Online Tasting: Non-Alcoholic Beers (Jan 14-17)

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by elNopalero, Jan 14, 2022.

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  1. cjgiant

    cjgiant Poo-Bah (5,862) Jul 13, 2013 District of Columbia

    I was curious about that one, sort of for the reason I mentioned above, more succinctly here: it's not an IPA. At least, I thought it wouldn't be until I saw your tasting notes; I assumed a golden ale or something in that light but not hoppy/bitter range.

    I didn't grab it since the date wasn't the best, but I also literally have no idea how age would affect a non-hoppy n/a beer. For reference, the last Athletic has the same age as my yet untasted IPA - a month old.

    Glad I could help! I very much like dark lagers, which is why I think All Out worked for me pretty well.
  2. BillAfromSoCal

    BillAfromSoCal Devotee (467) Aug 24, 2020 California

    It is not as hoppy as the RunWild or the Free Wave hazy, but to me, this Superfood and their SunsetStoke red IPA are the most tasty IPAs they make. Tooooo bad that they don't seem to be regularly available.
  3. GlenFarclas

    GlenFarclas Initiate (85) Oct 1, 2021 Connecticut

    Yeah, my can is dated 12/29/21 so just a couple weeks old. 90% of what I've had from them I've had very fresh (generally direct from the brewery). The price is a swing too because the "curbside pickup" prices are low/lower.

    In any rate, I agree. I'm not sure if it's that the malt bill is quite mild, but the prevailing finish is still bready while the middle has that pithy, piney hop character. It reminds me of Goose IPA (which I like for what it is) in the middle and the end is more a mix of English pale and bready, earthy English pub stuff. It's like a lovechild of fuggles and cascade/centennial. I didn't expect to like it but hey, I really do.
  4. MNAle

    MNAle Poo-Bah (2,348) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    First, thanks for hosting this tasting, @elNopalero!

    My experience with NA beers in the last several decades is nil. In my early professional life, I would have an O'Doul's and/or Sharpe's when I needed to remain social and sober (as in dinner meeting with customers, etc.) As I recall, it was tolerable compared with my usual Oly, Coors, or Heienken. But even Bud Light was better.

    I'll be doing three side-by-sides for this tasting. First up:

    Weihenstephaner's Non-Alcoholic Hefeweizen v their Hefe Weissbier

    I very much enjoy a good hefeweizen, and we are fortunate here in Minnesota to have several excellent locally-brewed examples, to my palate led by Schell's.

    The Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier is the #1 ranked hefeweizen on this site. I reviewd this beer back in 2017 and rated it 3.94, which is a double-digit -rDev. It was likely not very fresh (but I didn't record the date code, so...). In any event, the NA "hefeweizen" has tough competition.

    But, I'm not approaching this as a competition (that is, which beer is "best"), since I expect that is a foregone conclusion. I am just noting differences and similarities, including how the NA version holds up on the "enjoyment" scale and what style characteristics does it retain.

    I went back and forth on whether to put these two into more of a "sample size" glass, allowing subsequent pours for a more thorough side-by-side, but I decided that since "look" is important to hefes in particular, I'd use weizen glasses.

    Weihenstephaner Non-Alcoholic Hefeweizen
    ABV: less than 0.5%
    IBU: NA
    Date code 9171 calculated to be April 29, 2021

    Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier
    ABV: 5.4%
    IBU: 14
    Date code 7211 calculated to be May 27, 2021

    Note the date codes: if my decoding is correct, the NA is about a month older than the hefe's approximately 8 months.
    The look is nearly identical. Tall, thick, white and creamy-looking heads, both with excellent retention. Similar levels of carbonation, and similar haziness. The NA is slightly darker. Lacing is better with the NA beer.

    The aroma is quite different. The NA smells mostly of cooked grain, with a very slight hint of other aromas, perhaps banana and spices if I imagine it to be. The hefe is, as expected, bright, banana and clove with some bready malts behind. The NA aroma is quite nice and inviting; it's just not what I'd expect from a hefeweizen.

    The taste of the NA is somewhat minerally, grainy, with some of the typical hefe flavors faintly well in the background. I can pick up the wheat. I do get some spice and, as with the aroma, hints of banana, but again, faint enough that it seems more subliminal than real. The predominant flavors are cooked grain with a mineral tanginess. No bittering at all. The mineral tang remains into the finish and the aftertaste. The finish is semi-dry. Overall, not unlikeable, but also, not a hefeweizen (or one that would be ranked low to style if tasted blind in a hefe tasting).

