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Old ales like Adam

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DmouthCaliBrewz, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. DmouthCaliBrewz

    DmouthCaliBrewz Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2013 New Hampshire

    So HOTD Adam is probably one of my favorite beers ever, and I would probably give up my firstborn to try cherry Adam from the wood. Anyway, I know it is classified as an "old ale," which is quite vague, and I was wondering if there were any other beers in the same style that were comparable.

    I checked out BA's list of top old ales, and it's just a random mismatched assortment of other beers. For example, the next highest rated "old ale" behind Adam is Avery's old jubilation - which I would classify as a winter warmer/holiday ale - that is in no way similar, and in my opinion, quite underwhelming (I do freekin love Avery tho). And then right below that is theakstons old peculiar, a fantastic beer IMO, but again, absolutely nothing like Adam.

    Sooooo, what would you call Adam, and what out there is comparable?
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  2. BlackDragon

    BlackDragon Initiate (0) Feb 16, 2013 Michigan

    You could try Khunhenn BB 4D
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  3. eatabagofbooger

    eatabagofbooger Initiate (60) Mar 27, 2009 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Old ale is a vague category, but there are some commonalities between most of them. The problem is that a lot of other beers that are distinctly not old ales, such as Adam, get lumped into that category in this site because there isn't anyplace better for them to go. I haven't ever had a beer that tastes anything like Adam myself, so I'm very grateful that I can get it consistently for a reasonable price.
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  4. Shmeal

    Shmeal Devotee (409) Nov 9, 2009 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    If you're dying to try Cherry Adam offer something like 2 four packs of heady topper or some HF stuff. I'm pretty sure my HF regular trader drinks more HotD than I do....I've spawned a monster.
  5. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (3,059) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    HOTD Adam is apparently an Adambier. This is a new/old style which just this year got recognized by the Brewers Association as part of their style guidelines; this category will exist for the 2013 GABF.

    From the 2013 BA style guidelines:


    Adambier is light brown to very dark in color. It may or may not use wheat in its formulation. Original styles of this beer may have a low or medium low degree of smokiness. Smoke character may be absent in contemporary versions of this beer. Astringency of highly roasted malt should be absent. Toast and caramel-like malt characters may be evident. Low to medium hop bitterness are perceived. Low hop flavor and aroma are perceived. It is originally a style from Dortmund. Adambier is a strong, dark, hoppy, sour ale extensively aged in wood barrels. Extensive aging and the acidification of this beer can mask malt and hop character to varying degrees. Traditional and non-hybrid varieties of European hops were traditionally used. A Kölsch-like ale fermentation is typical Aging in barrels may contribute some level of Brettanomyces and lactic character. The end result is a medium to full bodied complex beer in hop, malt, Brett and acidic balance.
    Original Gravity (ºPlato)1.070-1.090 (17.1-21.6 ºPlato) ● Apparent Extract/Final Gravity (ºPlato) 1.010-1.020 (2.5-5 ºPlato) ● Alcohol by Weight (Volume)7.1-8.7% (9-11%) ● Bitterness (IBU)30-50 ● Color SRM (EBC)15-35 (10-26 EBC)”

    You can read a more on this thread: http://beeradvocate.com/community/threads/new-old-beer-styles-adambier-and-grätzer.84578/

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  6. dianimal

    dianimal Initiate (161) Apr 18, 2012 California

    Wow, I was just thinking about this earlier today, and also wondering what exactly an "old ale" is. I love Adam, it's one of the best brews I've tasted! I'd also like to know the names of any that are like Adam.
  7. DmouthCaliBrewz

    DmouthCaliBrewz Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2013 New Hampshire

    Thanks a ton for the insight and the link! I knew "old ale" was one of the many "catch-all" beer categories, so this definitely clears things up.

    The first time I tried it, upon trying to classify it based on taste, I couldn't help recalling a few stronger alt-biers I had previously drank, more specifically a Doppelsticke - quite an obscure german style that really hasn't gained much popularity amongst craft brewers in america. Adam seemed to me like a Doppelsticke on roids, maybe like a sour-Eis-doppelsticke-stout if we were to play beer mad libs game.

