News NYT Well: "Young Drinkers Prefer Beer" (and Bud Light is the favorite)

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by Todd, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Mediczod

    Mediczod Initiate (0) Aug 2, 2012 New York

    Black Label and PBR were the main ones we drank back then, unless family came down from New York and brought Genny with them. You were cool if you could get Coors, since having it meant you got it smuggled to you, a la Smokey and the Bandit.
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  2. willbm3

    willbm3 Initiate (0) Feb 19, 2010 Massachusetts

    Ahh college. Walk in with $5, walk out with two 40's of Steel Reserve, get drunk. Rinse, repeat,
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  3. Kerrie

    Kerrie Initiate (0) Aug 24, 2012 Michigan

    I didn't like beer at all until I had craft beer (I was 23 at the time). When I was underage, I went for vodka and Southern Comfort instead. Much more bang for the buck if you're just trying to get drunk.
  4. Jacurdy60

    Jacurdy60 Initiate (0) Jan 23, 2013 Massachusetts

    Because, in my opinion, it isn't. It's a sessionable dry stout but it lacks flavor.
  5. nickapalooza86

    nickapalooza86 Initiate (0) Feb 23, 2010 Wisconsin

    Hey I am not ashamed to admit that from 16-20 my favorite beer was Old Style Light! Then I discovered German Pilsners (mostly 24 packs of Bitburger because they were only $18)... That carried me through to about 22 and well my wallet has been sad for the last 5 years or so:slight_smile:
  6. LambicPentameter

    LambicPentameter Meyvn (1,479) Aug 29, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I don't know if the intent is to make excuses so much as identify/discuss the reason. Sure, it's not rocket science that the youngest beer drinkers choice of beers is going to be based on things like cost, ease of access and marketing rather than taste.

    To me, the interesting question would be: how much of the legal beer-drinkers' affinity for the adjunct lagers you mentioned is influenced by the fact that it's what they started out drinking? Or is it purely a matter of preferring beers that taste more like carbonated water than anything else?
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  7. airforbes1

    airforbes1 Initiate (0) Oct 27, 2010 California

    I'm another one who drank very little beer until I tried the good stuff. Adjunct lagers are ridiculed on this site for having little to no taste, but I thought it "tasted" wretched (perhaps it was the fizzy "mouthfeel" {ha} that I despised). Guinness Draught, Blue Moon, and Samuel Adams Boston Lager were my gateways to craft, and since then I have never looked back!
  8. CircusBoy

    CircusBoy Initiate (0) Mar 10, 2008 Ohio

    Yes, but underage and of age people are generally drinking for different reasons (for the most part). High school kids are simply drinking to get drunk/party. A lot of adults are either in social settings (not a house party when the parents are gone), a bar/restaurant, or relaxing on the couch. Adults also have a better say in what they drink in that they can "legally" walk in and purchase it themselves. I " legally because there was a store that would sell to my friends and I in high school.
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  9. cjoc83

    cjoc83 Aspirant (282) Jul 31, 2010 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    I don't know about the rest of you, but this is fantastic news to me. More craft for the rest of us. As Margarette Thatcher once said.."Let them eat 4 in the morning, drunk on Bud Light Lime". Something like that anyway.
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  10. KevSal

    KevSal Savant (968) Oct 17, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    this isnt strange at all.

    if i had to shoulder tap to get beer i would try to make my money go as far as it can. unfortunately for craft beer it doesnt go as far...
  11. Lutter

    Lutter Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    Young people like cheap beer? NOOOOOO. :rolling_eyes:
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  12. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Savant (968) Mar 17, 2009 Washington
    Beer Trader

    I wonder how Bud and Coors feels about this. This publicity is so horrible it's amusing. Im sure statistics would say most DUIs and accidents from underage drinkers were done after they bathe their liver with the king of beers. CEOs probably sleep well on all the money they make from it.
  13. vader06

    vader06 Initiate (0) Jan 13, 2011 Michigan

    The young people will after time.
  14. bilboTbaggins

    bilboTbaggins Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2013 Wisconsin

    I am not surprised, advertisement works. Most of that age group listens to the highly advertised music, which is in the most part is terrible. Why wouldnt they drink the advertised beer? I do not believe its a time in life that the majority of people in that age group look beyond whats being presented. There is not a real draw to exploring choices, because honestly what have they mostly done in life up until this point... do what they are told. I think it says more about society than the kids/young adults who still have most of their innocence.
  15. ratbraz

    ratbraz Initiate (0) Jun 13, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Im 22. Never had a sip until I was 21 because I respect the laws of the US government. First beer was a Guinness. 2nd was a Chimay Blue. Haven't looked back.
  16. GFG

    GFG Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2012 North Dakota

    I'm still young (22) and I was drinking at 16 quite regularly, at least on the weekends (nothing else to do in North Dakota). At that age it's almost ALL Bud, Miller and Coors because it's cheap and that's basically all that they know since those are the companies they always see on TV and other advertising. Most of them probably can't even name more than 3 craft beers, if they can even name 3.