    (It is a bit of a tough palate adjustment between the two, given the lingering mineral tang from the NA. So, I took advantage of the full pour into the weizen glass and adjusted my typical side-by-side approach and spent longer with each beer, minimizing the switching back and forth.)

    The hefe is quite a nice example of the style, no surprise there. Even given its age, it held up nicely. Bright refreshing flavor of banana, cloves, and bread. No bittering. The banana remains throughout, with the cloves providing a nice accent throughout as well. The finish and aftertaste are the same, with a bit of a stickiness in the aftertaste. The finish is semi-sweet, especially in comparison with the NA.

    The body of the NA is thin, but that is expected. Nicely carbonated. The body of the hefe is moderate to full, creamy, with nice carbonation.

    Overall, the NA is no hefe, but it's also enjoyable in its own right (but the minerality does start to become tiring as the beer warms, but to counterbalance, so does the faintly banana start to assert - but only just).

    The ratings below should not be directly compared. The NA is rated strictly on a enjoyable scale, whereas the hefe is rated with style in mind.

    L: 4.25 | S: 3.75 | T: 3.25 | F: 3.5 | O: 3.25 | Rating: 3.46

    L: 4.25 | S: 4.0 | T: 4.0 | F: 4.0 | O: 4.0 | Rating: 4.02 (which would still have a ~rDev of -9%)
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  5. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (5,261) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
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    I may run thru my stock of five the first day, but it is NA. I figured this one had to be next, because it took the longest to find an example in my fridge. Of the five packs I ordered, this one has gone the quickest. I think this is my last can of it.


    Athletic's Rice Helles.

    Pours a pale straw color that is just foggy enough to barely make out my fingers on the other side of the glass. Head is a finger and a half of white foam. Aroma is a quick blast of bread, biscuits, crackers, and grassy hops with a spry wort consistency behind. Wort works with the bready, biscuity malts to develop a grain-rich nose. It has just a touch of clove to it, but it's malt dominated otherwise. Flavor profile is bready, biscuity, crackery malts with bits and pieces of clove, and grassy, herbaly hops. Finish leans into a vegetal, worty, grain water taste that's edged out quickly with a dry finish. Only thing lingering on the tongue is that vegetal note. The lead up prior to that is great. Mouth feel is a soft crispness that is just crisp enough to be refreshing. Thickness is medium. Overall, a malt forward NA beer that remains simple.

    Score: 4 | 4 | 3.5 | 4 | 4 | BA Score: 3.8 | rDev: +10.8%

    Something about this one has me reaching for it. Perhaps its just the simple malt forwardness of each sip, before the dry finish. It's not flashy, or hop driven, although I do enjoy some of the NA IPAs.
  6. larryi86

    larryi86 Poo-Bah (5,013) Apr 4, 2010 Delaware
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    Got 4 nonalcoholic beers lined up for this weekend, excited to try them. First tried nonalcoholic beers last year, @CanConPhilly gave me some to try and at the end of the day was really surprised how much I enjoyed them. Most of them were from Wellbeing so I’m with Wellbeing Victory Wheat.
    3.75/5 rDev +13.3%
    look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.75
    by larryi86 from Delaware

    16 oz can poured into a pint glass

    A- A fairly clear bright golden color with a small white head.

    S- Sweet oranges/lemons, wheat, slightly earthy.

    T- Sweet oranges/lemons (almost makes me think of citrus cleaning products), wheat, a little earthy.

    M- Smooth, light body.

    O- A little heavy on the citrus flavors, but still a really tasty for nonalcoholic beer.
  7. GlenFarclas

    GlenFarclas Initiate (85) Oct 1, 2021 Connecticut

    Alrighty, one last NA for today I think. Athletic's ESB. I tend to gravitate to the session beers when buying NA I guess.


    Looks the part albeit a little dark, the slight haze is relayed in the mouthfeel. Nose is a hint of cocoa, some malt sugar, sweet sugary caramel. Taste's great. I can usually peg these to a specific beer that they're reminiscent of but not sure here.

