Note to Craft Beer Fans: 'It's OK to Drink the Same Beer Twice' (Vinepair)

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by deadwolfbones, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Thanks for posting this, this quote really stood out

    I love Tired Hands but this has been my issue with most of Tired Hands’ DIPAs, they are pushing new beers that’s arent as good as their core line up; at this point I get the most excited when they say they have fresh Alien Church than a new IPA to tick. Even as a fan of NEIPA I’m getting a little tired of so many new ones being cranked out at such a fast rate, I wish some breweries would focus more on other styles they do well and become less one-dimensional.
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    Not sure how the Evil Twin dude thinks his brewery was brought to relevance, but I assure you it was likely through beer geeks. If he wants to bitch about making a thousand different beers, bitch to the breweries that started that stuff.

    Beer has to be brewed before we can drink it, so those decisions to brew a ton of different beers were made by people in the industry. Others followed and guess who else followed the money trail... Evil Twin. He's right to thank God that "real people" like even more jesus, cuz those flavored variants have been overpriced shit from what I've tried. Why would I repurchase?

    Sorry, but I don't feel bad for a successful company because they have to work for it. I'm not even a ticker, but to act like he hasn't benefited off of them too is just dumb.

    Btw, founders, Sierra Nevada, bells all seem to be doing fine without following every trend and making 1000 beers a year. Make some solid shit and don't give it a paragraph long name. People might actually remember it.
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    “The vast majority of these new releases are NEIPAs, which tend to taste pretty similar across the board. All NEIPAs have low bitterness, a fruity and juicy flavor profile (leaning on hops like Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic), and thick mouthfeel (often due to oats and/or lactose). They typically have a bit of an alcoholic burn, usually due to how extremely fresh they are. Drink a flight of them and it can be hard to distinguish one from another.”

    Yup, but as long as they have a new brand name the haze bros are out in full force in line to buy them at $20+ a four-pack. Cha-ching!

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    Tick, tick, tick...guilty as charged

    Very rarely these days to i repeat the great tasting “classics” such as heady topper, sip of sunshine, lunch, fort point, Julius, etc.

    I guess it is the quest for that great new beer...
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    Sip of Sunshine has just recently made it's way for distribution in SEPA and I have already read posts on BA about this beer not being 'worthy'.

    Crazy times indeed.:slight_frown:

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    I sheepishly admit I am partially a ticker. Baaaaah! For the past couple of years, I've been in pursuit of accomplishing my "all styles" goal, and that got me into trying a lot of new beers and styles. Also worked "all states" on the side. I finally accomplished all styles this past NBS - at least until they shake up styles on BA again. I have a ways to go on states. But now I really need to force myself to drink down my cellar of favorite BA stouts that I can't stop buying, but seldom drink.

    Also in play is that I'm constantly trying to find that fleeting "better beer". I try every new stout/quad/porter I can, particularly if BA. I often like them, but rarely find that beer that exceeds all of my old favorites. Six-month-aged CBS became my favorite in June, then 2018 BCBS Vanilla just unseated it black Sunday.

    Lastly, accomplishing Poo-Bah status played into it, particularly as I racked up new beers while pursuing my other goals.
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    Do you have the opinion that the BA Karma status encourages the ticker mentality?

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    Some claim to be immune to the draw of earning Beer Karma points and achieving higher ranking, but few are really. Anyone not know their ranking? Or their Beer Karma within a few hundred, or less? Beer Karma rewards site participation in a multitude of ways, most of which are ticking of some sort. Any type of ranking system encourages that which achieves that ranking - human nature.

    Hope they don't change it. It's fun as long as nobody is "lording" their status over their "inferiors". Folks should keep in mind that an initiate is only new to the site, not necessarily to craft, beer, or life in general. I've only been into craft for three years, though I'm old as rocks.
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    " Forget the days of buying a $10 6 pack of something you know you love, like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale."