    Another problem is at that age most of them think all beers taste the same. By that I mean, they all think they're light like bud light, miller lite, coors light. Heavier like Budweiser and Coors. Or dark like Guinness.

    I RARELY drink beers like that now. Only one I buy is Coors Light and it's only for drinking games like beer darts.
  17. regularjohn

    regularjohn Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2013 New Jersey

    agreed 110% also i'm sure this is more of a numbers game than anything. by their research it probably came up as oh look budweiser sold the most beer last year, must be everyone's favorite including underage broke college kids ! makes $ense :grinning:

    VDODSON Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2013 North Dakota

    Cornball, guess you never jaywalked either.

    VDODSON Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2013 North Dakota

    I was drinking beast light, and Icehouse as a young teen. Makes sense though, have you ever seen a teen drinking 18 year old scotch or smoking fine cigars? Its all about availability, and price. Why would a young person strapped on cash pay $17.00 for a six pack of Hopslam, when he can get five cases of Busch Light for the same price?
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  20. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Site Editor (6,823) Dec 8, 2007 North Carolina
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    I'm guessing the reason for the popularity of those brands are partially name recognition (they have the greatest reach as well across the different locales - other cheaper options probably were more isolated by region and thus were not as dominant) and partially the fact that they do not have strong flavors/aromas.
  21. teal

    teal Initiate (77) May 3, 2012 Wisconsin

    The most plentiful beer is macro lager. When you're underage and looking to steal some beers from someone's fridge - what's MOST likely to be there? Macro-lager. Really not rocket surgery here.
  22. lester619

    lester619 Zealot (529) Apr 17, 2009 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Someone got paid to do research to figure out that 20 year olds like cheap beer? I wish I had that job. I also wish I was 20 doing a keg stand on top a a Natty light half barrel again.
  23. Ivegotmule

    Ivegotmule Initiate (0) Nov 7, 2012 North Carolina

    I wish I could have afforded bud light in college. More like Southpaw and PBR. We did enjoy craft when money was ok though, mainly Sweet Georgia Brown and Newcastle.. Entry level but not bad for 18 yo's. We were of a different kind :wink:
  24. ratbraz

    ratbraz Initiate (0) Jun 13, 2011 Pennsylvania

    because they are a 'beer advocate' maybe? Don't understand all the bragging about downing cases of garbage on this thread. Isn't there a for that?

    VDODSON Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2013 North Dakota

    What are you talking about? Its a simple correlation between whats cheap and available, than what is usualy reserved for someone of means and a refined taste. What teens do you know drinking Hopslam???
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  26. LMT

    LMT Initiate (0) Oct 15, 2009 Virginia

    My college bar used to sell $0.25 Genny Cream pints for a few hours each evening on Mondays - Thursdays. To this day, still one of the cheapest beer purchases I can recall.

    It seems that drinking cheap AALs is still a rite of passeage.
  27. bilboTbaggins

    bilboTbaggins Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2013 Wisconsin

    Has anyone mentioned acquired taste? Really, no one here is going to admit that they had to acquire a taste over time for good beer. Your first bar was a beer bar? I really don't think its possible to start off knowing what to drink, unless you drink what someone else says is good, but there is no taste in that anyways. Taste is hard earned, through trial and error.
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  28. beerme411

    beerme411 Initiate (0) Sep 28, 2010 California

    Well I have a solution to the problem. I say all of the people from BA and RB go to your local college liquor stores and stand outside Thursday through Saturday night and wait for the kids to come begging for someone to buy them beer and popov. Just walk up and say. “Hey kiddos let me go buy that for you.” They reply, “Thanks mister BA!” Then you go inside and come out with 1 bottle and some glass-ware. Tell them they need to age it for a year with proper cellaring before they can have a tasting with the proper glass-ware. Crisis averted! (well you do just encourage underage drinking, but it was for a good cause :slight_smile:
  29. Icarus

    Icarus Initiate (175) Oct 6, 2012 Minnesota

    We would buy a case of Schmidt or a 30 pack of Stroh's for $10 back in the day, money was definitely the issue at the time.
  30. teal

    teal Initiate (77) May 3, 2012 Wisconsin

    I didn't - I never cared for micro-lager the 2x I tried it. Didn't drink much beer at all until I found out you could home brew. Then I realized that there were breweries making beer just like I was and went right to that. So I went from home brew to craft to micro lagers. Which is backwards.