    It tastes of sweet malt sugar, some dried fruit, apricot for sure, maybe some apple, some earthy hop character, again likely English hops here. There's a nice vegetal finish. Finish is short but pronounced. I enjoy it but coming off the previous beer it's just a touch muted at the start and the short finish leaves a little wanting. I do like it but I'll start out with it in future. Cheers!
  8. FBarber

    FBarber Poo-Bah (6,092) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
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    Where are people getting these special release Athletic beers? Straight from Athletic? A lot of those look super interesting, but I have never seen them on shelves.
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  9. Beersnake1

    Beersnake1 Poo-Bah (3,359) Aug 17, 2013 California
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    The selection of NA beers at my local shops is pathetic. This was available so I grabbed a few. Gruvi Stout, brewed in Canada. Pours black with a LOT of head. Appears quite thin. The nose is huge roasted malts, coffee grounds, and licorice. The nose is quite nice.

    The taste is...not great. My initial thought is that it's VERY watery. The big roasty malts on the nose just don't make it through on the taste. There is a faint hint of it, but not much. The black licorice is there, and lingers on the aftertaste. Otherwise, I am not getting much on the taste. It tastes like what I would expect if I added 200ml of water to 10ml of beer. There is an odd medicinal flavor that starts to creep in as it warms a bit. Again, quite odd. Glad I tried it!

    look: 3.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3 | feel: 2.75 | overall: 3.25

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  10. Beersnake1

    Beersnake1 Poo-Bah (3,359) Aug 17, 2013 California
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    I asked around here and nobody has any interesting Athletic or Untitled stuff.
  11. jkblr

    jkblr Poo-Bah (3,215) Nov 22, 2014 Indiana
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    Good evening BA
    My first offering for this tasting is Clausthaler Original

    12oz green bottle P:05.10.2021 E:05.04.2023 (it's either 3 or 8 months old...) poured into a mug at fridge temp 0.5% ABV. The beer pours very bright light golden yellow with bone colored head. The head recedes to a thin ring and single layer of bubbles. Slight lacing. The aroma is skunk, big time, with a hint of light malt. The taste is more skunk with a semisweet light malt wort flavor and slight back end bitterness. The mouthfeel is thin bodied with average plus carbonation and a mostly dry finish. Overall, ok. I bought it warm off the top shelf of a well lit Meijer thinking it would be ok. I would 100% sample again from a can or light protected bottle and will finish this six pack with meals before February.

    I reviewed the dry hopped version last "dry January" (only made it 12 days last year...) and enjoyed it more mainly because there was no skunk. I would honestly rather drink one of my wife's Michelob Ultras than either Clausthaler (Original or Dry Hopped). Ironically, I thought the Clausthaler Christmas beer was great for an NA beer.

    Cheers all!
  12. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (5,261) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    The "pilot series" Athletic beers are only available via the site. In fact, I don't even think their other special releases get distro, just their four flagships get distro.

    FWIW, they just announced a Dunkelweizen and a Schwarzbier. They also have Black and Brut IPAs up. I know the latter is a controversial style, but I actually enjoyed them.

  13. elNopalero

    elNopalero Poo-Bah (4,367) Oct 14, 2009 California
    Society Trader


    Moving on to another.

    Since there’s been a lot of discussion about Athletic I thought I’d continue with my notes about Free Wave, their hazy NAIPA.

    The can from an October purchase.

    It appears more west coast than hazy. There’s enough lacing to make me think about taking a photo for that thread.

    There’s still a bit of a zesty lemony hop note on the nose. It’s bright, if not so fresh. There’s more of a malt backing than I expected, especially for a NA beer. Hoppy presence too. Drying finish. Rollicking carbonation. This could go toe to toe with a number of IPAs I’ve had, even three months out.
  14. tigg924

    tigg924 Poo-Bah (6,861) Apr 30, 2008 Massachusetts

    Several are direct order from their website. Also subscribers for their monthly deliveries get first dibs on limited releases.