    Not even close.
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    I generally gain karma through posting and being active in threads, but I don't let that drive me to post things I wouldn't normally. Hard to force conversation on this site without coming up with a new conversation (we all know how hard it is to not repeat an old thread)
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    I’ll admit to often choosing a beer I’ve never had before over one I know I enjoy, and sometimes being mildly disappointed when there’s nothing new on tap.

    In terms of at-home consumption, there are some seasonals I buy every year, but I don’t even have a “regular” year-round, non-cellarable fridge beer any more.

    The only thing I can say in my favor is that I will occasionally order the same beer twice in a row at a bar, brewery or restaurant.
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    Yes I Tick.

    But the main beers you will find in my fridge are the local Firestone Walker beers and whatever seasonal Lagunitas has in stores currently.
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    Torpedo too.
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    Yeah, I found it ironic that this guy, of all people, was the one bitching about the situation. he cranks out random-ass beers, charges a huge premium for them, and then has the gall to complain about others doing the same thing? Getdafuqouttahere!
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    Especially Torpedo
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    Uhmmmm...that 'rebranding' that Burlington Beer Company is doing now that they hired that new artist seems to not set in the minds of Vermont tickers. Or maybe some Vermonters don't know. :thinking_face:

    Gee I wonder why their "Inertia" series seem to have died off and been replaced by real names with Inertia series recipes, lol.

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    There's a ranking? Uhmmm, feel free to call me an idiot but I have no clue about any ranking system. And what is it a ranking of? I'm only requoting you here in hopes of you or someone else to guide me to that ranking, I am kinda curious TBH. Thanks.

    Besides I'm only "rank" when I don't shower after a while.
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    And the gall to complain about the customer! That's what pissed me off the most. I hardly ever see even more jesus in stores either... Kind of hard to sell something you don't distribute enough.
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    Yeah my main takeaway from the article is that Jeppe can sit the fuck down.

    Before the direct-to-consumer-haze culture really took hold, the one brewery that always stood out to me as constantly putting out new shit/variants whenever I went to the store (#tbt), was Evil Twin. Though I’ll admit that when it first popped up, I had a nasty Imperial Biscotti Break habit.
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    Awesome read. Just lays it out there. I was definitely a ticker when I first got into craft, but I relate that more to just being amazed by the new world of beer I had just stepped into. Now, I find myself mostly buying the same stuff from a few breweries I enjoy. To compliment that I try to mostly buy in state brews.

    “I think it’s easier for breweries these days to sell new mediocre beer than already released great beer!”

    This.... The truth of that is frustrating.
    The rising costs compound why that statement is so irritating.
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    Go to your profile page.
    Click on beer karma number.

    All will be revealed, including the of your rapid rise in the short time since you’ve transferred in lots of prior information that contributes.
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    I’m definitely guilty of wanting to try as many new beers as possible. I do have some standards that I go back to, but there is so much great beer out there, I’d feel like I was missing out if I only drank my favorites. I also love taking notes and writing reviews. That said, sometimes it’s great to just pour a beer you know is good and sit back and enjoy.
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    Yeah @Lone_Freighter is quite the contributor, averaging over 9 beer reviews a day in the 18 months he's been here. My liver aches just thinking about it.
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    Or uploaded a bunch of reviews/ratings previously housed outside of BA?
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    I have gotten pretty darn focused on trying new beer. My fridge is loaded with all singles, with the multiples from the packs being sent away in trades or as BIF gifts to a friend. Not a great way to be, but I still aim to drink and support local breweries regardless of my intent to tick. I do always order Apex Alework's English Dark Mild or BKS's Rockhill & Locust (an English Dark Mild), whenever I find myself at their establishments, but aside from that, I'm usually aiming for something new.

    In fact, BKS is doing another new release this weekend. I'm tempted to go, as I went to the last release and had fun, but it also required me wait in line for 30 minutes, making them one of the catalysts starting #linelife here in Kansas City. Not sure if the new beer, or to call it as it is - the tick - is worth it.

