Oskar Blues Brewery Introduces Steep Coast Zappa Double IPA

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by ESHBG, Jul 12, 2019.

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  2. eppCOS

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    Definitely seeking this one out - all around the Denver area, but none in COS yet (sad).
  3. oldbean

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    Really doubling down on pointless violations of IP law after the GnR thing, huh?
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  4. zid

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    The name of the beer(s) is Steep Coast and it's a series of single hop beers. Zappa hops were named after Frank Zappa, supposedly in collaboration with the Zappa family, and the hop name is trademarked. I have no idea what the complications are if a brewer puts the hop name on their label in association with the name of the beer.
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  5. Jaycase

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    As long as the cans mention "Strata", like the one displayed in the article's photograph they should be fine either way. :wink:
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  6. oldbean

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    That's a little better I guess but I still don't know why we're naming beer things after a guy who hated beer.
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  7. jesskidden

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    Actual can label
    Yeah, you'd think they put the little ™ or ® - which ever applies - after the Zappa name... And here I thought it was a reference to Steven Point's long time brewmaster :grin: (a relative IIRC).
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  8. SierraNevallagash

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    I keep wondering if these sort of "hybrid" IPAs - the ones that sort of straddle the divide between East and West Coast traits, will ever be marketed with a certain distinction. Most of us can label a West Coast IPA or a New England IPA just by observing its characteristics, but this style seems to borrow equally from both. Beers like Foundation Epiphany, a lot of Maine Beer Co. stuff, Elysian Space Dust, Kane, Lawson's, etc... They all kind of fall right in the middle of the two style distinctions. Personally, it's probably my personal favourite variety of IPAs. Is this on track to become a trend? How will they be marketed? Hazy West Coast IPAs? Bitter New England IPAs with some Caramel Malt? Not very catchy. I'm interested to see if this will evolve into something, or simply remain a niche sub-category of hoppy beer.

    It's a brave new world.
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  9. Amendm

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    As an Oskar Blues fan and a huge Zappa fan I'm looking for this one, hybrid or not.
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  10. Amendm

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    He like beer as the mean bad biker, and titties.
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