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  15. BillAfromSoCal

    BillAfromSoCal Devotee (467) Aug 24, 2020 California

    Athletic seems to have three ways of selling their beers: They have the year round standard offerings like Run Wild IPA, AllOut dark, a Mexican style NA, and a hazy IPA. They they have their very limited edition beers that they seem to offer as a trial basis to see how they review. They are known as Pilot Program beers. As a subscription member, they show up on my website feed, but if I don't log in, they don't seem to show as purchase options, and they typically sell out within 2-3 days. Then they have limited time offerings based on successful test runs of Pilot Program beers. They seem to be available to all comers via the website, but only for a limited time until they sell out. You normally won't find anything but the year-round standard offerings in the stores. If you buy 2 or more six packs of anything the shipping is free.
  16. BillAfromSoCal

    BillAfromSoCal Devotee (467) Aug 24, 2020 California

    RE: Athletic Brewing....
    Any chance there is a review available for that brut? I saw the announcement and given the strong negative feelings about brut IPA from a lot of people I was surprised they are offering it. I have only had one full ABV brut and was not impressed.
  17. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (5,261) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    FWIW, I'm not subscribed. Everything I'm reviewing was purchased through the regular website. Wanted to mention it for context on how available their limited beers are.

    I'm tempted to subscribe for more and more fresh Single Hop releases, but I don't always drink NA year-round to justify it. Maybe '22 is the year.
  18. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (5,261) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    I haven't purchased it. I don't even think it's in our BA database yet.

    If it's real dry and crispy, I'll be pleased. Probably won't get around to ordering it for another few days. We'll see if it survives that long.

    Edit: "them" in that post about my enjoying brut IPAs was more of a general statement, not directed at Athletic's example.
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  19. tigg924

    tigg924 Poo-Bah (6,861) Apr 30, 2008 Massachusetts

    I am a former subscriber. If you like their stuff I say go for it. They are/were really cool and let you skip months. I would sometimes skip a couple months at a time and still got some of their special releases

  20. MrSandman101

    MrSandman101 Initiate (28) Dec 11, 2021

    [​IMG] Having this with meatloaf. I got a six pack of this stuff. It’s a bit watery for my taste, but it tastes pretty true to a Guinness. Good stout for NA.
  21. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Poo-Bah (10,080) Dec 8, 2007 North Carolina
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    I definitely have a few other more interesting NA options available to me but grabbed the only one that was already in the fridge tonight (I will try to remember to put at least one other in the fridge before bed to sample this weekend).

    As requested, I will note that I have been having a few NA beers every year and enjoy trying them to find something for those days where I want to have an interesting beverage but skip the alcohol.

    Budweiser Zero

    A: Pours a crystal clear pale golden yellow in color with moderate amounts of active visible carbonation rising from the bottom of the glass and moderate bright yellow + medium yellow colored highlights. The beer has a two finger tall fizzy sudsy foamy bright white head that quickly reduces to a medium to large sized patch of very thin film covering a little more than 35% of the surface of the beer and a very thin ring at the edges of the glass. Minimal amounts of lacing are observed. 3.75

    S: Light aromas of bready + cereal grain malts along with light aromas of rice adjuncts and a light amount of grainy sweetness. Light aromas of lager yeast with hints of grassy hops. 3.0

    T: Light to moderate flavors of bready + cereal grain malts along with light aromas of rice adjuncts and a light amount of grainy sweetness. That is followed by light flavors of lager yeast. Finally there is a hint of grassy hops which impart a very light amount of bitterness which fades away almost instantly. 3.0

    M: Light bodied with moderate amounts of carbonation. Slightly crisp upfront with a thin/watery + clean finish. 2.5

    O: Easy to drink with a light slightly crisp mouthfeel but with that slightly thin/watery finish that I find in many of the NA beers. Enjoyable enough (there is nothing offensive about this beer) and lacks that chemical/formaldehyde presence that I find in Bud Light and Bud. 3.0

    Happy to be participating in this one and thanks to all of the folks that organized it.
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  22. tigg924

    tigg924 Poo-Bah (6,861) Apr 30, 2008 Massachusetts

    Having a Brew Dog Chit Just Got Real. Wow is this a good ipa. Plenty of juicy southern hemisphere hops. Lots of melon. Brew Dog really has an excellent subscription service. They are making some of the best NA out there
  23. IKR

    IKR Savant (902) May 25, 2010 California

    So to follow the N/A tasting rules I'll note that I've been seriously drinking N/A beers for a little over a year when I discovered through the 2021 N/A thread that N/A beers had come a long way from the Sharps and O’douls I tried decades ago. I am an Athletic subscriber too. I have been drinking craft beers or micro beers since the mid 1980's so I have a good idea of what I like and don't like. I have found that alcohol does bring positive flavor notes to beer but due to personal health concerns/goals I've also found I'll take a good N/A beer over a mediocre alcoholic beer all day long. Cheers all! PS I know this isn't the side by side thread but let my post comparing Untitled Arts Juicy and Athletic Freewave slide!
    Appearance: UA Juicy: Cloudy straw-yellow color with a generous-sized foamy white head that slowly faded. Athletic Freewave: Almost identical save it's a touch darker and the head is denser and thicker. Nothing to really criticize on either case.

