Other Half Brewery Thread (November 2015)

Discussion in 'US - Northeast' started by NiceBeerCans, Nov 1, 2015.

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  1. Tbub18

    Tbub18 (0) Oct 31, 2014 New York

    Well this thread escalated quickly. Thanks guys :astonished:
  2. HeyLady

    HeyLady (0) Sep 17, 2015 New York

    This was a very entertaining read yesterday. Unbelievably happy I passed on this release.
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  3. Superflyjsc

    Superflyjsc (0) Dec 6, 2013 Pennsylvania

    All this just for ipas too...can't wait for the circus to roll through Kane for their release shortly. This is EXACTLY why I hope they do another surprise release again an hour before opening
  4. MosaicDrops

    MosaicDrops (0) Jun 4, 2014 New York

    Can anyone provide some insight on We've been out there in Orbit? How's it stack up against Short, Dark & Handsome?

    I wanted to get a pour, but was rolling solo yesterday and the line for cans snaked around around the table away from the bar (which I think is a smart logistics move by OH for releases).
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  5. RandomBattle

    RandomBattle (0) Jun 25, 2010 New York

    Street Green is the love child of Fort Point and AGE...this beer is fantastic.

    Looking foward to Simcoe and Hop Showers.

    Crossing my fingers for a bottle release of their Imperial Stout.
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  6. taestee

    taestee (0) Dec 12, 2012 New York

    Of course, much boozier than SD&H. I think SD&H was better balanced. Lots of roasty notes. I had to drink it somewhat quickly but I can see it becoming better as it warmed up.
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  7. PVMT

    PVMT (0) Aug 10, 2014 New York

    SDH is a really solid stout, but WBOTIT blows it out of the water. Very rich, great mouthfeel. I was very impressed.
  8. Ieatlambfries

    Ieatlambfries (0) Dec 5, 2003 New Jersey

    Stoked to hear that WBOTIT is good. Grabbed a growler of it yesterday, but didn't sample it first. Haven't cracked it yet either. Now I'm excited to drink it later today. It seems fortune favors the brave and all that. Heh.

    Honestly man, it was really not as bad as people are making it sound. Most people were having a good time. It was not rowdy or out of control. Just a long ass line.
  9. Zekenyce

    Zekenyce (688) Jan 18, 2014 New Jersey

    The most ridiculous thing I saw was this guy who left with 3 cases and put in the back of this van. Then cut the line and went back in with his wife, mom, father, brother, and in-laws for round 2.

    Oh, let's not forget about the fact that the line more than doubled in width once it was time to open. Other Half get it together. Not cool at all.
  10. aecliptic

    aecliptic (0) Oct 10, 2015 New York

    I asked about the Were Out Here and they said its already bottled and they expect to release it either in the next or the following release.
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  11. Kanger

    Kanger (0) Sep 3, 2013 New York

    Um how about asshole beer nerds get it together, not Other Half. FFS. It's amazing all the redirect anger at OH and not the assholes actually causing the problems.
  12. aecliptic

    aecliptic (0) Oct 10, 2015 New York

    What they need to do is implement a ticket system like other breweries do.
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  13. aecliptic

    aecliptic (0) Oct 10, 2015 New York

    The human condition known as greed, its very unfortunate.

    Secondly, I wouldnt say beer nerds, I wouldnt be surprised if there were a bunch of people in line who were business owners ready to bang the prices on it in their shops.
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  14. dymmig89

    dymmig89 (0) Jul 11, 2011 New Jersey

    I agree but there is no way to police self entitled people who ignore anyone yelling at them to get the heck off the line. They will do what they want or challenge you to try to do something about it. A wristband/ticket system is the only way to prevent this. And for those that say well you deal with it. What happens if 5 250-300 pound large dudes cut in front of you like it happened to me yesterday. You going to tell on them or challenge them?
  15. Zekenyce

    Zekenyce (688) Jan 18, 2014 New Jersey

    Couldn't agree more. The fact that a guy gets to walk right back in with his whole family so that they can grab cans is absurd. And OH is directly to blame for allowing that nonsense.
  16. Ilovelampandbeer

    Ilovelampandbeer (0) Aug 25, 2013 New York

    Yes..you call them out 100 percent...be a man and tell them if they don't get to the back of the line you're going to tell the staff that these Shamus just cut the line lol better than standing there afraid

    As for the releases, ticketed literally makes these conversations not happen..been saying it forever with the VT ones...go on eventbrite and purchase a free ticket that gets you an allotment of beer to pick up at any point throughout the day...people wouldn't have to get up at 600 am to hopefully score cans and there would be no jerkoffs cutting lines...it is so exceedingly easy to make that happen
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  17. Kanger

    Kanger (0) Sep 3, 2013 New York

    Then go over to OH and talk with one of the managers about it. Posting here won't change anything. Be proactive in your beer community. Be the change you want to see in the beer community.
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  18. Zekenyce

    Zekenyce (688) Jan 18, 2014 New Jersey

    How do you know I didn't? I went directly to the owner and complained.

