooh-Bah (2,412) Apr 8, 2017 Ohio
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    Lots of delicious styles there.
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  19. IPAExpert69

    IPAExpert69 Savant (1,065) Aug 2, 2017 Pennsylvania

    It seems like a sizable amount of people are turning away from IPA's, it's almost like the community has collective hop overload/exhaustion. I am a giant IPA guy, but even I have taken an extensive break for the sake of not absolutely destroying my taste buds. Break ended with Sierra Nevada Celebration because it's simply too good and too tempting.
  20. crazyspicychef

    crazyspicychef Savant (1,215) Sep 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

    That is one I always get once a year. My favorite IPA is Founder's Double Trouble, but it's available for like only 1 week a year in my parts. I liked IPA's in the '90's, when there were many other varieties of beer to drink. But now all I see on the shelves are IPA's and "grocery" beers. So sad.
  21. cindiwindi1025

    cindiwindi1025 Initiate (0) Oct 16, 2008 Michigan

    I smelled bud light once and smelled a rancid corn smell that made me hurl. Cant even imagine that smell as a taste and having my mouth taste that taste. Since then I have smelled every type of lager I come across and every single one has had that rancid corn smell. All of the sour beers that I have tried have had that rancid corn taste I associate with that smell right off the bat. Cant even with any of them
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  22. IPAExpert69

    IPAExpert69 Savant (1,065) Aug 2, 2017 Pennsylvania

    When I look for beers, I just try and remember that one man's "sad" is another man's "score!". Beer stores will carry whatever sells, just gotta find how I fit in that picture! It's why I never go into a liquor store with preconceived notions about what I want, that way I'm never disappointed. Cheers!
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  23. PapaGoose03

    PapaGoose03 Grand Pooh-Bah (5,281) May 30, 2005 Michigan
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    Interesting perception, but at least it's with styles that you're probably not wanting to drink anyway.
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  24. Rug

    Rug Pooh-Bah (2,898) Aug 20, 2018 Massachusetts
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    Fair enough lol. But I would suggest you maybe branch out here and there to try different lager styles. There's so many of them. If you like regular porters I'd bet you like Baltic porters which are lagered
  25. JackHorzempa

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    The good news, for me, is that lots of the local, small breweries are choosing to not just produce IPAs, Fruited Sours,...and actually providing some very good 'alternative' beer styles. Just this past weekend I had an excellent English Pale Ale at Troubles End Brewing (Collegeville) and a week+ ago I had some English style beers on cask at the new Forest & Main taproom (Ambler) and the Vienna Lager served via a Lukr side-pull faucet at Von C (Norristown) is excellent IMO. Needless to say but at all three places they also serve IPAs but there are choices here.

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  26. officerbill

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    Hi Jer, welcome to BA
    I felt the same way you do, SN Pale Ale was about as hop forward as I cared to go. However; IPA's are a big focus on the craft world so I needed to at least know what a good ones is supposed to taste like. That meant occasionally buying fresh, highly rated in IPA's.
    I recommend you don't write off and entire category, every now and then try a known quality IPA. I still don't care for bitter hoppy beers, but I've come to appreciate NE IPA and now keep a 12 pack of Fiddlehead in my fridge.
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  27. officerbill

    officerbill Pooh-Bah (2,228) Feb 9, 2019 New York
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    Yeaah, I don't think the vast majority of beer drinkers would consider any of those “normal beer”
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  28. mnredsoxfan69

    mnredsoxfan69 Initiate (0) Dec 27, 2013 Minnesota

    Smoked Marzen I like while some other smoked beers I've tried taste like burned rubber. I will not try Belgian sours ever again. It's like drinking carbonated vinegar.
  29. Hefewiseman

    Hefewiseman Initiate (0) Sep 6, 2011 Florida

    Like a lot of people are saying- I won't completely write off any style.

    What I will say is I've gotten really burnt out on certain styles, but eventually come back to them. Examples would be classic Belgian styles (tripels, quads, dubbels, strongs), black IPAs, Russian imperial stouts and NE IPAs. I overdid it with all of those, but eventually came back around to regularly enjoying them again. Monk's Cafe in Philly actually revived all Belgian styles for me a few years ago!

    As for for maybe my least favorite style right now... probably milkshake IPAs. I'll still drink one here and there, but they don't really sit right with me most of the time.
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  30. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Pooh-Bah (1,583) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    Beers yes, styles no. However, some styles are lost on me or just don't have palate or stomach for, sours come to mind though I am down with gose or Flanders Oud but just don't have the stomach to drink more than one, sour and my gut don't mix.
    Overly spiced holiday beers, pumpkin beers or overly sweet pastry type beers.
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  31. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Pooh-Bah (1,583) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    Agreed, love pumpkin pie but these beers are either pie in a glass or earthy and boring.
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  32. DavyJonesXXX

    DavyJonesXXX Pooh-Bah (2,522) Aug 6, 2021 Texas
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    Pickle beers
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  33. LacquerHead

    LacquerHead Initiate (0) Jul 3, 2010 Illinois

    I'm tired of IPAs and any beer that is overly hopped when it doesn't need to be. For example if a brewery makes a pilsner, kolsch, or blonde and boasts that their version is hoppy I won't buy it. Not every beer style needs to have a hoppy version of it.
    I also will not buy a beer if it has artifical or "other natural flavor" as an ingredient.
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  34. NCSapiens

    NCSapiens Maven (1,368) Jul 19, 2018 Indiana

    For me it’s American lagers. I’ll try one every now and again to make sure my palette hasn’t changed, but they make me vomit and I refuse to buy. What people taste often differs based on genetic factors. My wife loves cilantro, to me it tastes like soap. I can only imagine that’s what an IPA tastes like to the last few posters. There are styles that I tend to dislike, but where I can imagine getting to like them over time (like lactose IPAs). The key is recognizing the difference between an acquired taste and a genetically inherited factor. If it’s the first case then experimentation is needed to make sure you aren’t missing out. If it’s the second case no amount of experimentation will ever prevent you from perceiving something rancid.
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  35. Mgh2001

    Mgh2001 Crusader (432) Dec 3, 2021

    Many years ago I generally wouldn’t go for ba stouts, and especially ba barleywines. Nowadays if it’s a solid brew, it’s definite pick up.
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  36. Dansac

    Dansac Pundit (866) Dec 6, 2014 California

    American adjunct lagers. Milkshake IPAs are also not my thing.

    I love czech, bavarian, Mexican lagers... But American adjunct lagers are the worst style of beer I have ever tasted.
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  37. jesskidden

    jesskidden Pooh-Bah (2,969) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey
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    What's the difference?
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  38. BigIronH

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    I think you’re supposed to put a lime in one?
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  39. JayORear

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    Almanac Apricot Sournova is a tasty beer.
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  40. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Grand Pooh-Bah (3,458) Apr 21, 2014 Canada (ON)
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    My tastes have definitely changed as I have aged ‘un-gracefully.’ I tend to enjoy most beers that are 6.5 ABV and lower most or most often. IPA’s of all sorts (minus Brut), lagers, traditional English styles. I still like barleywine, stouts, lambic etc, but they have become more occasional choices from the fridge.

    The only styles I won’t buy anymore are those slushy sours (so hard to finish a can), fruited kettle sours generally (they all taste the same), and hot pepper beers ( I like hot peppers, but it has never tasted right in beer to me).

    I’m a couple bottles of pastry stout away from giving those up too. Just too sweet.
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