Papago- Orange Blossom ISO

Discussion in '$4$' started by ChicagoShoop, May 10, 2021.

  1. ChicagoShoop

    ChicagoShoop Initiate (91) Oct 29, 2012 Illinois

    Hey everyone. Been part of BA for a long time but haven’t been active in a long time lol. Anyways, my brother is getting married at the end of may and his favorite beer is this orange blossom from Papago in Arizona. If anyone from the area is willing to ship some to the Chicago area, I’m happy to pick anything up around here that you want. I also have some vintage dark lord amongst some other random one offs. Either way want to make this work for him. Thanks in advance!
  2. kevindp9

    kevindp9 Zealot (576) Mar 1, 2012 Arizona

    I'm sure I can help you out with this if you haven't closed yet. Shoot me a message when you have a chance.