    Long story short, it is friggin fantastic, and thank god it is pretty easy for me to get when I am home, because otherwise I would cry.
  8. Shmeal

    Shmeal Devotee (409) Nov 9, 2009 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    You can get it in NH?!
  9. standardcherry

    standardcherry Initiate (0) Jan 17, 2011 Massachusetts

    As someone else said, Kuhnhenn 4D and the BA version are amazing. I love Adam but 4D (and especially the BA version) is on another level.
  10. ColinStClaire

    ColinStClaire Initiate (0) Jul 31, 2012 Washington

    I thought it was a strange (and insanely delicious) stout when I first tried it!
  11. jlenik

    jlenik Disciple (374) Jan 22, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    I can tell you right now, Idiot's Drool may be considered an Old Ale but it is unfortunately far from drinkable =/

    Drink it only if it's free.
  12. grilledsquid

    grilledsquid Devotee (479) Jul 10, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    The thing is, HotD Adam isn't sour and I don't think Brett is intentionally used so it probably deserves its own category.
  13. jmgrub

    jmgrub Initiate (0) Nov 20, 2010 California

    Fuller's Vintage Ale is a nice, widely available old ale. Not super cheap, but it won't break the bank either. Probably ends up being the same $/oz. as Adam.

    adambiers...well, I can't help you with any of those.
  14. CelticAleMan

    CelticAleMan Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2010 California

    There is nothing like Adam and there are no substitutes. Definitely don't give up your first born to try Cherry Adam, unless you absolutely hate him/her. lol. I love Adam and thought Cherry Adam was horrible. Adam from the Wood on the other hand...
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  15. IAmJacksHopTongue

    IAmJacksHopTongue Initiate (192) Jan 19, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I am literally drinking Adam, for the first time, right now as I stumble across this thread. Really like this beer!

    I also recommend Kuhnhenn 4D or BB4D as similar.
  16. Derranged

    Derranged Devotee (479) Mar 7, 2010 New York

  17. Spaghett

    Spaghett Initiate (0) Oct 27, 2011 California

    Fred is a solid one too. It's more of a strong ale I suppose but I think it has similar characteristics. But I agree with you on Adam, certainly one of ma favs.
  18. DmouthCaliBrewz

    DmouthCaliBrewz Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2013 New Hampshire

    Hahaha hell no, or at least not that I know of. Otherwise I would be running an IV drip of the stuff! I'm from SoCal but I go to school out here.
  19. DmouthCaliBrewz

    DmouthCaliBrewz Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2013 New Hampshire

    Empty promises cuz if all goes well, my proveny wont be brought into this world for a long long time (fingers crossed). And hmm I have heard great things tho. Well I guess the first born will only be sacrificed for regilar old Adam from the wood then....
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  20. DmouthCaliBrewz

    DmouthCaliBrewz Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2013 New Hampshire

    Sucks to suck. Lol different strokes for different folks right? I just about found god when I tried it for the first time. Maybe give if some age and the booze will integrate a bit more?
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  21. litheum94

    litheum94 Initiate (0) Dec 29, 2008 California

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  22. pixieskid

    pixieskid Initiate (0) Jun 4, 2009 Germany

    Why not just the 4D? The Adam he is referring to is not BA...
  23. pixieskid

    pixieskid Initiate (0) Jun 4, 2009 Germany

    Fred and Adam are completely different, no way comparable aside from the high abv.
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  24. pixieskid

    pixieskid Initiate (0) Jun 4, 2009 Germany

    When they came out with the style guidelines for Adambier, I have no fucking idea where they got the acidic/brett/extensive barrel aging requirements from. HOTD Adam has been the only commercial example of the style for some time (to my knowlege) and it doesn't have any of those characteristics. Seemingly, when it was produced in Dortmund, it was aged in barrels and got sour...
  25. pixieskid

    pixieskid Initiate (0) Jun 4, 2009 Germany

    Adam really is something unique. AFTW is a really well done ba version and Cherry Adam would have gone down in my top 5 all time amazing beers, but it was flat (beer in this day and age is supposed to be carbonated).

    The only Old ale that is readily available and solid that I can think of is Old Stock from North Coast. Haven't tried it in years but I remember enjoying it the last time I had it.
  26. UnknownKoger

    UnknownKoger Zealot (533) Jul 9, 2010 California

    North Coast Old Stock is a tasty old ale
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  27. 4DAloveofSTOUT

    4DAloveofSTOUT Poo-Bah (2,303) Nov 28, 2008 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Shmeal you are my hero!
  28. 4DAloveofSTOUT

    4DAloveofSTOUT Poo-Bah (2,303) Nov 28, 2008 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    This!!! I have always been a fan of Old Ales and I havent found any old ale thats remotely near as good as Adam. It fantastic fresh and its fantastic aged; it doesnt matter. Adam is always a great malty beer treat! Honestly, anytime anyone asks for a reccommendation of a great old ale... HotD Adam is always the first beer that comes to my mind. Its truely a benchmark/standout for the beer style.

