News Paulaner USA moving from Littleton CO to Harrison NY

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  1. Domingo

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    I don't think this is a shock to anyone in Colorado. They've had almost zero presence here in years. Seems the bigger surprise to a lot of people around here is that they were here in the first place. I think the only times I've seen anything from them are at Denver's Oktoberfest, and they serve more Coors Light than Paulaner.

    Hopefully this is a good thing for them. The move makes sense. I have a feeling we were chosen because of a centralized location and Denver's reputation as a beer-friendly area. The east coast and upper midwest make a lot more sense to me.
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  2. einhorn

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    Not sure, but I think they were in CO because of tax benefits.

    But yeah, closer to the more Germanic part of the US couldn't hurt.
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  3. NeroFiddled

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    Interesting in many ways, and to a certain extent I agree with einhorn (mostly because of economy and volume of peoples) but I also believe based on figures that I've seen that there's a much larger Germanic population overall in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota. Pennsylvania and Ohio do follow, but then there's also Nebraska.
  4. spartan1979

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    Saint Louis, too.
  5. hopfenunmaltz

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    Michigan and Indiana have a good % too.
  6. grantcty

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    I'm a bit surprised the CEO used Denver being 'a craft and domestic' town as a reason for Paulaner USA's departure. I don't think that had anything to do with it all. One of Paulaner's previous Importers was Paulaner North America. It had a reasonable amount of success with the Paulaner/Hacker-Pschorr brands, and it was located in Englewood, CO until 2003. In fact, after Star Brands (a Heineken-owned Importer based in White Plains, NY) took over the Paulaner Portfolio, sales dropped by 30,000 Hectoliters, in six years (2003-2009) when Heineken basically dissolved Star Brands.

    The linked article indicates to me that a move to the east coast was not helpful because the brands were not marketed 'correctly' or much at all.

    You'll also notice that Paulaner decided to create its own import company in 2009--Paulaner HP USA. I have a feeling it moved back to Colorado as the people who used to run Paulaner North America were still there and were going to be in charge of the new import company.


    I think the latter reasons given are stronger reasons to give for the re-location. Additionally, the current CEO, Mr. Hauser, used to work for Star Brands and Heineken. So a move out there isn't that surprising from that aspect as well.
  7. jesskidden

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    Yeah, I was just trying to put that convoluted chronology of Paulaner importation in the US together w/links, too - but you beat me by a few minutes and I just deleted mine.

    What strikes me is that Heineken recently announced they were AGAIN going to start a second US import division (other than HeinekenUSA) called "Five Points Trading Co." to which I thought:
    "Wha... Didn't they just disband Star Brands?"

    Both Heineken USA and Five Points are located in .... White Plains, NY. Heineken, of course, owns 30% of the recently restructured Paulaner.
  8. grantcty

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  9. Haybeerman

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    Plenty of places more German than here (colorado), but surprised it's the top ancestry at a little more than a third of the population. Maybe it's all the miners that came here?
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  10. JackHorzempa

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    That is a great chart. It appears that the top three states with German population are:
    • Pennsylvania
    • Ohio
    • Illinois
  11. hopfenunmaltz

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    California was number one. 4.9 million, but that is a small percentage of their population.

    That table is from 1996.
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  12. Uniobrew31

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    Not German but I love Paulaner. Hopefully they start pushing Octoberfest Weisn' out to their distro's
  13. southdenverhoo

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    it's because of Bierstadt Lagerhaus opening, & Bill & Ashleigh--even Paulaner doesn't want to match lagers against them...:slight_smile:
  14. rgordon

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    This neck o' the woods has a great residual German cultural essence. When I was in the beer (and wine) business, I marveled at how well Aventinus, various Kulmbacher flavors, wheat beers in general, and particularly St. Georgenbrau Keller Bier all sold. I suspect that the early Moravian settlement in what is now Winston-Salem had a lot to do with the continued German influence. Red Oak Brewery in the Greensboro area and Olde Mecklenburg in Charlotte specialize exclusively in authentic German-style beers.
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