Past Perfect: Coolships Take Off Around the Country

Discussion in 'Article Comments' started by BeerAdvocate, Dec 2, 2016.

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    THANAT0PSIS Aug 3, 2010 Wisconsin

    Seems a real shame to exclude the koelschip of the most authentic-tasting American "lambic," Funk Factory (the only other one really close is Allagash; even with the great Jean Van Roy's blessing, JK Spon is not quite there, though it is also close). OEC is also not mentioned and is doing more interesting things than most breweries. Side Project also had a koelschip, I believe, and they're rightly very highly regarded. Still a solid article, however.
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  3. drseamus

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    I wonder how much of the bacteria for Cantillon comes from inside the building at this point. They may be in an urban location now but they weren't always and that building certainly hasn't been cleaned since it was apple orchards.
  4. Keene

    Keene Sep 11, 2009 Washington

    Thanks for reading. The goal of the article was to highlight the trend, not necessarily to include every single brewery with a coolship. You're right though, Funky Factory, OEC, and Side Project are doing interesting things and are all highly regarded for their efforts.
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    THANAT0PSIS Aug 3, 2010 Wisconsin

    Admittedly even if it was to include every single one, an exhaustive list would probably nigh impossible to compile. I even forgot another of my favorites, Dovetail here in Chicago. As I said, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks!
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  6. Keene

    Keene Sep 11, 2009 Washington

    Glad to hear it. Look for Dovetail coverage in our January issue.
  7. QCHopper

    QCHopper Dec 9, 2014 Vermont

    Is OEC actually using a coolship? I know they blend actual lambic with their own product (most notably hanssens lambic) but are they using spontaneous inoculation for their own wort?
  8. Keene

    Keene Sep 11, 2009 Washington

    They do in fact have a coolship. Here's the evidence:
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