Pale Ales and Painkillers: Why Brewers Find Inspiration in Exotic Cocktails

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    I'm all for exploration. One of my favorite places back in the day made killer Mai Tai's, so I'm all in on the style to begin with. I love a nice Zombie, or a Bahamas Mama. So fruit and hoppy beers we know already works, it's a matter of balance and just experimentation.
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    This is very interesting. It reminds me of Film Noir, Perry Mason, and nostalgia in general. I am a nostalgic person and I get it. I also understand the sugar/acid balance that provides that lip smacking desire for another quick sip. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is famous for sweet fruit and bright acid. These wines can be simply perfect, to my taste. I would hope that this trend may be a more subtle exploration of flavors, presentation, and the potential derivative beers could speak for themselves without all of the usual attendant hype. But that's really not possible!
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    Beers inspired by tiki drinks are trending, and Stone Brewing’s Scorpion Bowl IPA is one visible example. The IPA was developed to showcase layers of fruity hop flavors. “Tiki is a natural step once you’ve started down the path of tropical flavors,” declares Steve Gonzalez, Stone’s senior manager of brewing and innovation. He thinks more brews that reference tiki drinks are coming, especially as brewers chase “juicy” hop expressions.

    Maybe it's me, but comparing beer, especially hoppy beer, to tiki drinks is a pretty significant stretch.
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    Hmm, I thought this was going to be about the time my (relative) was taking Vicodin and drinking SNPA after his back injury.
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    Hmmm, I don't seem to remember that story pitch.
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    Might be a winner.

    The "bearded/tattoo sleeve brewer who stresses drink local, source local, sustainable embrace your passion risk everything" story might have become a trope.

    Or maybe you can enlist some fan fiction.

    Darby was down and out, unemployed and drinking SNPA and crushing oxys while the rest of the family celebrated the holidays. After crashing (Darby Crash hur hur) his truck into the local hotel swimming pool on NYE, he was prosecuted on felony charges in a small town. His probation officer required him to have a job, but no employer would have him. Meanwhile, to pass the time between highs and detox, he started out small on his little 5 gallon homebrew kit, slowly trading meth addicts for larger pots and pans to create a frankenstein 1 bbl set up. His homebrew became the stuff of legends, and soon, his sentencing judge, by chance would come across Darby's elixir. While technically a violation of his probation, the judge looked the other way, and in fact, behind the scenes, began to mentor Darby and share his wares with other bigwigs in the industry. In the course of just 6 months, Darby's brew was the next big thing. With the judge's financing, that 1bbl setup became 3, then 5, then 10, 20, 30. . .

    But then, as fate would have it, one of the judge's daughters, home from college over the summer, was seduced by Darby's barleywine. Eventually, the judge found out, and revoked Darby's probation, thereby sending him to prison. While Darby languished in prison over the next 24 months, his brewing operation, led by the judge, and continually fueled with the labor of other probationers that came through his court, continued to grow exponentially. The judge was on top of the world, proverbially speaking. But Darby, was counting the days. Darby was popular in prison, for his imperial pruno commanded a high price out on the yard. Darby thought to himself, "what if you had once chance (start Lose Yourself music intro jung jung jung jung jung), to make a bourbon barrel imperial pruno pastry stout to retake the brewery you made when you get out of prison. . . would you take it? Or would you just let the judge enjoy the fruits of your labor (jung jung jung jung jung jung) . . . "

    Merry Xmas eve from an empty workplace with nothing to do. . . !
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    Empty work place is in my future. Me being emptied out of the work place for pain killer habit. Prescribed BTW. Never went to prison ..yet..
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    Just had a beer from a respected cutting edge brewery in Pittsburgh. I couldn't tell if I was drinking an IPA or a Mai Tai. :wink:
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    BTW I love me some rum!
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