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Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by jaymesbawned, May 3, 2013.

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  1. jaymesbawned

    jaymesbawned Initiate (0) Feb 1, 2011 Texas

    Hey everyone,

    My wife and I are coming up to NYC for a weekend in June and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a Friday night place with good food and beer or if you could link me to another thread. We're staying in the Theatre District.

  2. Franch

    Franch Devotee (450) Mar 22, 2011 District of Columbia
    Beer Trader

    torst torst torst torst torst torst torst torst torst torst torst torst torst torst

    also top hops

    neither of these have food
  3. Crookdrain

    Crookdrain Aspirant (286) Jan 13, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    Blind Tiger - a few train stops away from the theater district (West 4th st stop).

    Rattle N Hum or Ginger Man are nearby where you're staying too.
  4. phooky

    phooky Aspirant (209) Jan 23, 2010 New York

    I agree with Crookdrain- if you enjoy pub fare, I love the food at Rattle N Hum.
    One of the best beer selections in the city, too

    Closer to your hotel is their new sister bar, Beer Authority.
    Not as impressive of a beer list, but still amazing, and a larger food menu as well.
    Easier to get a table there too.
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  5. ripps1

    ripps1 Initiate (0) Aug 28, 2012 New Jersey

    The Pony Bar is a good place for drinks. I don't recall if they have food or not.

    Blind Tiger as Crookdrain mentioned is also a good spot.
  6. reidjoshua

    reidjoshua Initiate (155) May 3, 2013 California
    Beer Trader

    I like rattle and hum and always end up at ginger man. i'm gonna try out torst the weekend of savor.

    pony bar was cool too. i did not like blind tiger for some reason when i went a few years ago. maybe the crowd? i'm gonna hit them up during savor weekend too to try it again.
  7. phooky

    phooky Aspirant (209) Jan 23, 2010 New York

    i dislike blind tiger for the same reason, its always way too packed and impossible to get to the bar.
    it's probably better off-peak
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  8. Crookdrain

    Crookdrain Aspirant (286) Jan 13, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    Pony Bar has food but tends to get very crowded. NY Beer Company is also a decent spot by you that has food and good craft (its a stock-themed beer bar where prices fluctuate based on demand).
  9. yankeepride

    yankeepride Disciple (374) Jan 16, 2011 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    A quick train ride down to the Lower East Side will take you to One Mile House. It's got good food, 30 taps, and a good bottle selection. It's not as crowded/trendy as all of those famous spots mentioned above, which is why it's my favorite spot to go to in the city.
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  10. OddNotion

    OddNotion Devotee (478) Nov 1, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Beer Authority gets my vote if you want to sit down and have good food (at any time) as well as good beer. Rattle n Hum or Gingerman if you dont care about huuuuge crowds. Off peak hours any of the ones I mentioned as well as the ones others have mentioned are all good.
  11. ghostly

    ghostly Initiate (0) Mar 7, 2011 New York

    Best combo of food, beer, and general ambiance is Gramercy Tavern, I think. Anyway, these are all the same recommendations we always give.
  12. sjjn

    sjjn Disciple (383) Jun 4, 2004 New York
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Pony Bar UES on 75th and 1st doesn't get nearly as crowded as the West side one. Food is very good as well.
    Right in theatre district is Little Town NYC which does regional food and beer from New York. 46th near 9th ave.
    Also Valhalla on 9th ave and 54th has great beer selection. Alfie's in on 53rd and 9th. BXL us a Belgian beer bar on 43rd btwn 6th and Broadway.

    If you travel towards the east side you can go to Stag's Head, Draught 55 or Hofbrau Bierhaus. There's also an eastside BXl on 51st near 3rd (less crowded).
  13. Franch

    Franch Devotee (450) Mar 22, 2011 District of Columbia
    Beer Trader

    one mile house of "$11 for 8 oz. pour of KBS/BCBCS/Doom" fame.
  14. Brown120

    Brown120 Disciple (381) Dec 5, 2011 Pennsylvania

    I'm headed to NYC on Friday as well. I definitely was planning on hitting Rattle and Hum, Torst, possibly Beer Authority. However, Torst's tap list didn't excite me too much when i saw it today. One mile House looks very solid and will probably make my list. I would assume they don't have Doom anymore.
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