    I had to develop a taste for macro-lager - I jumped right into flavorful beer from day one and never looked back.

    I don't believe in "beginner" beers, or things of that nature. There are 2 beers. Those that taste good and those that don't.
  31. pitweasel

    pitweasel Initiate (0) Jun 11, 2007 New York

    Credit card debt. "Afford" the shit you don't need now, and desperately scrape together the pennies you'll need for medical bills later in life - if you make it there. The American way!

    In regard to the actual headline, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. I didn't drink in college (getting drunk just didn't appeal to me), and I do know a few people who enjoyed craft beer. But I don't think it's really out of line to make the generalization that more college drinking occurs to get drunk than to enjoy the actual beverage. So is it surprising that inexpensive and readily available beers are at the top of the pop charts?
  32. Crusader

    Crusader Aspirant (211) Feb 4, 2011 Sweden

    I find it somewhat surprising that light beer would top "regular" beer in popularity among underage drinkers. I would have thought they would have went for 5% Budweiser instead of 4.2% Bud light, but perhaps this difference isn't too well known among those drinkers. Or they just find Bud light to be the young person's drink and Budweiser is for old people.
  33. mellowmark

    mellowmark Aspirant (263) Mar 31, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    ISO: $3.40 case of Busch Light

    VDODSON Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2013 North Dakota

    I was being facetious due to the extremely low price of adjunct beers compared to craft.
  35. mellowmark

    mellowmark Aspirant (263) Mar 31, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    ISO: My sense for sarcasm.
  36. weonfire

    weonfire Zealot (538) Sep 4, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    When i was in high school we were gettin crunk on 16oz Steele Reserve cans at $2.59 a four pack. Highlife, MGD and PBR were saved for my 'special' occasions. I had a part time job makin $9/hour. Ain't no way i was spending all my money on $15 4-packs or $10 bombers.
    For these kids...... Budweiser is the easiest to get. Its marketed and cheap as shit. no kid wants to look foolish asking for some beer nobody has ever heard of or their buddies don't like.
    To this day.....some of my highschool bodies STILL recall when I was a sophomore (13 years ago) and decided to be different and got a 12-er of Grolsch (with the swing lids). It was awful... at least back then it was. Probably will never live that down.
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  37. Lifeofbrian

    Lifeofbrian Initiate (0) Nov 20, 2010 Minnesota

    They see the Bud ads on tv before craft beer ever comes to their mind.
  38. Newbiebeer

    Newbiebeer Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2012 Connecticut

    I was 19 when I tried a Blue Moon. That was my A-HA moment. Something was different, there was actually flavor. Shortly after I tried a Lagunitas Hop Stoopid and that is what really got me started. I am only 22 now but think I've got a good library for my age. My friends STILL drink all the BMC beer. On occasion I'll open something good and share it but it is usually "too bitter" or "tastes funny" but not always..And maybe if I convert 1 friend he will convert another, and repeat. Maybe in 10 years there will be younger kids trying better beers.

    In response to some people - There are exceptions. I'm in college and I will bring my own beer to a party. Everyone gawks over an 8% beer because their interest is in getting drunk. Obviously I enjoy a nice buzz, but my appreciation for beer is much, much deeper than that. If I am spending money on something I am damn sure I am going to enjoy it!

    On another note I could sit down in a bar when I was 19 and 20 without being asked for ID. I like to think this is because nobody expects a teenager to order a barrel aged Tripel :stuck_out_tongue:
  39. YieldToNothing

    YieldToNothing Initiate (0) Mar 13, 2013 New York

    in college i remember a lot of cheap vodka. never really liked beer. 40 oz of colt 45 or olde e would happen once in a while.

    never really opted for beer until i got into the good stuff

    but yea, i remember kids consuming a lot of crappy beer.
  40. antlerwrestler19

    antlerwrestler19 Disciple (363) Nov 24, 2010 Nebraska
    Beer Trader

    Stop talking about me like that, it was Budweiser.....and Mr. Daniels.
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