    Really not your job to reply to everything someone posts. This is exactly why I avoid these threads.
  19. taestee

    taestee (0) Dec 12, 2012 New York

    haha yeah the whole thing wasn't so bad. got to see a lot of interesting things in the 4 hours in line...

    i saw an entire family (mom, dad, teenager, and maybe 10 year old) walk out with a crap load of beer and some tekus. i can't be sure but it looked like they had more than the mom and dad's allotment.

    also saw an older lady, who brought a little fold-up stool with her. hate to judge by appearances, but pretty sure she wasn't there to buy the beer for herself.
  20. imonhiatus

    imonhiatus (0) Jun 28, 2012 New Jersey

    must've been before your time :wink:

    they did the complete works club. they took TONS of heat from people about the balls they have to ask ppl to write an essay on why they deserve the beer. it is essentially asking people to be entitled and explain why. other breweries have followed suit. I have even seen stores pull this nonsense. my point being that no matter what the system, ppl gonna whine.

    as for who is responsible for this non sense, I feel it is not OH. yes they may become impacted by our bad behavior and ultimately decide to do something about it before they are impacted, but if you are outside getting high or drinking beer and the police come by, you get the ticket...not other half. if inside, different story.

    this is not entitlement...you got there early, you should have gotten the beer that was promised imo.

    beer is a drug, so are the anti depressants and mood regulators that a large chunk of the population is on. "drug use" carries a heavier suggestion than a couple of people smoking a joint. I (obviously) fall on the side of the camp that doesn't consider heroine or cocaine the same as marijuana. NYPD has also announced that they won't even give you a slap on the wrist if you are smoking a little pot (not that people should be doing that on a line where there isn't an option for others who want beer to just walk away...it is as rude as smoking a cigar or cigarette in line...nothing more.)

    as fir the legality aspect, trading beer is illegal too. there are lots of silly laws. if you think it is so illegal and you are so upset about i, then be a model citizen and call the cops. you would do that if other illegal activity was happening in front of you?
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  21. MosaicDrops

    MosaicDrops (0) Jun 4, 2014 New York

    I think it was around 8:45 or so and a guy (black hoodie, gray Cigar City hat) asked us to hold his spot while he went to the bathroom at McD's. At this point, pre-open, we were in front of the recycling garage. He never returned. When we got up towards the front, just as they cut the allotments to (2) 4-packs/pp, we see this same douche roll out with his full (3) 4pack/pp limit and the biggest cheesedick grin on his face. Someone made a snarky comment about the bathroom wait, but this guy was clueless.
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  22. aecliptic

    aecliptic (0) Oct 10, 2015 New York

    I dont blame OH at all. Theyve done numerous beer releases already, and this one they were not ready for. They were definitely caught with their pants down on this one and Im sure theyre working on it for the future. Those guys at OH are beer geeks just like us, dont think that because they own a brewery that the bottom dollar is all that matters now. Theyre still a relatively new brewery and every new business goes through growing pains. I blame the people more than the brewery because if people werent greedy fucks, there would never be an issue.
  23. NiceBeerCans

    NiceBeerCans (0) Mar 16, 2013 New York

    He was definitely, totally, clueless. He actually thought we were giving him a thumbs-up for what he did. Agreed, he is a total douche-bag.
  24. kc1

    kc1 (0) Oct 26, 2007 Pennsylvania

    Cant believe they fell for the old kid in a fake mustache ploy.
  25. groverbeer123

    groverbeer123 (0) Jul 27, 2013 New Jersey

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah it's just fucking beer. Get over it already. no one cares you're bitching complaining about fucking beer.
  26. aecliptic

    aecliptic (0) Oct 10, 2015 New York

    Must have been one of the crew bringing the entire family.
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  27. Jerseybeerlover609

    Jerseybeerlover609 (0) Sep 9, 2015 New Jersey

    Hopefully hop-deded sees cans
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  28. Kanger

    Kanger (0) Sep 3, 2013 New York

    Street Green will be on tap at Blind Tiger's VSK if you want to wait in a long line and probably not taste it.
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  29. timnyc

    timnyc (0) Dec 28, 2013 New York

  30. CityofWind_brew

    CityofWind_brew (0) Jan 15, 2014 Illinois

    Do we know if there were any other Kegs that were sent out?
  31. Kanger

    Kanger (0) Sep 3, 2013 New York

    Covenhoven I think has one, but not sure where else.
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  32. VaTechPhilly

    VaTechPhilly (0) Oct 28, 2010 New York

    Not gonna fall for the banana in the tail pipe
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  33. groverbeer123

    groverbeer123 (0) Jul 27, 2013 New Jersey

    No man I waited just like everyone else. Got there at 745 waited my 4 1/2 hours got my beer and left. I had friends show up late and didn't even let them jump line with me.
  34. stevebrownsteve

    stevebrownsteve (155) Mar 28, 2015 New Jersey

    Anyone know if they sold out of the tekus? That's a sharp looking glass.
  35. aecliptic

    aecliptic (0) Oct 10, 2015 New York

    They sold out, literally the last glasses were sold right in front of me.
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  36. stevebrownsteve

    stevebrownsteve (155) Mar 28, 2015 New Jersey

    Bummer man. Hope they make more of them.
  37. icfpny

    icfpny (0) Apr 3, 2015 New York

    I don't know -- I'd prefer a different graphic on each set of glasses, make them a bit more interesting (even collectible -- $$$ for the brewery).
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  38. dhaakon

    dhaakon (0) May 30, 2005 New York

    Having my first canned street green and it is delicious. Getting some serious pulse wave vibes (probably the equinox) from it but with a little more of the OH dankness.
  39. aecliptic

    aecliptic (0) Oct 10, 2015 New York

    Im gonna let mine rest for a week in the fridge. I will crack it open next weekend for Sunday Football Funday. =)
  40. icfpny

    icfpny (0) Apr 3, 2015 New York

    Don't get your hopes up.
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