    Great article. Calling it as it is, and I agree.
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    Yep, I tick - one new beer per day, my New Breakfast Beer. The rest of the day I drink favorites like Hop Devil. And Evil Twin can kiss my shiny metal ass. BTW, an interesting read!
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    Not really on the main topic of the article but this comment makes no sense to me:
    Wouldn't owning their own canning or bottling* line (which, obviously, many do) make it easier to release numerous different beers? Less scheduling, no dealing with an outside contractor, etc.

    *Before the common use of the sticker or shrink-wrapped can, seems that paper-labeled bottles would have made it easier still. Damn, I remember buying beers with handwritten labels...

    Gotta say, tho', the more I read these sorts of articles (and many BA threads), I think to myself,
    ":thinking_face: Well, it appears I am no longer a "beer geek"..."
    I can't think of the last time I've bought off-premise beer at a brewery (maybe a decade ago, at Victory's original brewery?), certainly never spend any time in line to buy beer at a brewery, etc. Doesn't help that these new places have the worst hours I've ever seen - most simply aren't even open during normal weekday "business" hours. WTF?
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    Jarnit-Bjergsø may not be the best spokesman for this topic, so I suggest you ignore who the author interviewed and focus on the actual points being made.

    A random check: Using data from the BA brewers page (such as total number of beers current and archived) one of the breweries that has opened in the Twin Cities recently has been cranking out a new beer each week on average. That's more than twice the rate of one of our more established (but still newer) breweries over the time since their founding and 10 times the rate of the historical average of our breweries here from the the mid 80's through to 2010 or so. (I didn't compute this historical data ... I spot checked and extrapolated.)

    We have such a cacophony of brands to the point that all these new brands have little market value beyond being "new."

    Is this good for the industry?
  32. ilikebeer03

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    All these different NEIPAs are just the same recipe with different hop schedules.
    Single hop will give you an array of new releases on the same grainbill.
    Same can be said of different hop combinations.
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  33. Samlover55

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    This is definitely true for me too, because of the lifestyle that I lead, when I sit down to enjoy a beer I want to fully appreciate it. By writing a review, it allows me to fully focus on the beer. However, if it is a beer that I've already drank, then I end up not enjoying the experience as much.
    That being said, aside for following @bbtkd in the style chase, I don't feel the urge to try every new beer out there. Except maybe from Industrial Arts (mentioned in the article) as they are local to me.
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  34. MNAle

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    IDK nuttin' about running a small brewery, but I would guess portable canning lines (and shrink-wrapped labels) make it easier for smaller breweries to keep crankin' out the "new" beers.
  35. Harrison8

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    This thread isn't directly related to ticking for Beer Karma, but it is pretty enlightening in how it plays a role in some people's use of the site.

    Disabling Beer Karma thread.
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    It’s to very different experiences for me, when I focus on the beer, it’s all about the beer. An old favorite usually enhances something else I’m doing, watching a good movie or listening to music. So I wouldn’t say I enjoy either more or less, just differently.
  37. Harrison8

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    I'm in the same boat. After a long, stressful day of work, I don't really want to mindlessly sip a familiar beer. I'd like to sit down with a notepad, pen, and a new beer and note what I'm sensing. That, combined with the little photoshoot I do, helps alleviate some stress for me.

    Of course, once I'm done I could pour a familiar beer, but I usually continue to pour new beers. Unless I plan on playing video games next, then I'll pour something familiar.

    The style pursuit is fun. I've tried beers I never would have otherwise pursuing all the styles. Plus, it has reduced my IPA consumption ratio, at least slightly.
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    Still trying to find a balance between new experiences and old standbys. I was "forced" to buy a Sam Adams twelve pack, and it was nice. I came of age after the original craft beer revolution, so some of those I haven't tried might well become weekly beers. They seem to be up my alley, anyway. Maybe when/if things slow down, we'll be able to?
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  39. EvenMoreJesus

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    Last night the pub had on Thornbridge Jaipur. I drank more than one of them.

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  40. Coronaeus

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    The piece lacks a convincing argument. I remain sceptical that it is “OK” to drink the same beer twice. I’m going to continue playing it safe myself.