    Smell: UA Juicy: Citrus/fruity aromas along with some tropical fruit notes. Athletic Freewave: Citrus fruit aromas noticeable here but the tropical fruit notes in the UA Juicy are missing in comparison. I also got a hint of sulfur aromas. come out the glass. They both have good noses for my tastes, but I prefer the nose of UA Juicy.

    Taste: UA Juicy: I get moderate citrus notes, mild tropical notes, a slight hint of pine notes and some very faint residual sweetness. In comparison, the Athletic Freewave comes off more a West Coast IPA, there are some citrus notes, but the pine notes you find in something like Pliny the Elder are much more prominent and the overall hop bitterness is definitely a step or 2 above that of the UA Juicy. Both beers have enough hop bitterness so that they finish respectably dry, though Athletic Freewave does come off as the drier beer of the two.

    Mouth-feel: Both beers have bodies on the light side of medium-bodied with a generous level of carbonation. But comparing the two Athletic Freewave has a slightly fuller mouthfeel.

    Overall: There is no real winner here and that wasn't my intent for this side by side. I was just curious to compare two N/A IPAs that I like and observe the differences. I'd take either of these over many mediocre alcoholic IPAs. Much respect @elnopalero.for putting this N/A tasting together.
  24. steveh

    steveh Poo-Bah (3,381) Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    They just started brewing one, ran into some packaging troubles, but are back again. But for now, it seems only available in Ireland and the UK.
  25. HoppingMadMonk

    HoppingMadMonk Poo-Bah (2,699) Mar 3, 2017 New Jersey
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    Partake blonde
    ....around medium carbonation with a watery body. Overall a weak feel to this.
    Aroma is cereal, grain, sour dough bread, earthy, sour bitter grain.
    ....taste is sour dough bread,cereal, grain, earthy. There is a sour grain taste that dominates,not necessarily bad but not overly appealing either.
    Not the strongest na I've ever tried[​IMG]
  26. FBarber

    FBarber Poo-Bah (6,092) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
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    Alright, time to jump into this! But first, I want to give a big shoutout to @elNopalero who is hosting his first BA tasting event this weekend! Really appreciate you stepping up and hosting this one.

    For me I think I've had one NA beer in my life. It was Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei which I reviewed in 2017 literally to just tick the style on BA. After that one, I never had an interest or reason to go back to NA beers. However it is pretty clear the style has come a long way since 2017 and that was no more evident than when I went shopping and was shockingly overwhelmed by the choices.(Sorry @Beersnake1 :wink:) I settled on a pretty wide variety since I do want to see whats out there.

    Im starting off this tasting with the one I was most excited to try - Untitled Art - NA Italian Style Pilsner. This is a style I like, and the Untitled Art mixed pack came highly recommended by the beer guy that I trust.

    A sidenote about my plan for rating these beers. I know they are not apples to apples with the alcoholic versions of these styles, but fo me, an NA beer with a specific style should at least be a reasonable facsimile of that style. It may not taste like it 100%, but it should be recognizable. Thats part of it for me. The other part is just going to be, did I like this beer? Would I drink it again? If I would, that is a big win for me, since I am honestly unlikely to do so.

    With that out of the way, lets get to this one ...


    Untitled Art - NA Italian Style Pilsner

    Pours a lightly cloudy, but clear crisp straw golden color. Lovely white sudsy head forms on the beer, lingers, then dissipates leaving splotchy lacing on the glass and a thin cap of foam on the beer. The aroma on this is actually quite lovely. The dry hopping gives it this lovely bouquet of spicy, grassy hops. A little sweet malt comes through on the underside of the aroma, but if you focus on the hops, its really reminiscent of a regular dry hopped pilsner.

    Taste is initially some light sweet crackery malt with lots of spicy herbal and grassy hop notes coming through right away. Again, focusing on the hops and that light crackery malt its quite nice. However I do start to get that wort note you commonly get in these NA beers, but its moreso on the very backend of the palate and mostly just noticeable in between sips. As it warms that sweet wort note becomes a bit more prominent, but is still subtle. Feel is light, crisp, and easy drinking. Brightly carbonated. Semi-dry on the finish.

