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Asia Overpriced Beer in Singapore

Discussion in 'The Rest of the World' started by BeerBellyGood, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. BeerBellyGood

    BeerBellyGood Nov 25, 2012

    Due to tax duties, beer in Singapore is way more expensive than, say, Hong Kong. The cheap ones e.g. Anchor are hardly drinkable. Any recommendations for good beers at reasonable prices in Singapore?
  2. GaryGreen

    GaryGreen Jan 3, 2013 Indonesia

    Prices? Fergidaboudit. S'por isn't for those that don't have money. Best beer is found at Brewerkz near Clark Kway. Most ridiculously priced beer is at the Paulaner microbrewery. You damn near have to take out a new loan on your house to afford one.
  3. BS-

    BS- Sep 1, 2012 Singapore

    Hey! Actually, the Paulaner microbrewery has a 1 for 1 offer on some evenings. Check their page. I'm not a big fan of the place though. They served my friend a skunked beer that smelt like petroleum and looked at me funny when I gave them feedback.

    Anyway, if you're looking for local beers, Brewerkz is pretty decent. Further into Clarke Quay would bring you to Pump Room which has it's own offering of beers. Jungle beers is my favourite local brewery and is available at quite a few places (check their site)

    As for imported beers, if you're willing to spend about SGD $10, you can get the good stuff from several local bottle shops (I frequent Brewers' Craft in Clementi and occasionally 99 Bottles along East Coast Road), or head over to The Good Beer Company at Chinatown Complex for a beer in a local hawker centre.

    If you're looking for cheap beers, mabuk monkey and alcoholdelivery.com.sg has bearable prices. I think Mabuk even carries Jungle.

    Yeap. Hope that helped.

    PS: Anchor isn't that bad. Heh. I can drink Anchor. Have you tried Colt45?
Thread Status:
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