    Not to mention that Adam from the Wood is a truely sublime beer and Cherry Adam from the Wood is just down right mind blowing!
  29. itsiilegal

    itsiilegal Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2013 California

    Adam is in my top 30 favorite beers (that's good) and Cherry Adam from the Wood, while being incredible and unique, would be hard pressed to be in my top 100. It's too silky, boozy and dull wood with muted pie cherries. I would take 4 bottles of Adam to Cherry Adam from the Wood (which is about $4$) any day.

    So.. Adam is pretty easy to find. Adam ages beautifully 6 months to 5 years. Ask your beer guy to order you a case and let that age. Repeat every vintage.
  30. Derranged

    Derranged Devotee (479) Mar 7, 2010 New York

    I dont have anymore of it. Some have argued I may have had a bad bottle, and I'm starting to think the same thing because that beer isn't supposed to taste like that. I realize people have different tastes and what not but that was suspiciously rancid tasting. What I really don't get is why I was sweating after a few sips.

    Also, as noted in the review, the head was enormous and took a long time to go down, isn't that a potential indication that its gone bad?
  31. Derranged

    Derranged Devotee (479) Mar 7, 2010 New York

    Maybe I was too generous...? :confused:
  32. amnesia85

    amnesia85 Initiate (0) Mar 31, 2012 Connecticut

    ISO: somebody who doesn't like hair of the dog to stockpile and cellar for me. I can't keep the damn stuff around. Lately I have been pulling from the basement and drinking at cellar temp because I can't wait long enough to chill!

    Cherry Adam is well worth trading for however I wouldnt give up an arm and a leg for it. I love the older vintages as well still/flat leather cherry bombs!!!!

    The problem the world faces today is the day when Alan sprints passes... Who will carry on and melt those Belgium candy malts into small batch bottle conditioned goodness? It will be a sad day for beer lovers everywhere. They should start a 401k plan converting savings into cellared Adam :slight_smile:

    Alan sprints = genius brewmaster.
  33. starrdogg

    starrdogg Champion (825) Jun 21, 2010 District of Columbia
    Beer Trader

    Like many have already said, I'm not sure there's another beer that's quite like Adam. It's one of the most unique beers I've ever had. I'd also agree that Cherry Adam is not all it's cracked up to be, and regular Adam may in fact be the superior beer. Now Adam from the Wood, holy shit, one of the best beers I've ever had.
  34. watsonmd

    watsonmd Initiate (0) May 16, 2009 Georgia

    Looking forward to trying this one.... popped up on my "LetsPour" email yesterday, 2 bottle limit. Should be here Monday!
  35. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (3,059) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Below is from the notes section of the profile for Adam on BA:

    A re-creation of an historic beer style originally made in Dortmund, Germany. Adam was the first beer produced by Hair of the Dog.”

  36. compton

    compton Initiate (0) May 20, 2009 Georgia

    Most/all beers traditionally had brett infections due to the lack of stainless and knowledge of yeast's existence. I feel like the BA really missed the mark there with their guidelines and it's a damn shame. Adam truly ages and develops like very few non-sour beers do. Alan Sprints is THE brewer's brewer.
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  37. BlackDragon

    BlackDragon Initiate (0) Feb 16, 2013 Michigan

    I really want to try cherry from the wood cherry always seems to make beer better what makes you think the others are better?
  38. starrdogg

    starrdogg Champion (825) Jun 21, 2010 District of Columbia
    Beer Trader

    I've always found Cherry Adam to be a little too sweet. I too love cherry flavors in beer, but for some reason it just doesn't work as well with Adam as it does with some others. I should note that it's far from a bad beer, it's actually quite good, just not as amazing as I'd hoped it would be.
  39. Shmeal

    Shmeal Devotee (409) Nov 9, 2009 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Pretty sure I already do this for you....
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  40. sherm1016

    sherm1016 Initiate (198) Aug 10, 2009 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Well, there's at least two people who know how to make those beers. From the HotD website:

    I think the addition of an assistant brewer is a recent development (don't know for sure). Doug Henderson probably knows how to brew some of the beers as well. I seem to recall (maybe incorrectly) that the brewhouse hasn't changed in the 20 years they've been around.
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