    Overall this not only did not disappoint, I actually genuinely liked this NA beer. Id absolutely drink it again. I do think it was better colder and with the hops in this playing a big part Id assume its better fresher. But here is the kicker - it was canned 11/8/21, so its over 2 months old at this point and holding up really well. There are 2 more cans in the mixed pack - I will happily finish both of those off.

    look: 4.25 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.25 = 4.15/5 (rDev +8.1%)

    I'm rather high on the rDev, but this NA beer deserves it.
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  27. FBarber

    FBarber Poo-Bah (6,092) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
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    Thanks guys! I will check out their website. I was able to get a single Athletic Free Wave & Cerveza Atletica for this tasting, but some of the other ones popping up in this thread look super interesting.
  28. cjgiant

    cjgiant Poo-Bah (5,862) Jul 13, 2013 District of Columbia

    I am enjoying how quite a few of us are trying to explain this "thing I/we all know" in different ways that could end up just being "that N/A note."

    I hesitated in quoting this, even in friendly jest, because in the end of the day we all have our own scales. But...

    Since I once called out @FBarber for fearing the low score, I ask humbly why your feel score is 2.75 for a beer that feels like it is 95% water? Of course, I might not be attuned to metric hyperbole :wink:
  29. FBarber

    FBarber Poo-Bah (6,092) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
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    LOL! Tonight I am trying not to fear the high score ... It seems weird to rate an NA beer 4+ ...
  30. FBarber

    FBarber Poo-Bah (6,092) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
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    Next up is Untitled Art - NA Florida Weisse.


    So this one pours super cloudy and thicc - it is more reminiscent of those fruit smoothie beers than I expected. I was thinking more of a Berliner weisse. The head is off-white, fizzy and fleeting. Within moments there is no head and no lacing remaining. The aroma on this is absolutely killer - if you like those smoothie fruit beers. It is just bright tropical fruit, berries, like a fresh fruit smoothie. I found it pretty great.

    Taste follows the nose with just a huge blast of fruit on the palate. It is surprisingly tart and because of that It is really just the fruit, the tartness, and just a hint of malt underneath the back end. The fruit and tartness cover any of that wort note even as it starts to warm up. Feel is a bit thicker, but the fruit doesn't make it heavy at all. Really vibrantly carbonated.

    Overall this is an excellent NA beer. Honestly I am not sure I would guess this was NA in a blind tasting and for that it has got to get high marks. That being said, if fruited sours are not your thing, you probably are not going to grab this one.

    look: 3.5 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.5 = 4.36/5 (rDev +7.1%)
  31. cjgiant

    cjgiant Poo-Bah (5,862) Jul 13, 2013 District of Columbia

    Ha! I made my statement knowing I questioned my own 3.25 overall for All Out. I am one who uses that for my personal enjoyment outside of style** (which I try to consider for the other 4 categories). I will say I enjoyed it more than most, if not all, of the malt liquors I had for that tasting.

    Edit: I wonder if you subscribe to a different strategy given your 4.5 for the fruit drink in the post before this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  32. FBarber

    FBarber Poo-Bah (6,092) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
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    Next up is Untitled Art - NA West Coast IPA


    Pours a cloudy orange color. Two finger sudsy white head forms on the beer before dissipating. The aroma on this has notes of sweet malts, notes of pine and earthy hops, with a noticeable wort note to it. It honestly smells like an old WCIPA.

    Taste has notes of biscuit malt, piney, lightly bitter hops. Again the wort character in this gives it this old WCIPA type of flavor. However there is also a certain wateriness to the flavor profile. Feel is kind of watery, light carbonation.

    I will be honest, I did not enjoy this one. I cannot shake the old WCIPA comparison. Would not drink this one again.

    look: 3.5 | smell: 2.75 | taste: 2.75 | feel: 2.75 | overall: 2.5 = 2.75/5 (rDev -25.3%)
  33. beer_beer

    beer_beer Zealot (596) Feb 13, 2018 Finland

    I have exactly two beers left in the fridge (more on order of course), and they will end up here!

    Brooklyn Special Effects hoppy lager / amber. Probably the most well spread American branded NA beer here. This one is physically brewed and bottled by Carlsberg supply company in Falkenberg Sweden, when you read the fine print on the bottle :slight_smile:

    Hoppy, just as I often like a beer to be. A bit of citrus, medium bodied. Can definitively recommend!

  34. elNopalero

    elNopalero Poo-Bah (4,367) Oct 14, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    [​IMG] Final post for tonight.

    Estrella Galicia 0.0
    This is a new one to me. From what I understand, NA beers are a much more significant part of Spain’s drinking culture. This one seems to use the worty character to its advantage, integrating it into the (light) flavor profile in a seemless and barely perceptible fashion. To put it another way, this —like Athletics AAL-style offerings—works, and works well, for the style overall.
    This pours crystal clear with bright white foaming. There’s not much aroma, just a light barley-tea (“worty”) note. The sip is similar, with a faint malty-green caramel wort character. The carbonation keeps it light, with a clean finish. This was a pleasant surprise.
  35. ChicagoJ

    ChicagoJ Poo-Bah (1,784) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois

    Lots of great action here the first day. @digitalflood ’s Two Roots New West IPA, @GlenFarclas ’ Athletic Upside Down, and @BillAfromSoCal ’s Athletic Superfood Swell sound like the most appetizing after Day One.

    I enjoyed @GlenFarclas ’s post noting it’s important to have the right attitude about trying this style (would extend to every). I may not like/love every style, but I’m open to trying something new, and continue to learn and grow as a Beer Advocate by being open to new experiences.

    Great side by sides as well, loved reading @MNAle ’s treatment of the tee Wei Weihenstephaners.

    Going to pop in with my first if what will likely be a busy Saturday in a bit, starting with the second and final NA in my possession. May pick up one or two more with the tasting extended to Monday!
  36. zid

    zid Poo-Bah (1,731) Feb 15, 2010 New York
    Society Trader

    I was very surprised by how dark that beer appeared in your pic. After looking around a bit, it seems that this beer has very large color variation that goes beyond lighting and picture differences. The version in cans with “amber” on the label appears particularly lighter in color, but I haven’t seen anything stating that that version is a different beer in the Special Effects series.
  37. beer_beer

    beer_beer Zealot (596) Feb 13, 2018 Finland

    You are probably right, but I was also surprised how dark it appeared in the pic compared to how I saw it. Tried to move the very nearby lamp a bit, with no great effect. Could be about the angle and intensity of the light, the wall shines up and the camera auto-darkens? And also, the head could absorb light from above?
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  38. Peach63

    Peach63 Meyvn (1,092) Jul 17, 2019 New York
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    Lagunita's IPNA.


    Pours golden with a 1/4" white head, fades to a wisp. Minimal lacing. 3.25

    Aroma is floral, strong pine, citrus, grass. 4

    Taste is mostly pine. Not much else. 3

    Thin & watery, light carbonation. Semidry finish. 2.5

    Great aroma which, unfortunately, the taste does not match. 3.25

    3.26 rDev +5.2%
  39. ChicagoJ

    ChicagoJ Poo-Bah (1,784) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois

    Second planned pour for the weekend:

    Untitled Art Non Alcoholic Chocolate Milk Stout


    Can Notes:
    Purchased last week refrigerated, stayed refrigerated until now. 12 oz canned 8/31/21 @ 22:18. Non alcoholic malt beverage with cacao nibs and milk sugar. Contains less than 0.5% ABV, brewer and canned by Untitled Art, Waunakee, WI.

    Appearance: Dark brown bronze pour, creamy generous head leaves nice cover over base and spotty lacing. Light carbonation. 4.0

    Diet milk chocolate mix, vanilla, malt. Smells somewhat artificial. 2.75

    Tastes about the same, very watered down milk chocolate mix, malt ok. Meh. 2.5

    Thin body amped by a consistent full carbonation. Sweetness overall, drinks stronger than the listed ABV, perhaps it’s just the sugar. Milk chocolate aftertaste. 3.5

    This is ok, I guess as expected for an NA beer. Would have preferred more traditional beer tastes than this soft milk chocolate mix. Wouldn’t buy again. 2.75

    If I find a decent single today, I’ll pick up one more for Sunday/Monday.
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  40. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (5,261) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
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    Just for your, and everyone's knowledge, most of the NA breweries have limited stuff these days, but it's all only accessibly via their website.
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